3 Spot The Elephant Optical Illusions

So I went to cinema the other day, and we saw Cloverfield. We picked the movie by accident, and funny coincidence is that I posted an illusion poster related to it few days ago. I really liked the flick, but the open-end, without any background explanation puzzles me. Anyone has info how the monster came to the Big Apple, what is it’s origin, or are there any sequels of the movie planned to be released soon? Would really like to know. Anyhow, back to today’s illusion. I posted a small collection of 3 images that were photoshopped (I think), and your assignment is to spot an elephant in each! Shouldn’t be too hard for you guys and gals!

Oh, by the way – if you liked our Hubble’s Baby Galaxy optical illusion from few days ago, please digg it, it ranks really well for now. I think it needs just few more votes. Maybe we even hit the main page on Digg! I’ll keep you informed!


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  1. They actually showed how the monster came to New York. I’m sure a lot of people didn’t noticed it (but I did :O). Just to give a little info, Hud’s (the camera guy) was right, just like superman. Ending shows it, but it was really subtle. If you’ve got questions, I can uhh… talk more here or through email.

  2. I haven’t seen Cloverfield but I’ve read a lot about it on other blogs. From what I’ve read, there are a bunch of explanations all over. Pink is the New Blog talks about a lot of the links to Cloverfiled stuff. http://www.trent.blogspot.com If you go through some of his past posts, you’ll see stuff. Hope that helps.

    P.S. I stumbled across your site not too long ago and I love it. Sometimes I get a little addicted and keep just hitting next…next…lol.

  3. I am Scott Pehoushek, the one who sent you that, and yes, they are planning a sequel, but I’m not sure what the’ll call it because Cloverfeild 2 sounds cheesy

  4. i doubt that the first one is photophopped. it looks quite real. if it was photoshopped, the person doing the… “photoshopping” could have made it more convincing…

  5. P.S. At the very end when it goes back to the people on the train from coney island you can see the monster falling from the sky. I think it’s an alien. also at the very end after the credits they say something like om my god there’s another one or it’s still alive backwards.

  6. There’s a scene at the carnival where a satellite or something falls out of the sky into the ocean. Supposedly the monster was at the bottom of the ocean for a long time and the thing falling woke it up. And yeah, there’s supposed to be a sequel

  7. i don’t get it. why is everyone talking about a cloverfield. i assume it’s a new movie or something? but what’s the connection with this – is there elephants in it?

  8. Dude, enough about Cloverfield please. This post if about the illusion. If there’s a sequel then cool, maybe it will be a trilogy… who knows!

    I like the pictures, well done and even though they are simple they look very realistic. with the exception of the last one of course.

  9. Does anybody else see these and remember the Sesame Street skit with Bert and Ernie? I’m 20 years old, in college, and haven’t watched the show around 15 years, yet that’s the first thing I think of. My memory scares me.

  10. Ok… at the end of Cloverfield in the Coney Island scene, a SATELLITE can be seen falling into the water. the satellite comes from Tagruato (a fictional Japanese company that makes Slusho!, http://www.tagruato.jp, http://www.slusho.jp) which is part of the movie’s viral marketing campaign.
    And for the sequal, it has been confirmed. most people think it will be out on 5-22-09 which is the date that cloverfield is set.

  11. the last two were way easier than the first, because when i first saw the bulge in the middle i thought it was a woman because the bump (thats the eye looks like a boob…

  12. And for the sequal, it has been confirmed. most people think it will be out on 5-22-09 which is the date that cloverfield is set.

    Thats my bday!

  13. If you are going to steal content from worth100 then at least credit them.

    These are not optical illusions but photoshopped pictures from a contest called how to hide an elephant.

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