A Pair of Dirty F*[email protected]# Rats

Yeah, I expect you’d crucify me even faster if I used the original title for the illusion below, but hey – it’s art! Those so-called artists get away with murder, if it’s part of their art installation or exhibition. This reminds me of well-known local eccentric that used to walk naked across our main square, and would end his performance by kissing the concrete and jumping into central fountain. It’s strange, but again – it’s art! I bet if I tried something simmilar, police officer would appear out of nowhere and arrest me faster than a speeding bullet. But let’s not get lost in digressions, I’d rather tell you more about “Metal Rats F***ing” (it’s the original title, I swear) created by Tim Noble And Sue Webster for their Shadow Art Installation. As you see, there is nothing special about the welded scrap metal, but cast a light on it – and suddenly shadow will form, depicting rodents fornicating in front of our very own eyes. We had few simmilar projects covered here in the past, so be sure to check them out. More shots after the break… (don’t overlook the heart symbol formed by their tails!)

Tim Noble and Sue Webster Dirty Rats

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  1. Just because you call it art doesn’t make it so and calling yourself an artist doesn’t make you any less a pervert. Going to that much trouble to make something that’s ugly to look at and casts a shadow of fornicating rats makes you one sick puppy, whether you call yourself an artist or not.

    1. Disgusted….Oh please, tell me you are not seriously disgusted by this…you must have looked at them ALL to be that disgusted…get over it…..

    1. I find this sculpture to be charming and humorous. Rather the tasteless title, but the tails forming a heart is precious. :-)


  2. I’ve had this forwarded to my iGoogle for a couple of months, and this one I’ve been the most impressed with.

    Something weird is that when it’s reversed, the tails don’t make a heart shape.

  3. Not bad at all. I’d propose to extend this experience via exploiting some math tricks in the art, e.g. Reciprocal Transformation in some Dali’s installations at his Montmartre Exhibition.

  4. Ok for those who thought it disgusting and not art. Who are you to say it is not art? The artist took time and skill to arrange the pieces just so to create a the shadows on the wall.

    And after looking at the pieces i think they are called love nests. The rats nests casting a shadow of 2 rats doing what comes naturally to them.

    What do you think rats do in thier nests?

  5. While I can seriously appreciate the results of what must have been a LOT of work, IMHO the subject matter appears to be the product of a very twisted mind. If his objective was to elicit emotion (specifically disgust in this instance), then he was successful. Could he achieve an equal level of a more pleasant emotion in a different sculpture? That could interest me, but this? No.

  6. The reason that the tails don’t form hearts when they face right, is that they are completely different pieces, which are clearly not arranged to do so.

  7. @Disgusted:

    The very worst thing you can say about someone’s art is that you where bored. The artist got a reaction out of you, and a rather strong one at that. This of course, is the entire *point* of art as a pursuit, and to that effect the artists here are quite talented.

    You might try reading up on some of the great provocateurs, and expand your horizons a bit. Marcel Duchamp would be a good place to start. Banksy is also fantastically witty with his social commentary.

    Great artist make you *think*. Sometimes, you get to think about things in new ways, and sometimes it’s uncomfortable. You can love it or hate it, that part is up to you.

    PS: I thought it was fucking awesome.

  8. Really nice piece of work here but some of the comments entertained me more than the art itself. Why is it that people become blind when the subject matter makes them a little uncomfortable. But why should it? How is there anything sinister in reproducing rats? “The public”… don’t they make you laugh sometimes.

  9. Why do you think art has to be pretty? Some of the best art isn’t typically ‘nice’ or ‘pleasant’. This is f-ing fantastic, and it took a lot of skill… clever, too!

  10. Personally, I didn’t think this was disgusting at all. I’d rather think about rats mating than certain people doing it. :P

  11. Oh my god, I can’t understand why this is so amazing, someone making junk look like shadow or 2 rats. (It makes sense in my head XD)

  12. What if someone put it in a hiding place and the shadow was in some place a rat might go like a kitchen counter,the top of a trash can,etc. and the shadow freaked someone out?

  13. That’s really interesting. It must have taken a lot of skill to get that just right, and I think the subject was a really funny and cool idea. Yay rat sex. It’s cute how their tales make a heart. <3

    I want to see more shadow art like this.

  14. I don’t thing it is a real shadow from those stuff. If you look carefully on the 3rd image, you can see the shadow is in another direction and there is a little bit of light coming through the bottom of the white “wall” ..it could be just a trick. But it is still awesome anyway. I was tricked!!

  15. These are clearly fake though quite convincing.
    Look at the last picture. The liht is coming from the bottom left hand corner of the picture. Looking at the tails of the model they curve in the same direction. On the shadow the tails form a heart.

    Also the shadow doesn’t curve in the correct direction for light that should be reflecting off the white wall.

    Good try but clearly shopped…

  16. I agree how they work so so hard but I don’t like the shadow,,If children saw this it would be a bad example… You are not to Be called an artist but Pervert…

  17. I agree how they work so so hard for this but I don’t like the shadow,,If children saw this it would be a bad example… You are not to Be called an artist but bad guy

  18. I love this. The art itself is amazing and detailed with the ruffled fur etc.
    But what makes it even better for me personally is seeing people’s reactions to this. I love seeing the reactions of people when they see things such as this, whether it be amazment or digust. A true artist can invoke a responce from people.
    Though I understand some people don’t want their (or other’s) children seeing this, but reproduction is a natural process of life. Artist’s work aren’t all sutible for children noone said they should be. There a thousands of Artist that draw nude pictures of humans, that’s art but people don’t question it because that type of art has been around for thousands of years, so why question this as art just because this style isn’t as common? it’s different and I love it. :) I would love to see more of this but with different shadow outcomes.

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