78 Replies to “Afghanistan Unit’s Amblem Illusion”

  1. This is kind of cool, but could probably be better. The first thing I though it was was a human skull, wearing sunglasses, with an earring. Obviously the helicopter is the mouth. Not sure what the plane on top of the head is supposed to be.

  2. Wow is this lame. It looks like afghanistan with a bbunch of helicopters and things flying over it. I see it is possible to make out and eye and a mouth, but thats really stretching it. BOOOOOO!

  3. i see a rhino more than a dragon. i like most of these illusions, but this one’s a little lacking. but at least its from something real, and not possibly photoshopped

  4. at first I thought it was a witch flying on a broom, but i have been told i am wierd anyway. I do see the aircrafts. they look like they are blowing up. Figures

  5. Cool illusion. Not sure why he photoshopped the text at the top of the emblem but being a former military guy I would imagine he’s trying to get his unit recognition. That’s the Bagram Air Base emblem, not the unit.

  6. Hey, this is SGT Berardi (the guy that submitted) and I just wanted to say that I didn’t even notice that the text was photoshoped but it clearly is. I didn’t do it some one in the 455th did it I suppose I don’t know why. I’m in Bagram right now and this is the only time I have seen this logo. It was on one of the many slide shows that are pushed around here. And by the way my favorite comment is number 31. it doesn’t look like a dragon but it does look like a dragon with a hat.

    I’m glad you all enjoyed this (well not ALL) but I would say that all of you should look for illusions and submit them so we can all talk about them.

  7. I must say that this one is kind of lame. I love this website, but lately it hasn’t been very good. I know that you do this on your own time, but can you please update the new illusions more often?

  8. Everyone has to stop being so citical about this one. It wasn’t even an attempt at an optical illusion, it was only a coincidence. Why can’t people just appreciate an interesting detail instead of trying to disprove it?

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