4 Animal Spot the Object Illusions

Hy there people, I have this collection of four “Spot the object” optical illusions, but I haven’t got a clue about their artist. Anyone can help me with the background story for these paintings? Is it Bev Doolittle or someone else? Anyway, feel free to jump inside this article, and start the game. Your assignment is to spot as much hidden animals, object or faces as you can in shortest period of time. Which one is your favorite? I like the lion one the most, even though we had bunch of hidden lions in the past. Examples can be seen here, here and here. Oh yes, and on the Santana album cover as well!

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  1. They all are very obvious, except the last one. That one took me some more seconds to spot it, although I was already sure there was a hidden animal in the right eagle, so I looked more closely at that one. Other than that, they’re pretty cool.

  2. the last 1 is extremely cool! the entire bird is mans face i didn it at first but wen i did it became obvious n nw i dnt get how i missed it! the rest r kool 2. the second 1 took long 2 figure!

  3. I found them all to be really obvious except for the second one. That’s my favorite. I had to look a little harder on the last one in order to see the head of the right eagle. All I could see as soon as I looked at it was the face. They’re good though, pretty clever.

  4. hi fans
    the 2 pics have wolves
    the 1 pic has a lion
    the last pic has an eagle and human face
    the 1st hidden object on 1st pic is a horse not sure
    the 2nd pic hidden object is wait wait i can see a weird looking animal and 3rd hidden object is a baby aww and 4th hidden object is a human face ofcouse

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