Absolut Thessaloniki Illusion

Suicico, one of our forum moderators, submitted this cool illusion. Here’s what he said: “The following image is an advert made for Absolut vodka. What is wonderfull here, is that nothing was manipulated on following photo. It is a well known place in Thessaloniki, Greece – it’s called Aristotelous Square. And the most cool part is that this is where my home is (kind of …)”

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  1. ive seen the normal absolute vodka advertisements where they form things to look lika a bottle, but theyre staged

    i wonder which one of there people noticed this coincidence

  2. yes, it’s true! i live in thessaloniki and i was fascinated at how aristotelous square looks so much like the absolut bottle when seen from above! Pretty cool marketing there, absolut! :-)

  3. Woah that really is awesome…. I wonder if they had anything of the sort in mind when the architects mapped out the square:P

  4. its a beautiful place for sure. its built in such a way that it mimcs a door (with a arch on top). the lightings in bulidings is in such a way that it creates shadow effect ie some building have yelllow and some blue/white (though not exactly right)
    and another good thing is iam the first one to respond!

  5. That is so bor….. SRY fell asleep while looking at it it is so bor….. Sry ok bor…. bor….. bor….. boring come on you can do better


    Never mind

  6. Yes, even I thought its a door of a very big building and the photograph is taken from the water level. Only later I realised that its an aerial shot! Somehow the 3D structures (of the buildings) were not instantly visible in the small sized photograph and hence probably I felt its a big door.

    I love this site. Keep up it.



  7. This is kinda weird…like, who cares about something looking like a vodka bottle? I like the google earth illusions betta.

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