4 Interesting Stereogram Illusions

Don’t ask me why, but I noticed many of our visitors really love stereograms. This is why I’ll be posting more of them in the future. I gave up on them long ago, when I lost patience seeing them. This collection of 4 interesting stereograms was submitted by Peter Dodds. Peter forgot to post explanation on objects you should see in these stereograms, but this is where our comments section takes the role. Look at them, find mysterious object of desire, and share your experience. Also, you can add which of these you liked the most. 2nd and 3rd are little different, and should be considered 3d view. If you look at them correctly, you will get similar effect you got in those 3d cinemas wearing red and blue eye wear. Cya later…

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  1. this site is becoming boring… If you do not tell us of your personal life, the picts are boring … the last 3 posts were really … flat.

  2. With respect to Amonymous 1 – if you find the site boring go somewhere else. I’ve only just found it and am enjoying it.

  3. The first one says:

    Over and over

    Out and In

    very cool looking when you get it right.

    To help focus your eyes, you might try looking for a reflection in your monitorand then keeping that focus when you look at the stereogram. it worked for me!

  4. i couldn’t make out what the first one was, but the second one is probably a shark, whats with the 2 in the middle? And your site is NOT getting boring, don’;t listen to negative comments :)

    I ♥ your site!!

  5. Beautiful! I love stereograms, I can look at them until I feel my eyes falling down :D and I enjoy 3-D views, too.
    The first one is especially well made :)

  6. I submitted these (even ask vurdlak; we had trouble with different emails servers for a sec).

    The first one is just a neat wavy affect and it says something like “out in”.

    # 2 and 3 are obvious.

    The last one is supposed to be a shark outline.

  7. The aerial photo would be better if the mountains and valleys where the right way around, the mountains go into the photo and the valleys come out of the photo, but otherwise, cool.

  8. The stereograms are my favorite. The first one was the most challenging. I kept trying to look for an object. Last one was easy.

  9. By the way you can make any image work like 2 and 3, just double the image side by side in some image editing program and try it out. The 3d comes entirely from how you perceive it.

  10. The aerial photo is correct. You just have to cross your eyes (as the description says)

    If you have difficulty with that, try the follow:
    Look at the pic without moving your head
    place your right hand between you and the pic, so that it covers the right half for your right eye (ie. your right eye can only see the left half of the pic)
    place your left hand between you and the pic, so that it covers the left half for your left eye (ie. your left eye con only see the right half of the pic)
    Now, without moving you hands or head, focus your eyes until you see only 1 picture in the space between your hands.

  11. all these are corect!

    First is “in and out”
    The car is really good
    The aerial photo amazing,
    and last one is a shark.

    Some advices.
    Keep ur eyes at the same lvl as the pic. the smaller the pic is , the harder is to see it. Keep them an normal size and they ll be fine. If ur eyes blur its not a prob. First they blur, then they see the stereogram.

    There is also a 5% of people that CANOT see stereograms.

    One good way to see stereograms is to stick ur nose on the image, and start pulling ur head away without loosing the focus. Do it slowly and u ll have a blur. continue a bit, and here u go, u see the image :)

    another way, easier but works on specific conditions, is to focus not on the image u see at the screen ,but at the reflection of ur screen. just target the image, and try to see the reflaction of ur face on the screen.

    Nice job my friend, i liked them a lot

  12. number 1 says =- “in and out, out and in”
    number 2 and number 3 are not exactly sterograms. If you look at them like you do a regular sterogram, you dont see another image you just see the same image except it will be in 3d. (the sports car will be a sports car but in 3d)
    number 4 is a shark.

  13. It doesn’t work for me… I can’t see a third object or even those things you guys are talking about. Why is that so?

  14. I could not read the first one, it looked like a shelf, i saw a car in the middle on the 2nd one, the 3rd was a map and the 4th was a shark.

  15. it took me a long time to see the first one but after i got it i was excited when i pulled my head out slowly it really worked

  16. the first one was a little hard, i couldn’t move my eyes without loosing the image, they need the better ones with more descriptive pictures…those are awesome!!!

  17. Cool, I saw on
    1st – “IN and OUT” and “OUT and IN”
    2nd – cool 3d car
    3rd – really 3d mountains
    4th – a shark
    it’s cool)

  18. I can only do the stereograms that are random dots, the other ones don’t work for me. Once I get three images, my eyes won’t let me focus on the middle one.

  19. the picture of the car is backwards. You need to flip the images and then it will work. Otherwise you need a stereoscope to see it.

  20. “In and out – out and in” and
    a “shark”!
    I’m glad I’m still able to see stereograms after all these years! Ahahah

  21. I love these! The first says, “In and out” on the top and on the bottom it says, “Out and IN.” The cars are really cool in 3D. The third is just a 3D topo map, and the last is a shark swimming to the left. These became popular in Games magazine years ago, and I can’t get enough of them!!
    Thanks for the great selections!!!!

  22. The third is pretty good.

    Whe can even find 3D in nature, like when u look to the sky and 3 or 4 objets apear “near”: clouds, moon, stars.

  23. I am a pro at seeing these things, and I’m only 10.The reason for this is probably because i can go cross-eyed without looking at my nose-anyway, for those who can’t see the illusions, and want to know what the illusions look like – Me telling you this isn’t going to be as good as you seeing it for yourself – the images are- 1:two bulgy things with letters on them, a car thats 3-D, a #3-D map, and a dolphin.Sorry for spoiling it.

  24. These are so much fun to look at… cross your eyes about 3 inches from the image and slowly move further away until you see an image…

  25. To the person who said you can create stereo images from any image as long as you just put the same image side by side; that isn’t how it works. The images (like the mountain picture and the car picture) aren’t exact copies. They are two different pictures taken from barely different perspectives. That way, when you cross your eyes and “combine” the images, it looks 3-d. That’s how your eyes work to create 3-d. Since they actually both see the images from a slightly different perspective and combine them in your brain to see one image, you see it in 3 dimensions.

  26. Wow these are awesome!

    1) A wave that says in and out, out and in

    2) A cool 3-d car in between the two 2-d ones

    3) 3 cliffs and the middle on is REALLY 3-d…awesome!

    4) a shark swimming!

    I love stereo grams!

  27. I love sterograms, I find them very easy.
    Any way, there is somting written in the first one, I think. ‘OUT and IN’ I thought. I’m not sure… Anybody else who saw this?

  28. I got 2, 3, and 4 to work (REALLY COOL)
    But I couldn’t get the first one. It was really helpful how it had those white dots to help you focus.

  29. I’ve never been good at the 3D ones either, where a third picture emerges. But I did find something that helps for those of you who are dysfunctional like me. If you take a step or two back away from your computer and look at the image, then slowly get closer but keep your focus where it was when you were far away. This is kinda what people mean when they say to look at an invisible point beyond the screen. This makes the picture blurry and blends the two together, the hardest part is overlapping the pictures and sharpening it to make it 3D

  30. top is a 3d wave and it says “out and in” on the bottom wave

    2nd one make sth ecar 3d

    3rd one makes the image 3d also

    4th one is a shark (head on left tail on right)

  31. This is so cool . . .
    1 saY in and out and in the other wave says out and in
    2 another car in the middle
    3 another picture in the middle
    4 is a shark

    i love it the first one was the hardest

    1. Get focus on something BETWEEN your eyes and the monitor (hold up your finger to help). For pics 1 and 4, you’d better focus BEHIND the monitor.

  32. I have to say I’m new to the split picture sterograms and I FINALLY got them tonight. I am so excited! My eyes are going to hate me. PLEASE post more stereograms!

  33. awesome…!!!
    1. in and out wave, success
    3. flatten image become 3D
    4. a whale, or shark..? clearly seen

    but still failed to see the 3D car SOL :-(

  34. Amazing how many people say they got them all, but then it turns out they did not have the real picture after all—which reminds me of our political and religious discourse in this country. Too often we believe we have the true and final picture… when we only fool ourselves.

    So let me say I THINK I got them all, including the first one, which says “In and out, Out and in.” But I could be wrong, let me know if I missed something.

    The aerial view of the trees and the dark body of water was really cool.

  35. WOW I finally got it with the car and the aerial view of the water and trees! I was blown away by how awesome and real it looked!! I just can’t get the first or last one yet. These are so cool! :D

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