3 Offensive Nature Formations


Well not three, just two of them are (slightly) offensive actually – if you are puritan, that is. There’s not much talk whether these were photoshopped or not, most of them were. But still, they make fine showcase for today. None of them deserved a dedicated post to be featured in, but if you put them altogether in one place, there is an argument to post them. People see all sort of things in clouds. You wouldn’t believe me, if I told you how often I get cloud submissions, where no-one but their author sees something in it. I’m not even sure how many cloud illusions I had to ditch by now…

  • Lauren

    WOW ! at first i was like omg wtf but i get it ! i love it ! but are they real???

  • Sebasu

    In the first one I only see…
    a CLOWN!?
    OMG! clowns of destruction..
    In the other ones, nah, its obvious

  • AmsterdamMan

    nice one! i like the first one,,,,, i see a clownsface in it! maybe stephen king’s IT? haha or is it just me??

  • Chris

    the top one is a clown
    the bottom two are giving the finger (obviously)

  • Mii

    hahaha the sky just flipped you off.

  • Care Bear

    The first one is offensive because it looks like broccoli. As for the other two? They’ve ceased to be offensive because we see them all the time and have become jaded. C’est la vie.

    • lilazian

      umm thats not brocolli.its a clown

  • Awesome Anonymous

    oh oh oh the one of the cloud in the blues sky. i found that on google with a thing that said “Natures way of letting you know it’s gonna have a bad day”

  • Wow. Offensive. XD! Is the first one supposed to be a clown? Tell meh plz. =D

  • Chad

    The first mushroom cloud picture is significant because the cloud is a scary clown image. the side puffs are its ear puffs and its mouth is open

  • bre

    lol 1 in a lifetime shots

  • hobonateor

    That mushroom cloud is form Twisted Metal

  • I imagine everybody has seen something in the sky, I know I have in clouds. I find the mushroom shaped cloud to be interesting because it is man made. I would rather enjoy those made by nature, and hope I never see the other one. Yes indeed, yes indeed.

  • eoin boi

    1st comment. i hope. lovin the clown. once you notice ityou cant stop noticin it

  • Davor

    DOH, I saw the clown right away, but didn’t see that it’s mouth was open and the hair on the side till mentioned it.

  • peace-angel

    Fantastic, always need a good belly laugh. What a hoot!!!

  • quasi

    There’s nothing natural about an atomic explosion Bozo!

  • jonn

    a clown just dropped by to say hello.
    hey look theres a bird in the sky!
    The volcano god does exist!

  • NeeL

    Lol, I thought I saw the face of a ghost in the mushroom cloud. And by ghost, I mean one of the three uncles of Casper, the nice and friendly kid ghost. So I automaticly tried to see the other two uncles in the ear puffs of the clown. But then I read about the clown and now I can’t see anything else anymore.. :(

    By the way, for me the clown looks mellow, I have to look hard to see evil eyebrows!

  • Reg

    The 2nd cloud could be giving a bird “The Bird”

  • edthedish

    Brilliant, who said clowns werent EVIL????

  • akki

    yeah these are quite good illusions
    but,as these are computer modified (photoshopped)images so i appreciate the creativity but i would suggest to have something realistic in this blog.

  • Tim

    Speaking as a professional clown, the typical clown is not scary – there are people who get freaked out by hidden facial expressions, and some clowns purposely try to be scary. That’s a friendly looking mushroom cloud clown.

  • Patricia Ann Ingram

    Sorry, but they all look photo shopped to me. And I would much rather see original art. Also, I am less offended by nude bodies than the two lower photos because in those two photos someone is definitely showing their dislike for people. Sorry Vurdlak but in my opinion you can do better.

  • Kari

    I think the first one looks like atlas is holding up the sky. How that could be offensive, I don’t know, but thats just what I thought.

  • duncan

    Not an illusion.

  • Ron Calhoun

    You’re right, they were “offensive.”

  • john

    roflmao lol

  • justaguy

    yea the first one isnt real
    its from a video game
    sorry :/

  • Aiden Couper

    like the 1st. rest are too obviously photoshopped…

  • Jilly

    OK, might be interesting, though I’d prefer not to have an ATOMIC EXPLOSION on my screen, it’s not a nice sight

  • 1st ones are pretty cool. The second and 3rd ones are photoshopped! For people saying “once in a lifetime” for those thats soo stupid.

  • It’s Bozo!

  • Lola

    Lol, i like the bottom left. It’s just this beautiful day and all of a sudden it’s like God or someone is going “F U TOO”.

  • ZMlover

    one the second one (bottom left) i see an alligator flicking us off :P

  • elrotten

    maybe by now you notice … all the pics are photoshopped … the clown is a promo for the psp … c´mom people … te information is out there!!!

  • nathanael

    i agree with anadi (up there somewhere) if this stuff is really once in a lifetime, why do things like these pop up all over the internet?

  • is it just me or is there a clowm face in the 1st one

  • ian gabatin

    they are all obviously photoshopped but if you look closely the last 2 its like God is saying F U to people who use words like that very often……

  • Steve

    I like them, even though they are quite obviously photoshopped.

  • hahah a clown well i saw that pic 5634564 times b4 on dif things and never noticed

  • actually i see three faces in the first and if u look closely at the middle finger in the third you see a surprised face!

  • cometrudolph

    omg its a clown? oh i thought it was a tree!

  • ThatGirl


  • anonimo

    the first one..
    the other two.. for me.. they don’t look real

  • Rainabell of Steremon

    I believe the second one is real because 1 I saw a cloud just like that once and 2 I have a pic in my phone of a cloud resembling a guy’s testicles :)

    • BoogerFree

      Good thing you mentioned the cloud resembled a guy’s testicles, I’d really hate to see one that resembled a girl’s testicles.

  • sMARTaSS

    If that is not photoshopped, then………………………….OFFENSIVE!!

  • STAGFAN123

    The first one is and ad for Twisted Metal(2012)

  • The seocnd one is totally possible. The other two….ha! Pretty much blatantly shopped.

  • The middle finger a-bomb explosion is a shopped version of my original artwork, originally done for a Worth1000 entry. The original piece, was a hand giving the peace sign, which is why the middle finger in this bastardization is off to the left. The original can be seen here:


  • JM

    TY Skot for revealing this! All photoshoped pics here. Another dumb article!

  • Jon

    Love the clown, the other two are, ..ok i guess.

  • oerson

    all I see in the smaller ones are middle fingers

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