3 Optical Illusions That Mess With our Sun


So, I’ve just become active on Digg. All of you who use the service as well, I’d appreciate if you added me as friend. I’ll make you mutual friend as soon as you add me. In the mean time, here is the current illusion – Few weeks ago, we had 8 Optical Illusions that mess with our Moon, now its time for the similar post regarding our Sun! I have gathered few relative sized photos that mess with the Sun. My favorite is the first one, offcourse. This is why it has been posted on the main page, while others can be seen inside of the article. Old timers will probably remember Man Holding the sun, but more than dozen can also be found if you browse our archives/categories a little.

Btw, I’m looking for someone with good CSS/HTML skills. I have checked how the website looks inside Google Chrome (new browser that got out yesterday), and noticed some errors. Also if you take a look at Browsershots for this website, you’ll notice it doesn’t show correctly in some browsers. Anyone can point out where the error lies, and which parts of the code needs correction? Am eagerly waiting for your responce. You may contact me at vurdlakATgmail.com

  • fab


    Nice Illusions its funny to see how esay it is to make an Illusion.

  • Anonymous

    Cool the 2nd one is the best


  • Anonymous


  • Amina

    That is so awesome!

  • Lacrosse Lover

    I love these! i like the 2nd and 3rd ones the best. wouldn’t it be a little too hot to hold though??

  • Anonymous

    haha those are pretty good, just make sure you don’t spend to much time setting them up, i think that would kinda hurt the eyes

  • ME!


  • Strawberry

    I like the second one the best.

  • jdlenton

    the third one is great timming or what!!

  • That Man! lol

    How did he do that in da last pic???? :S

  • Eve

    The third one HAS to be photoshop. I mean, how other could he get that red glow on his hands?

  • Zandra

    Lol funny. The last one is my fav.

  • psycho_stephy420

    the first one is the best!

  • Elliot

    i like the 3rd the best its really well done

  • Lydia

    I don’t get the 2nd one :\
    Someone tell me please :)

  • Lydia

    I meant the first one..

  • welldone

    I dont think 3rd one is phoshop. There is redness in the second one, too. I quess this is because of poor photographing. But i am quite sure that boy in the 3rd one is Turk. Emre is a Turkish name. Welldone..

  • viola woolcott


It is main inner container footer text