8 Optical Illusions That Mess With our Moon

So, finally I have collected enough new Moon optical illusions to justify posting them as a collection. Individually posting each one, wouldn’t make sense any more. Agree? Even though the idea isn’t something we haven’t already seen before (through relative sizes category), still each photo uses the Moon as an illusion in a slightly different manner. If my memory serves me correctly, the first illusion of this kind that made me “wooow” was The Man holding a Sun. Afterwards, they just kept coming. While I was writing this article, I came to a conclusion how I subconsciously choose the illusions I post. If my method interests you, just keep reading – First and most important ingredient is the illusion itself. If the optical illusion isn’t obvious enough, no matter how cool the photo is, I won’t publish it. After all, this website is entirely dedicated to illusions. Now if the illusion itself is good enough, I look at the picture (or photo) as a whole. It has to be visually keen, or plainly – look nice. In the end, I try to choose among illusions that are original enough, but weren’t already posted in every corner of the internet. Sometimes the illusion itself is so awesome or new that it (rightfully) overrides my other criteria, and sometimes just the artistic touch or the coolness of the photo override the first (illusion) criteria. Here, now you have it… Please share your thoughts. Advices are always welcome.

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

37 Replies to “8 Optical Illusions That Mess With our Moon”

  1. wow. that was awesome.
    as a joke, my friends && i do stuff like this, but we do diffrent stuff, like making it seem like we're standing on trees, etc.

    its really kewl :)

  2. I like those. They are simple, clever and not impossible for other people to mimic.
    They add philisophical aspects to what if the moon were obtainable for anyone, to do with what you want, share with other people.

    great post

  3. You know what is cool? According to the Indian Lunar calendar, today is a full moon and happens to be my birthday.
    Very creative.

  4. I remember email you about these, great to see you do read your inbox :-) I took a photo once of my daughter touching the top of a big wheel

  5. I love these. I was just sitting looking at the full moon tonight. It is beautiful to look at from my deck over the tall pine trees that are silhouetted against the sky. I logged into MI and to my delight saw more full moons. Thank you.

  6. Has the image of the boy with the hoop been photoshopped or is it a real optical illusion? Perhaps something to do with bending light or is that stretching it?

    I really like this one the most because it makes me wonder, while the others are not, although the are beautiful and simple.

    I’m surprised nobody else has commented on this one. I like to hear yours.


  7. The one with the guy holding the hoop is really well-thought-of. If it’s not shopped, it was most probably made during a lunar eclipse. I thought it was obvious enough. And LOL at the guy scromping the moon!

  8. The little girl’s hand is too close to the moon, it makes it looks wrong. Nice try little girls.

    The moon is floating on top of the guy’s spoon. If his whatever he is “eating” can float, why does he need a spoon? Nice try Guy with spoon.

    Otherwise…Nice work painter guy

  9. I just don’t understand the illusion part of it? There is no illusion everything is photographs and these should go under more appropriate label than illusion.

  10. all i can say is wow…
    dealing with nature’s gift is wonderful…i love the last one..it really looks real landing on the moon!

  11. My personal favorite is the last one, as I have done many of these, however most of mine are on famous buildings (I like to travel).

  12. Kevin, mabey he,s just bouncing the spoon!To make it look like he,s bouncing to eat! PLEASE dont say get real because he,s just joking!

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