Absolut Thessaloniki Illusion


Suicico, one of our forum moderators, submitted this cool illusion. Here’s what he said: “The following image is an advert made for Absolut vodka. What is wonderfull here, is that nothing was manipulated on following photo. It is a well known place in Thessaloniki, Greece – it’s called Aristotelous Square. And the most cool part is that this is where my home is (kind of …)”

  • Pandas

    wth. its a vodka bottle!!! sorry for pointing out the obvious. btw…..FIRST POST!!!!!

    • happydoodle


  • baby grl

    thats weird

  • Norm

    I must be a bit thick, but what’s the illusion? Just the eyes and the surprised look on the town square?

  • Josué

    at first i thought it was a door

  • Scott Wilton


  • killer bees

    ive seen the normal absolute vodka advertisements where they form things to look lika a bottle, but theyre staged

    i wonder which one of there people noticed this coincidence

  • me


  • turelie

    that’s odd,

  • superman

    thats not much of a illusion… just a picture of a place

  • Kostas

    yes, it’s true! i live in thessaloniki and i was fascinated at how aristotelous square looks so much like the absolut bottle when seen from above! Pretty cool marketing there, absolut! :-)

  • Anonymous

    It just looks like a city… what’s the illusion?

  • Kyle

    Woah that really is awesome…. I wonder if they had anything of the sort in mind when the architects mapped out the square:P

  • glen

    so…what exactly is the “Illusin”?

  • Anon

    Meh. Not so much an illusion as juvenile humour.

  • Hosae

    It is Absolutly Marvelous

  • sharad

    its a beautiful place for sure. its built in such a way that it mimcs a door (with a arch on top). the lightings in bulidings is in such a way that it creates shadow effect ie some building have yelllow and some blue/white (though not exactly right)
    and another good thing is iam the first one to respond!

  • cats

    What is the illusion?

  • Angel

    um……whaaaa????I don’t get it…..:[

  • gjsmo

    Yay, first! But anyways, what’s this about

  • Pa1nTeR

    i think its not even a real optical illusion, u can find alike anywhere around the world for anythin if u want to.

  • dude

    That is so bor….. SRY fell asleep while looking at it it is so bor….. Sry ok bor…. bor….. bor….. boring come on you can do better


    Never mind

  • Tyler

    That’s AWESOME! The buildings form a Vodka bottle!

  • theddj

    ive been ther!

  • illusionlover

    cool pic, but how’s it an illusion?

  • i am sam

    im sorry but i dont think anyone likes it, i do kinda

  • Lee

    not that great really

    i can see a slight resemblance but anything could end up looking like that….

  • Z

    Ok, trying 3rd time. Here it is:

    Google Maps Link

  • KK

    How about not being too picky and taking it for what it is – a cool coincidence.

  • Pościel Wełniana

    Really nice

  • Krishnan

    Yes, even I thought its a door of a very big building and the photograph is taken from the water level. Only later I realised that its an aerial shot! Somehow the 3D structures (of the buildings) were not instantly visible in the small sized photograph and hence probably I felt its a big door.

    I love this site. Keep up it.



  • Politikally Paranoid

    This is kinda weird…like, who cares about something looking like a vodka bottle? I like the google earth illusions betta.

  • ZL123

    Wow cool! I noticed it first time though.


    wats it ment 2 b?

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