3D Moving Optical Illusion

I was browsing through some old comments yesterday when I found an awesome illusion posted in the comments of this pyramid illusion. I don’t know how I missed it the first time, but better late than never, right?

When you look at this image, keep in mind that it’s a still image. You can turn it into a moving optical illusion by slowly moving your eyes across it when your looking at it. You can also use your mouse or touchscreen to slowly scroll up and down.

moving optical illusion whoa

Does the middle box seem to be moving from side to side?A little freaky isn’t it?┬áBecause of the shadows and the way it was drawn, this moving optical illusion also has a great 3D look to it too! The center square looks like it’s actually under the larger surrounding square.

Don’t forget to rate today’s moving optical illusion before you go! Your ratings help us decide which illusions we put on the site. Wondering how this moving optical illusion works? Head over and check out this explanation of moving optical illusions!

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