Cloudface Optical Illusion

Cloudface in Details
Cloudface in Details

You would be surprised how often do I get different types of cloud formations submitted, to be posted on this site as optical illusions. Most of the time (almost ALL OF THE TIME) the illusion is not obvious, and would take closing both eyes on them to decide publishing those photos. But there are some rare times when those cloud formations really DO resemble something. One of such examples is Kawodi’s recent submission. Just read what he wrote to us, and examine both of his two attached photos.

” Hi, Mr. Vurdlak, Just look what I’ve found. The shot was done nearby where I live, but I guess, with open eyes you’ll find it everywhere across the world. A pleasure for me, that I can submit this for your fantastic site.”


37 Replies to “Cloudface Optical Illusion”

  1. wow, i could see the illusion in this instantly, only after proper scrutiny could i see that it was a cloud. I used to see a cloud that looked exactly like New Zealand (the country) about once a year, every year for nearly ten years. Of course it was only an illusion.

  2. I love cloud formations! This one is neat.
    Glad to see it is not the same illusion as when I went to sleep last night.

  3. Clouds are such fun. I’ve seen some awesome formations lately. I have my camera with me but I’m usually driving and the constabulary frowns on picture taking while operating a motor vehicle. Pity. Keep up the good work.

  4. …I’m used to this…whenever I look up at the sky I see clouds that look like this…it’s more in your head…

  5. it also resemble of a girl.. her face it’s the noise of the big face, she’s looking below, and her right shoulder is the upper lip of the big face… ok i’m sick:P

  6. Yewww… this is so realistically creepy. A one in a million chance and they got it. Good one. Good one.

  7. cool! good observation though…if I had been walking by the cloud, I would’ve just thought that it is a great looking cloud. Awesome capturing of the moment :-)

  8. Cool, i check this website everyday through the google widget. Nice illusion, i have seen some weird clouds too. How can i get your e-mail?

  9. I think it’s pretty obvious and a great picture, too. If you can’t see what I can see, maybe the title of this illusion gives you a hint.

  10. I usually see a huge cloud with a hole in the center,the hole has a ray of sunlight shining down atleast once a month…It’s a truly magical and beautiful cloud…

  11. i know alot of people aren’t going to beleive me when i say this but , 3 HUGE tornados were right behind us ( we were driving back froom Lasvegas ) and i was terriphied !!!! when suddenly , it started to hail . i was so scared i couldn’t even speak . when i heard god’s voice. and he said ….. ” do not be afraid ” after that the storm cleared and the clouds made a hole in the sky , and coming down from that hole , was a ray of light.

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