3D Painted Builidings Arts Art

College art association would find these amazing! This outdoor 3D painted buildings were done in the same way as “3D Painted Rooms” I posted earlier. Really nice example of fantasy art! No, those lines weren’t done in Photoshop. They are actually painted on the buildings themselves! If you don’t believe it, that’s fine, but first jump inside the post to see evidence I provided after each photo. These illusion pictures were taken in Place de l’Odeon, Paris, or at least one of them is. Looks like someone took a huge marker and drew a couple of lines on the images! Circles, lines, squares look perfectly lined up only if you view them from one particular viewpoint. Preivously: “Body Art”, “Lines in The Street”…

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. Awesome pics! Maybe if I rearrange everything in my house it will look tidy from a certain angle?!

  2. I’m not sure how THEY did that, but i know how I would do it…
    I would take my equatorial telescope mount and strap a laser pointer on top of the telescope. The point of focus would be the location of the tripod and this would allow me to trace perfect circles from the point of focus….oh, and perfect lines, though that would be a little trickier.

    btw, is that done by vandals? Cause I would imagine it looks pretty messy from all but one point of view.

  3. I think that’s pure vandalism – it may be very clever but it doesn’t add to the aesthetics of the architecture at all.

  4. probably by measuring all the angles of the buildings and painting them with other guys watching, or something like that :)

  5. that isnt real it was done in photo shop because thecity isn’t going to let some guy paint on a buch of buildings

    but that would be flippin sweet but ya fake

  6. I hate to burst your bubble “Your Name” but it isnt photo shoped ive been there and have stood exactly were the rest of the tourists are standing in the fith picture.

  7. This is hella sweet. I don’t hink its vandalism, it’s done to such a grande scale, and so intricatly, you would need daylight and permission to do this.

  8. as cool looking as these are.. i have a hard time believing that anyone would allow some of those buildings, which look like they’ve been around a few years, be painted. I am a fan of old style architecture and if someone approached me to let them paint something like that on a building like that.. i’d crap a brick.. pardon the pun…

  9. I live in the city of the 7th photo (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) and I saw that, it was made for real, I saw that with my own eyes !
    It has been made during a night, with a laser device. The orange colour is not paint, it is only stickers; 1 month later everything had disapear.

  10. I think it is super bad bacause u can see that the paintings are made by cuputers, and beside the picture are super confusing. I think they should put something more cool and more intresting that u can’t figure it out!!

    P.S:The owner of this page
    please change the photos,
    and make the page more
    easier not more harder
    then it is.

  11. It looks photoshopped to me. I think this because these look like too unlikely locations for such optical illusionary artistic pieces to be held.

  12. It’s amazing. but imagine that you travel there to see the beautiful old building, I think I would be crushed. imagine it happen with Nauschwanstein when u only have one day to visit the place!

  13. It’s hard to believe that someone would have actually painted on an entire block or several historical buildings.

  14. Nascar Mommy, don’t fret, they don’t acutally paint them… they use projectors, then “draw” it on using “chalk” that washes off in rain… ever see Mary Poppins (although just a film)… it still washes off.

    I was slightly concerned about this also, but c’mon… I live in a listed building… you NEED a permit to do this sort of stuff, especially to historic buildings. Chalk isn’t considered graffiti due to not being permanent, where spray paint is…(ish)


  16. i like this one. i really see how this is an illusion. most of the other illusions this one is actually good. i like it

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