A Real Life Rabbit-Duck Illusion?


Gizmodo published a story recently, concerning what appears to be a real-life version of an old school Rabbit-Duck optical illusion. The original was a memorable example, where if you looked at it one way it was a rabbit, but in the same time it could also resemble a duck. I hope this one’s just a hoax (like Fiji Mermaid was), but I’ll let you decide. Was it after all some crafty taxidermist, who recreated the effect in real life??? If so, I just hope you don’t consider this a DIY type of post. For more similar examples, check out another real life Rabbit-Duck, Frog-Horse or Young Lady-Old Hag illusions…

  • Nah, that’s not an illusion. It just like a jackalope (a very real animal).

    • Sandra

      Not to be rude but Jackalopes DO NOT have duckbilled ears. I am from Arizona and the jackalope has antelope antlers. Hence the name jackalope. But anyway, that thing is creepy looking. Someone must have been extremely bored. I remember seeing a cow’s head with ostrich legs. CREEPY!

  • Saydra

    There is a childrens picture book called Duck! Rabbit! It uses just the outline of that the figure in the picture shows. Its really a fun little story!

    As for this, they did a great job, it made me look at the picture twice.

  • Awesome Anonymous

    its more difficult to see the duck, because ducks faces arent that hairy

  • Tenxshooter

    Looks like a Jackalope to me.

  • timbone

    whoa. creepy

  • Antoine Lowray

    Creepy to see a rabbit with duckbill ears.

    • happydoodle

      yeah its obviously not real but creepy to c it look so real

    • Someone

      Lol, or a duck with a tomour. xD … the rabbit was cutest, it’s something abou

  • Care Bear

    Aye. The result of genetic manipulation no doubt. Spooky.

  • KJ Abbott


    • Zack

      If you cover up the bunny nose u see a duck head if you cover up the duck bill you see a bunny head

  • Random Guy

    I think this is legit. Look at the picture carefully. You can see glass and the reflection. I don’t think a photoshopper could create the glass.

  • kind of disturbing :P but still very nice!

  • maybe its a carrot jammed in a rabbits head which in turn is on a wire. :D

  • Honey

    rabbit is easier to see, but cool 3D illusion

  • creepy

  • Jupiter

    I’ve always like that illusion but this one is creepy… I would not wanna have that thing on my desk.

  • Jess

    Very impressively done, even if creepy

  • some optical illusion adect

    LOL but it’s messing with GODS creatures

  • Great illusion and very funny!

  • Dolphin

    Cool…but creepy.If it’s real,well,I’ll just say it’s kinda creepy to see a rabbit fused with a duck…

  • I think its so freaky its not alive!!,,,, ah rabbit have an ears of a duck’s beak isn’t that freaking?

  • Veggies

    You know, if people could use some COMMON SENSE they would NOT put stupid comments like oohh it’s SOOOOO freaky!!!! I am NOT trying to be rude here, but come ON people! When your older you will regret putting that up here. I`m NOT saying you will become like 16 and regret it, I doubt that age would be even NECCESSARY for this site….sorry boss if your 16 i`m just trying to put some common sense in this world.

  • Galy

    as long as the animals aren’t real i’m fine with this illusion, and if the animals are real, all i gotta say is: MURDERER!!!

  • KLB

    the ears are pined back

  • leperchaun

    That`s so cool!

  • ayla

    look i am easily scared, that picture is very disturbing, what i say they have done is they have gotten a taxidermist ( I HATE TAXIDERMY ) to fuse a ducks beak with a rabbits head >:-(

  • billy

    is it alive it is scaryy

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