3D Shark Illusion (Street Art)

Wow, as you see our number of articles per day ratio really jumped big time! Josh posted his second article, and its really scary one if I may add! I think these italic introductions by me aren’t necessary any more, they are here just to inform new visitors that we have some mighty new co-editors on this site. If you are interested to participate in this web 2.0 beta project, drop me an email, and we’ll see what we can do ;) – Vurdlak

Co-editor Josh here, with some new 3D Street Art. I love these! For those who don’t know, 3D Street Art are just like your regular footpath art (done with chalk or paint on footpaths), except they are done in such a way that they appear 3D! In this case, the shark looks like it’s really coming out of the path – Mighty Josh





36 Replies to “3D Shark Illusion (Street Art)”

  1. Yay 1st comment!
    The person(s) who made these is(are) very talented. But the bad thing is that u have 2 look at it from 1 specific angle if u want the 3D effect 2 work.

    Congratulations to whoever did this illusion!

  2. first comment? probably not.
    that is soooooo kl! how amazing! well done Josh – that was an amazing post! =]]]]]]

  3. yh i agree with ‘Wut number comment am i?’ (and btw ur 2nd lol XD) – these types r the best. i wasnt first :( but oh well!
    soz im very hyper today!!!!!!
    wahhhhhhhhhooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =))))))))))))))))))

  4. connor, were u refering to the illusion or elliexx’s behavior when u said “one word…WOW”

    And btw awesome illusion!

  5. these pics show amazing talent – but i wonder how many of them are actually painted or chalked onto the pavement/sidewalk… if you look at this picture you can see the brickwork at the bottom of the shark doesnt match the brickwork on the ground… kinda makes you wonder if the artist drew it out on paper then just laid the paper down and merged the edges…

  6. I bet that first guy can feel the shark’s teeth in his belt loop. I’d kill to be as talented as whoever created those drawings.

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