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By on May 17, 2006, with 308 Comments

Here’s a set of body art paintings based on the astrological signs of Zodiac. It’s wonderfull how some of them manage to deceive you – you can’t recognise human beeing on quite few of them! The artist behind these is called Rudi Everts. He is Australian Body Paint Artist and you can visit his website here. Which zodiac sign are you? Which one do you like the most? Which of these body paintings you think stands above all others? I’m Gemini, but the coolest one I see here is Scorpio! Yeah! – More…

Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art

Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art
Zodiac Signs Through Body Art


308 Responses
  1. Black Rabbit says:

    Even though I’m a Taurus, my favorite has got to be Aquarius

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m a taurus. I’m so glad that’s one of the good ones. I also like sagittarius, leo is totally badass, and capricorn. While they all had lovely artwork and skilled painting, some of them were way too ‘hey look at these boobs!’ (I’m looking at you, libra!) and, perhaps it’s my American-ness, but I’m not a big fan of full bush. Many of those I would have loved if they had a razor on set…

  3. justine says:

    Aquarius is really cool!

  4. Jokken says:

    I’m Aquarius, but the scorpion is still the best.

  5. avenger13 says:

    they all look good… i remember seeing these three years ago……

    …… and i’m a Scorpio :D

  6. John Jacob HimmerHighmer Schmit says:

    Wow, That’s awsome stuff, thanks for putting it on!

  7. ~~*NIQUE*~~ says:


  8. Whatchamacallit says:

    I love aquarius! Especially her nails and stomach! I also like how Cancer’s hand looks! But I’ve got a question maybe one of you could answer… What body part is Capricorn? I can see the head, (her hair gives it away,) but I can’t tell what it is!

  9. Girl7 says:

    Capricorn is the upside down top part of a woman.

  10. Zecc says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with Capricorn. Even though it’s very impressive painting-wise, it’s not so much pose-wise.

    It’s easier how she’s posing by noticing her eyes and nose and the very bottom of the picture, her shoulders by the creature’s ears and her breasts forming the creatures horns.

    Cancer’s hand looks creepy, in a good way. That photograph looks a lot like a painting

    I don’t like Leo too much. Unimpressive painting. Impressive hair, if it’s her own, (it’s probably not, though).

    Virgo’s “pose” it very ironic. :)

    Scorpio takes all the prizes, definitely.



  12. lys says:

    did anyone notice how pisces is spelled wrong???

  13. Shawon says:

    lol pieces

    anyway libra looks very good, and funny too lol

  14. BASKETBALL_playHER says:


  15. lulu says:

    im a aquarius i was born on feb 17 ;]

  16. Hai says:

    im a scorpio, 2 but i didn’t really get the scorpio one. leo looks like its crossed eyed and the aquarius one was the coolest

  17. Lanitha says:

    Uhmm… PIECES??? Last thing I heard, it was spelled pisces?

  18. ytcdfhkjfkhj says:

    i like this web page!!!!!!

  19. offspring says:

    i am a virgo…..hey libra dont u think ur just a little revealing?

  20. leo chick says:

    i stared at leo for awhile wondering how a really round ass got on her front (til i realized it was knees!) …I say as well… WHERE ARE THE HOT NAKED GUYS!!!

  21. Radi(((o)))active says:

    I like aquarius (the art, at least). Libra is… DISGUSTING! Blech. And if Vigo is the part I think it is…

  22. xXx_StakeXMyXHeart_xXx says:

    I kind of like them all…

    I’m Gemini, I don’t like mine…

    I wanted to see some hot dudes, c’mon?

    Are ya with me girls?

  23. just me says:

    Really impressive artwork. Guys complaining about body parts remember the zodiac was created in a time where nudity was not only acceptable but considered beutiful and not just sexually. The artist using the naked form really pays tribute to the zodiacs’ individual meanings and history. Really impressive to see how perfectly he used these women’s bodies to acentuate not the nudity but the actual art itself. I’m amazed.

  24. Mikey says:

    I cant see them says something is wrong with the certificate

  25. ishbu says:

    i don’t get why everyone is complaining about libra. revealing? excuse me but 5 of the others exposed both breasts as well, 3 others expose one, and you can see 3 of the other’s [hair covered] downstairs.
    just because libra happens to have the biggest breasts, doesn’t mean they are being shown off or revealed moreso than any of the others.
    if libra had small breasts i bet none of you would make a big deal about it.

    maybe im just defending libra because im a libra and i happen to have large breasts. but i know how she feels.
    people always tend rag on those who are more developed than most.

  26. wow says:


  27. hunter smith III says:

    i love pisces and sagatarius cuz there girls r so hot

  28. Sher-Bear says:

    I’m Libra an proud of it. But not too proud of the model. They should have chosen a model with perkier breasts. Hers are just lop-sided.

  29. Sher-Bear says:


  30. JoJo says:

    as a girl i say EEEWWW as a libra i say EEEEEEWWWWWWW as a sister i understand???

  31. Wite Stik says:

    I’m Cancer and I like the way the Cancer and Aquarius pics use body parts to make it look 3-D

  32. brooklynz finest says:

    TAURUS is my sign but i like aqurius the best

  33. Angel eyes says:

    this is disgusting reading all of your comments you need hobbies BESIDES looking at naked wemon who have absolutly no self respect

  34. kristen says:

    OMG THESE ARE ALL BAD ASS its absolutely amazing art and these models do have wonderful bodies im sagittarius and that one was my fav AND SERIOUSLE PPL BE MATURE whats wrong with a persons naked body AND WHATS SO RIGHT ABOUT IT TOO?

  35. tdjnrnhjyf says:


  36. schai says:

    Who’s the eeeediot that can’t spell PISCES right?

  37. COOLNESS says:

    These women have self respect mostlikly…..its thier job to do this and pose as a peice of art.
    The artist who came up with this idea was obviously looking outside the box to get noticed…and the bodies of the models are just canvis for the artist…so whoever said that these modles have no self reaspect, i have no idesa as to how that relates in this subject.

  38. Red says:

    i think the aquarius one is brilliant, with the jug (oh dear…how ironic) effect, it actually fooled me for a second! Being a libra i dont really the love libra one, someone with smaller breasts would have been better for it, but i still think theyre all beautiful pieces of art.

  39. Mike says:

    Let’s have a little maturity in here, huh?

  40. TRASHY LIBRA says:


  41. Gracie-K says:

    Hey, how’d they do leo? ’cause I see the womans breasts, but how did they turn her around ’till you could see her bum?

  42. Exeakiel says:

    The Aquarius is very… Creative they’re all amazing, but it stands out no doubt.

  43. Kenn says:

    @ Gracie: The model for Leo is sitting on a stool, with her legs pointing straight at you. The “paws” are painted on her knees.

    As an art college graduate, I am envious and amazed at the creativity and quality of these paintings. Wow!

  44. Andrew says:

    Libra is very creative

  45. Ash says:

    Um… yes the ones that inovole breast actally fit but stiil it is kinda weird

  46. Drake says:

    Alll the creative ones to me


    Oh yea, i know this kinda sounds like a sick joke

    LiBRA get it LiBra

  47. Me says:

    Wow, I’m a cancer and I love it! it’s hot and freaky.

  48. Eve says:

    Wow. That’s really good. I would never have the patience to do that. But…why are they all women?

  49. sara says:

    Most models are women; good male models are hard to find, especially if you are looking for someone (such as in this case) with low-body hair and smooth skin, who is neither too skinny nor too fat.

  50. Steve says:

    Most models are women because women are more beautiful. Smooth curves are beautiful. Rarely are hard angles attractive other than as counterpoints to curves. Conservatively, I’d say, over the span of available artwork, there are four or five representations of naked women for every representation of naked men. (informal survey, but I’d bet $5 that it would stand up to rigorous analysis).

  51. KATHY says:

    Wow this is really a great mix of photography and art! Its so great I can even chose just one. Fabulous job! Very very impressive.

  52. kitty says:

    go aquarius! hold dat boob.

  53. Madddddddddie says:

    I’m a Cancer but Leo in the best one

  54. yenterb says:

    how hard is it to spell “pisces”? 0_o

  55. Raccoon says:

    @ ishbu…
    People are complaining about Libra because it does not fit in with the rest. It doesnt look artistic. It looks like shes going to “Bady Painting Club Hopping” night.
    There is no shadowing, and no other part of her is painted.The other woman that show breasts have most of there body painted.
    That one loos whorish.
    “Boo-hoo, Im a big breasted Libra….cry cry cry.”

  56. CrackALack says:

    i think these are all great, i dont see how you could love 1 and hate another. they are all naked women. libra doesnt look like a whore and is very well done. i think if her whole body was painted it would throw it off when her skin tone goes well with the colors anyway.

  57. (insert name here) says:

    The taurus one brings new meaning to the word “horny”.

  58. Boobies says:

    Boobies….. :)

  59. Sam says:

    I’m a capricorn but I absoloutly adore Pisces and Cancer. Wonderfull.

  60. Chris Griffin says:


  61. meeow =^_^= says:

    these are truly amazing works of art thanks!

  62. meeow =^_^= says:

    I’m an ARIES beautiful body art i must say

  63. HISSSnake says:

    wow, i really liked them all but i think Scorpio was the best

    Aquarius was really well done (and creative)

  64. Sarah says:

    As a Gemini, I feel jipped. The artist could’ve done better on that one.

  65. Marie says:

    Wow. There all so beautiful. But I love Aquarius, Scorpio, and libra (boobies! :P)…im an aqua.

  66. Me!!! says:

    Virgo’s full bush looks disgusting!!!!

  67. Luvin' Angel says:

    I cannot believe this website! You should all stop! This is dusgustingly RONG! I don’t see y women get naked to get guys it is sooo rong! I mean ever heard of eharmony.com? Get love there not here on Naked girls cum look. seriously I’m leaving. It’s almost sad about these people.

  68. wrx says:

    I can’t believe how freakin moronic 85% of the comments in here are.. or maybe I can.. considering the sources. Grow up kiddies. If you had an ounce of sense in your head you’d know that these are beautiful.. and that its your mind that is ugly.
    I’m too annoyed to say anything else. Reminds me why I hate other people’s children.

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  109. Pirate Pete says:

    I love your widget, and this is definately the best illusion i’ve seen in a long time

  110. Liberate says:

    I love this site!

  111. Anonymous says:

    glad i know how to spell pieces correctly now… i have been misspelling my zodiac sign all my life, dontcha know. lovin the internet. and you people.

  112. Anonymous says:

    i think the zodica is rubbish
    but these paintings are so beautiful
    they r all so unique and different

  113. T says:

    I LOVE BOOBS! lol, ok but seriously there are some very talented artists out there (trust me, i wanna be one) I like the body naturally beautiful on a woman… men need to be wearing boxers to look good :P I love Libra (bra being the most operative word) damn i wish my boobs were that pert! anyways, im a cancer, and its one of the most appealing forms of my starsign I have to say.

  114. xfab.babex says:

    omg why is it really rude i mean come on 2 hair parts BOOBS we dont wont this to be show however very good artwork but i defenatly wunt hang them up in my kitchen

  115. Anonymous says:

    Capricorn!! Amazing!!

  116. Anonymous says:

    this is freakin sexy, im a scorpio, and i think it is the coolest, but aqaruis is hott!!!!

  117. Anonymous says:

    i think aquarius is my favourite because if the sexy way that she holds her breast for us all to see

  118. Anonymous says:

    Capricorn is soooo creative!!
    i think Gemini is cute =)
    and Aquarious…wow thats soo pretty

    these r all sooo creative and pretty!! i cant think of how they could have POSSIBLY thought of Capricorn

    I’m Leo and i loove that one=) i thought the knees were a butt…but then i was wondering how it was on the front so i looked closely…ohh its the KNEES!!

    I dont see why people make such a big deal of exposed breasts because i mean ALOT of people have them!!! like i mean they’re covered up too! Libra is very…large but if you look at it its still beautiful with the flowers and its VERY detailed

    Overall this is VERY impressive

  119. Anonymous says:

    The Capricorn is amazing..they all are

  120. Maria Tells All says:

    My favorite is libra and gemini.

  121. Mouse says:

    My fave has got to be the Capricorn! And I’m an Aquarius…so I’m not just saying that!

  122. Disco says:

    Ewww, they have hairy butts! But I have to say they’re kinda cool, imagen sombody painting you like that, I’d be sooooo embarrassed! :O

  123. Anonymous says:

    wow that is truly amazing, like honestly! i figured out what the capricorn is… just look at it pside down, and see if you can tell. very cool stuffs tho!

  124. Anonymous says:

    i think that libra has beautiful boobs and hey whats wrong with showing them off? and also dont be picking on the full bush girls, some woman prefer not to shave

  125. Anonymous says:

    Hey all you grls who think that just because the women are naked you think it is wrong or perverted. I’m not stereo typing but you are blind if you think that. you have to be a blind fool not to see the amazing art. and some of guys really need to get a hobby. my favorites were Libra, Aquarius, and Cancer because the way the artist used the breast to create a 3-D affect.

  126. Neva says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with the naked form. It’s how we were made and who we really are. I don’t see what’s wrong with men enjoying the female body, it’s in their DNA. How comme Gemini stuff is so boring? It should have been…i dunno, maybe two of the women back to back holding hands with the images of two women painted on them. I wish my sign was cooler :P

  127. Anonymous says:

    I like sagittaurius because it isn’t revealing. Just a back, and a behind. Who cares about the behind? Okay, that was just a JOKE…

  128. Anonymous says:

    anonymous, its EFFECT not AFFECT!:
    “because the way the artist used the breast to create a 3-D affect.”

  129. guitarking says:

    where was capricorn? and how come nobody in this world has the decency to get body art in an area that isn’t considered offensive??

  130. guitarking says:

    I agree with angel eyes… and I see where Capricorn was now.

  131. Rosina says:

    Capricorn looks fake, the mouth of the lady modeling is what makes me think it’s fake. Someone please explain to me how somone could stretch their mouth like that… Sagitarious is my fave. I like purple. (I’m also a sagitarious)

  132. Anonymous says:

    i like all of them.my favorites are scorpio,aquarius,and leo…even though im a leo too.

  133. Anonymous says:

    hi, im a capricorn, these picture are awesome and amazing. altough the leo kind creeps me out cause it looks like the eyes are bulging out. lol

  134. Woo says:

    well the artist likes his job…

  135. Shauzia says:

    U guys are gross!!!! Just because Libra used her breasts as scales doesn’t mean that she put them on public display for u dumb critiq’ues, Get a Life!!!!!!! The only few i thought were genuinely sloppy was Gemini and Libra, not because of her breasts, because of the pale washed out feeling the painters did. Im an Aquarius. My faves were Cancer and Capricorn.

  136. Anonymous says:

    Can I hold Aquarius’s jug?

  137. Anonymous says:

    dayam this ones HOTTT!!! I might need sum wata its so hot but good thing i can just drink sum outta aquarius’ jugs

  138. Anonymous says:

    Yes, i would say that these are great peices of art. And yes you guys are im-mature.

  139. Lexie says:

    Ummm, In the leo pic what are the paws?

  140. Anonymous says:

    The paws are her knees. Took me a second look to get it, same with Gemini.
    Some are these are awesome. Scorpio is the best use of colour, while Leo is the most interesting.

  141. Anonymous says:

    That was pretty cool. Amazing how the females body can be used as a canvas. I liked all of them, but the Gemini was a lil’ boring.

  142. Anonymous says:

    What part of gemini are the babies?
    i am an aquarius (i am not just saying this) i think that aquarius was the most creative!!

  143. Anonymous says:

    I am an Aquarius and i think that Aquarius was the most creative! (I am not just saying that either!!) Where are all the hot men!?

  144. Anonymous says:

    Im capricorn and i sooooo dont know where it is on their body because its so well painted and leo what the hell are the legs made from????? At least myn is one off the best!!!! the worst is probley vigo!!! YUCK!!! too hairy.

  145. Anonymous says:

    must feel uncomfterbal.

  146. Iggy says:

    I’ve always wanted to try my hand at this myself but I think I’d prefer to do hands and faces, I get impatient with gigantic canvases unless I can do it little by little.

    To those thinking that the women are just showing off their bodies for guys: If this was Playboy, yes. But it’s not, these are works of art. If someone had painted these same pictures only had painted the women onto a canvas, you probably wouldn’t be complaining. The bodies are technically covered, anyway. If you can’t accept looking at a human body (despite the fact you have one of your own), do not go to these pages, “Body Art” is rather self-explanitory.

    As for Capricorn looking fake because of the mouth or facial parts showing: The nose and eyes are made to look like the tufts of hair a goat has on its chin. I work at a zoo and that is completely accurate to they did serve a purpose. And the mouth is not contorted in some impossible way, the paint does not follow her mouth completely (like when you do the smile on a clown, only reversed)

    I don’t see why some people think Leo isn’t good, I think it beats scorpio. Libra I agree could have used some shading to make it fit the theme of the rest, maybe paint the body the color of the background? Same with aquarius on the right hand side of the body but that was an awesome idea, her other shoulder blends perfectly.

    I’m a Saggitarius and I love it, though I think the artist is better at animals than people, I feel the archer’s a little bland compared to some. It is one of my favorites but I think Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, and Capricorn beat it.

  147. Anonymous says:

    28 i know the ones have breast showing too but her are so much mor noticable

  148. Anonymous says:

    I’m a libra,but I liked the Cancer and Leo one the best :)

  149. Sanyam says:

    Well even though I had to turn my head upside-down, my best one was Capricorn!

  150. Grant says:

    Well I can see why its called “saggytarius”:P lol. Im a Taurus, personally I thought Taurus was the coolest and most complex, but capricorn and leo were cool too.

  151. Grant says:

    Well I can see why its called “saggytarius”:P lol. Im a Taurus, personally I thought Taurus was the coolest and most complex, but capricorn and leo were cool too.

  152. Anonymous says:

    I am appreciating these displays of hardwork and imagination, but i hate to point out, does anyone else’s eyes draw to Virgo – we all know which part of the dbody it’s painted on… it’s clear where the texture of the art changes rather dramatically. Does the model not think to trim?
    Obviously i’m going majorly off track here.
    And no this is not a perverse male or a lesbian.
    This is a female who can’t help but keep a raised eyebrow to this oh so beautifully painted mound of fur.


    Written from {Brass}

  153. x-I[heart]BillieJoe says:

    xXx_StakeXMyXHeart_xXx, I totally agree.
    This stuff is really good but why always females?
    Why can’t men do it, too?

  154. Anonymous says:

    im a scorpio but i think the best is either cancer or leo or taurus

  155. i*is*awesome says:


  156. Anonymous says:

    i’m an aries oh great my star sign looks like it was painted on her bum!

  157. Anonymous says:

    I saw a pic of Orlando Bloom wearing body paint in some magazine… What I really didn’t like about it though was his “man part” was painted and looked DISGUSTING! Go Cancer and I see it as art not as nudity.

  158. Anonymous says:

    aqua girl is holding her boob

  159. Anonymous says:

    Yea I agree with Ashley but the artist is definately talented.

  160. Anonymous says:

    they sure love painting boobies

  161. Anonymous says:

    libra’s my favorite

  162. pirates of the caribean freak#1 says:

    these are cool but could be affensive to some people.
    i know that you try to hide the parts NOT ment to be seen publicly but maybe you should put clothes on at least those parts.

  163. Anonymous says:

    With the exception of Libra, these are all amazing works of art.

    Scorpio was especially well done.

    Does anyone know who the artist(s) is/are?

  164. Anonymous says:

    Well, it seems my previous comment is taking a while to get here.

    I’m thinking this one will appear after my previous one.

    About me asking about who the artist is. Never mind about that question. I missed a few words during the intro text.

  165. door bell says:

    Libra’s tits are HUGE. nice.

  166. dancing terd says:

    if yo look closely at virgo and pieces, there’s a bit of hair down low.

  167. f**k says:

    mmmmmmmmmm, yummy. Let me drink from yu, aquarius.

  168. Anonymous says:

    wow get thos hos a razer cuz they got sum bushly! an check out the titties on libre damn them thangs is bangin

  169. nga stole my bike says:

    damn libra got some tig ole bitties

  170. Anonymous says:

    thank you “iggy” and the rest of you who defended this beautiful artwork. the naked body is not evil, it is not perverse, it is not wrong. it is beautiful. there is nothing wrong with nudity that does not lie in your own perverted mind. it is only “wrong” or “bad” because you wrongfully connect nudity to sex (and not all sex is bad either), there is no logical reason to be offended by this. and to you pathetic guys who have been brainwashed with the same response to women’s bodies (naked= boobies= hot=i-want-to-fuck-it-because-i-am-a -real-man-and-that-is-what-real-men -do)- GROW UP and get your mind out of the gutter. women are not just objects of sexual pleasure for you, they have a beauty separate from their sexuality. it would be nice if the men could look at this without turning to sex, and if women would not respond with “eew, gross vagina” (like they dont see themselves naked every time they take a shower), and if ALL OF YOU would stop critiquing their bodies and appreciated the artwork that is on them. thank you

  171. Anonymous says:

    I think Caoicorn is the best I had a hard time figuring out the pose

  172. Anonymous says:

    i am a scorpio and my 1st is scorpio 2nd Gemini 3rd aquarious

  173. Anonymous says:

    I think these are all really artistic and well drawn.
    the women models are also really beautiful-translation-(i think all those women are really sexy and i love looking at there boobs and lower parts aaaaalllll day) none of you people fool me. but the translation is my thoughts defineltely.boobies.lower parts. RULE!!!!!!!!!1

  174. Anonymous says:

    i’ve got a question. how ca you look at some photos knowing they are nude body art photos then turn around and complain that the models are nude? seems rather assinine to me.

  175. Anonymous says:

    yay im a aquarius its the best one up there..i ike the leo too

  176. Anonymous says:

    All of them are very pretty and not because of the nudity because of the body art. I am a Gemini and I thought Gemini was so cute! Don’t you think so to? Well I thought all of them were very nifty.

  177. Anonymous says:

    For all of those who don’t understand what body part Capricorn is, its actually an upside down woman. if you look under the tip of the horns, you see the woman’s nipples, and the shadow that her breasts make. the little beard on the ram is her blonde hair, and the head is mostly a mask. If you copy and paste it to word or something and flip it upside down you can see it better.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Oh i’m sorry! it turned out to be a woman with her head leaned back! it’s still upside down though.

  179. SXYRICKY says:


  180. Anonymous says:


  181. Snowman25 says:

    The Libra and Aquarius are kinda cool and sexy ;)

  182. Gold Lion says:

    No. 2, Ashley
    You don’t approve them showing off their boobs, but still you’re focusing on them not shaving their bushes?

  183. Gold Lion says:

    By the way, I really like the Gemini XD Fabulous!

  184. psychic reading says:

    This is what they called an art through a womens body.. its really amazing! a zodiac signs into a womens body!

  185. Byrdi gal says:

    i am a gemini but i liked cancer, libra and aquarius the best.

    some of you people need to grow up. this is really amazing artwork and the naked body is a beautiful surface to work on.

    and there are alot of comments about libras breasts… has it occurred to anyone that the artist chose that model FOR her beasts??? i think that the effect of her breasts as the scales is really amazing.

    the artist has exploited each models specific body type to make the image work and i love this artwork.

  186. jasmine says:

    freaks of the industry

  187. Anonymous says:

    this is true art and you guys that lok at this all day are disguting.i have read all the comments on libra’s breasts the artist choose her because of her boobs they are supposed to be big.

    Aquarius is good and all you people talking about drinking out of her jug are total retards.if you guys could see my face right now after reading these comments you would never come back to this page in your life!!!!

    these models were picked so that it would fit the sign?

    why are all boys looking at girls vegina and boobs any way that just makes you look stupid.

    how would you boys like it if you had the signs on you and it showed your dick?huh? ALL OF YOU GUYS NEED TO GROW UP!!!

    Maybe it’s just me but am i the only one that is mature? i know that some of you(wink wink) are just as mature as i am being and i am only 12 yrs old!!!!

  188. anonymous 95 says:

    hi its me again and if you agree with what i said(read comment95) then leave a comment on how you would look at this page if a nude guy was painted on.

  189. Alyssa says:

    SCORPIO IS AWESOME!!!! and im not just saying that because i am a scorpio. the pose is very creativee!! the way her arm is the tail. i like it :) but since it sideways, i only saw the body at first.

  190. Anonymous says:

    Slightly offensive joke follows:
    When I saw the Cancer picture, I thought “Breast Cancer.”

  191. Anonymous says:

    whats wrong with u people. Just because Libra’s breast are showing doesn’t mean it’s not good! I think Libra is the best and not just because i’m a Libra. The artist painted on the boobs really well.

  192. Anonymous says:

    I will agree that these pics are revealing but they are also art so we should respect that.

  193. jesus martin-polo says:

    Iám libra but I have to acnoledge that CAPRICORN IS REALLY `PIECE OF ART

  194. Anonymous says:

    nice tits on the libra one

  195. Anonymous says:

    Nice samples of an art I’ve always loved. It’s rarely perfect, but always suggestive and surprising when well done.

    My sign (Taurus) is definitely not a favourite. I specially like the 3D effect and body integration got in Aries, although nobody commented it before.

    After reading all the comments around, I think some people here need to look down and realise they have just the same or equivalent ornaments. It’s evident they never did that exercise in their five-year-old lives.

    By the way, I’m glad to NOT live in USA, the only place in the world where the own body (and nudity, and sex, and hair, and everything) seems to be a childish taboo, and religions still distort minds to have a perverted perception beyond functional and artistic senses.

    Most USA people seems really stuck in the Middle Age with this topic. Their culture (or lack of) is a true model of how NOT to be.

    As beautiful, perfect and symmetric as it is, considering human body offensive is by far one of the greatest signs of ignorance in the world.

  196. Anonymous says:

    U guys who keep talking about libra r all huge pervs

  197. HUDA says:

    im Capricorn and did anyone notices the pisces girl is faacing the front and where the second fish’s mouth is going LOL

  198. sean says:

    stunning, beautiful art, beautiful girls.
    i am a cancer & i can honestly say i have never seen anything quite like this. excellent, keep on keepin' on.
    peace & respect l.k.d.

  199. Suki says:

    I don’t like my sign’s horoscopes (cancer) but, I have to say the body paint of it was one of my favorites…

  200. kimdino says:

    I would imagine that those commenting on the nudity are from the US from the style of their replies, a nation that seems to have a very backward attitude to the human body. I can only say ‘Grow up, until then please keep your repressive attitudes to yourself’.

    Now that I’ve got that off my chest these are beautiful. The sort of thing that leaves me in awe of the artists imagination and skill. I’m not sure if I can pick a favourite. Sagitarius, Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Leo are all possibilities – and the rest are great as well.

    I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for more of this guys work.

  201. **~**AAAQueen**~** says:

    I’m a capricorn, but the scorpio painting takes the cake!!!!!!!

  202. Appreciative says:

    Wow some people REALLY need to loosen up! Somebody even said that these girls have no self-respect? This is art! and a woman’s body is a beautiful thing and this shows that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And stop freaking out about libra. I think that’s the coolest one. and the paint covers everything u don’t see anything more than you do on someone wearing a bikinni top. And I’m a girl btw so I’m sincerely saying that this is artistic and beautiful and not because I’m jacking off to this right now lol.

  203. Anonymous says:

    im libra and that offends me!lol

  204. Anonymous says:

    Wow, they are all amazing!
    Thanx,Whatchamacallit for making me notice (from a second look) Capricorn- it is a woman’s head upside down!Amazingly intriguing!

  205. Anonymous says:

    libra is hot and cool p.s capricorn is a upside down girlXD

  206. Gabi says:

    What closed minded people! "Why does there have to be nudity. Boobs! Pubic hair! Oh my!"

    GET OVER IT. It's art & pretty bloody fantastic art at that. In fact, when the naked (generally female-sorry guys) body is presented in a non-sexual manner, it can be the most beautiful art of all. The pictures on these bodies just enhance that beauty.

    It's not meant to be pervy, sexual or anything else even midly uncomfortable. It's pure talent.

    & fab babe – who asked if you would hang it in your kitchen anyway? Grow up.

  207. who farted? says:

    I suddenly regret being born in late february. lol. I think it’s creepy how they use NAKED WOMEN for this stuff! But if I had to choose, my two favorites would be aquarius and cancer.

  208. Anonymous says:

    These are really beautiful. And I’m very sorry that some people are too immature to see that.

    My favorite is Scorpio even though I’m an Aries. The pose is amazing!

  209. Jian says:

    While seeing this often, and enjoying it, they really need to fix the spelling for ‘Pisces.’ It’s not PIECES.

  210. sup says:

    what is sep 25

  211. Maddison/Mazz says:

    These are not too good, but I definately like Aries. The rest are just screaming “Look at my perfectly sculpted boobs” or “look at my magnificent Vagina”. All the others beside Aries are not as good I reckon.

  212. Anonymous says:

    hey im sagittarius and i think thats one of my favorites but i like cancer too

  213. Martin says:

    Oh, NOW I see what Capricorn is a picture of. I couldn’t see her head.

  214. Anonymous says:

    libra as big boobs

  215. Michael says:

    Its funny how scorpio’s mouth is acually a … lol
    I thought that it was cool how on the Aquarius the artist used the nipple as a stud on the pitcher.

    Dissapointed with sagittarius, thought it could be better done, more clever…

  216. Lieke says:

    I definately love aquarius, altough I am gemini! Leo is also really pretty!

  217. thetechnogirl says:

    wrong. VERY VERY WRONG.

  218. Wow says:

    These are major good.

    & @ Maddison/Mazz
    U shouldn’t be complaining. If you put it like that, then Aries is saying, “Look at my fantastic ass.”

    The artist must’ve taken such a long time on this!
    I’m happy i’m a capricorn (:

  219. cate says:

    Yeah, because it’s really mature to make gross generalizations of an entire nation. :/

  220. cmcghnhg says:


  221. WOW says:

    Sagitarius is simply beautiful.

    im personaly a taurus, but this is wonderful!

  222. Vernon Norbert says:

    I dig the naked chicks.

    On another note, I suspect that kimdino is not from the U.S., but is nevertheless more than willing to use the internet, which the U.S. bestowed upon the world free of charge.

    I would suggest that she think twice about the benefits the U.S. has bestowed upon her and keep her ungrateful, sanctimonous attitudes to herself.

  223. Ari says:

    I am a Scorpio who lives in the US. I absolutely love this picture. I think this artist is brilliant and I would let them paint a picture on my body too. Great display of artistic talent thinking outside the box. All of these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

  224. Woodcrow says:

    aquarius is funny =)

  225. blah blah says:

    libra has huge cans

  226. Pella says:

    @Vernon Norbert: I’m from the U.S. and I believe that kimdino is correct. While there are many exceptions, people in the U.S. *AS A GROUP* are much more repressed sexually than people in most other countries. She is not expressing an “ungrateful, sanctimonious attitude”; rather, she is making a statement of fact.

    I’m also a gay man, so in general I have no desire to look at naked women. However, I find this artwork amazingly beautiful, and I applaud the artist for the depth of her vision and creativity. Well done!

  227. Pella says:

    Excuse me. I applaud the artist for HIS vision and creativity.

  228. akshay mehta says:

    i cant beleive this guys….
    these pics are just amazing…
    the idea, the imagination was just faboulous…
    great work…keep it up…….

  229. mooo says:

    of course they r girls wow. nice tits btw

  230. joe B says:

    Well I can see both sides of the argument when it comes to this being inappropriate. I personally have taken several still life and anatomical drawing courses, and in that setting sexuality is simply no longer a factor. However, that is also a setting in which people are completely focused on artistic growth and learning, giving them and the model a totally different perspective on nudity. Looking at this with that mindset, these are amazing and beautiful works of art. On the other hand, not everyone can approach nudity that way, and some people (especially children) who are browsing these sites don’t have that hormonally objective perspective and may see these woman as nothing more than glorified sex objects (especially given that they are all exceptionally attractive), but there is no reason why they shouldn’t have that view. Our society has clearly given the impression that nudity equals sexuality, and various magazines like playboy and SI have added body art to their roster of titillating techniques. So if a mother sees her husband or child with a playboy containing body painted woman, which is obviously aimed to arouse, is there any reason for her not to view these beautiful woman the same way? Or what about a man trying to recover from sexual addiction? Could you see how these pictures might cause him to falter or make him upset, especially considering he was just trying to safely browse? That’s why I think these pictures should be limited only to those who are artists or have an artistic views of the female body, because these woman aren’t meant to be thought of sexually and casual browsers shouldn’t needlessly be subjected to them.

  231. tyler-durden says:

    these are great. if you’re offended, you need to check yourself. no one should be offended by great artwork. you should be offended by war, prejudice and greed. get your priorities right.

    @ JoeB:

    you claim “our society has clearly given the impression that nudity equals sexuality”

    1. which society is “ours”? many nations outside of the USA have topless sunbathing as a NORM, not an exception.
    2. nudity does not equal sexuality. that is an ASSUMPTION made by individuals with insufficient SELF-CONTROL.

    if a “mother” sees her husband or child viewing these images, why should she immediately jump to the conclusion that they’re sexual in nature? is breast feeding also sexual in nature? should breast feeding mothers be charged with pedophilia? THAT’S RIDICULOUS.

    no sex is depicted in any of these images. it’s quite impossible, since there’s only ONE PERSON.

    a man recovering from sexual addiction?? really? should that man be using the internet at all? EITHER WAY, IT’S IRRELEVANT.
    the public isn’t responsible for catering to said man’s condition. what if a person is “addicted” to buying shoes? should we pull all shoe websites off the web as well?

    no one is being “subjected” to anything. you choose to use the web, you choose to load a webpage. if you’re afraid of what “might be out there” then DON’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE.

    this view is ignorant. it is the individual’s responsibility to deal with their neuroses. not the public.

  232. Rebecca says:

    I am a 15 year old female living in the U.S. I think these are beautiful and artistic. Not meant as sexual or something else of that nature. The U.S isn’t all a bunch of sexist pigs, though I do agree the majority of the rude, vulgar comments are probably from Americans do not classify us all by that.

  233. C.C says:

    These are amazing! I’m just disappointed that some people are so immature that they are blind to real art.

  234. amanda says:

    hey ppl, i’m **~~AAAQueen~~**, and i think that they all look pretty cool… no i’m not leo though. but those r HUGE O.o

  235. amanda says:

    oh wow i think libra and aquarious are just screaming LOOK AT MY FUCKING BIG BOOBS!!! i am def going to send this to my bi friend. o.0

  236. Kyle says:

    Gemini here, and I feel a little let down. I was totally looking forward to the gemini one thinking that it was going to be 2 girls or something amazing, but alas I was mistaken :(

    I honestly say that libra was my least favourite, dont get me wrong, I love big tits, it just didnt catch my eye.

    Scorpio was an amazing use of the entire body, if that one wasn’t first I probably wouldn’t have looked at the rest of them.

    Leo’s eyes look a little droopy lol. I also like the way the real hair waws used to add a little texture to it.

    Aquarius, if you get tired, I would gladly hold that jug of yours :)
    heres one I was surprised not to see: Got milk?

    Sagittarius was my favourite, can’t entirely explain why, but it is. Something about archery that i love, simple but effective.

    Some people have said that these models have no self respect. That is just wrong, they do this BECAUSE they have self respect. They are comfortable with their bodies to show them to the world(or at least internet). I find it funny that after I think 5 pages of replies, not one time has the actual word, breast, been used.

    If you thought these were disgusting or distasteful, then why take the time to look through them, and post a reply. Just be on your merry way and leave us to pleasently converse this beautify art.

    Now, to those bashing on the people saying “nice tits”, or “libras got huge boobs”, THIS IS THE INTERNET, you just have to expect that there will be some less than respectful people here.

  237. Eileen says:

    Well this has obviously been pulled from the zodiac themed porn archives they’d been hiding so well. What a disgrace!

  238. dita says:

    Pisces nipples is blue and thighs Pisces is fantastic

  239. DIO says:

    not all of the people from the US are obssesed whit sex but people saying things like “oh wow i think libra and aquarious are just screaming LOOK AT MY FUCKING BIG BOOBS!!! i am def going to send this to my bi friend. o.0 ” are so immature and they seriously need to grow up

  240. Spoiler says:

    I can’t stop looking at Libra, Cancer, and Aquarius.

  241. Joel says:

    i feel like licking their nipples lol

  242. Someone says:

    i dont think anyone who calls these/this women/woman ‘wrong’ or ‘nude’ are realizing what they/she went through to be in these pictures. she/they had to give up al there/her modesty to be painted. these women/woman are NOT naked. THEY’RE COVERED IN PAINT!!!!! so quit being such a perve.

  243. Sofi says:

    It is remarkable!!!
    All works very good and
    Speak about high creative professionalism.
    I wish to invite in the good commercial project to Russia and to Italy.

  244. Manoj Daniel says:

    Its amazing concept…..keep it up…

  245. Dessly says:

    Wow, these are really amazing! Makes me proud to be a scorpio :)

  246. John says:

    To many retarded comments amazing pictures simply amazing!The Aquarius and Cancer are my favorites.

  247. Giancarlo says:

    Anyone looking at these pictures for a sexual angle is obviously an immature person as well as sexually deprived. Certainly they need to grow up, unfortunately that kind of wisdom comes with age.

  248. mememe says:

    i really love these! the beautiful body art, ive always had a love for body art but these take the cake! they really are beautiful. i cant find the words to describe it… =3 haha! btw i am a scorpio and from what ive read from other people you guys love it like i do <3

  249. Judith says:

    Art, is art, is art, whether you like it or not. And everything is art, including the human body. In fact, the human body is probably one of God’s greatest works of art.

    God is the greatest artist of all. And the best any artist can do is work with the elements of Earth, that which the creator created.

    Stay with me. This isn’t a sermon, just some vital facts.

    Everything in life is a canvas, including the human body.
    And might I suggest to anyone who has difficulty distinguishing between pornography and art please become better educated about the differences between the two. I for one am an artist, am anti-porn, am a woman, and yes am a feminist. I also think it extremely important to inform you that I have helped my husband over the past 11 years work through his porn addiction and therefore feel somewhat qualified to comment on this issue.

    Not once did I see porn in this art, for the simple reason – because I’m not looking for it! If you believe every black man is a thief you’re going to keep your eyes on every black man until you find one that is a thief to confirm your belief. That’s just the way we form and verify our beliefs.

    But enough about that! Let’s get to the real reason why most of us are here – art!

    These are some of the most exquisite works of art I’ve ever seen. The fact that they are body art and that the artist took into consideration many various body parts minus the feet and back of the legs deserves respect, appreciation and applause. If only a fraction of us had the talent this artist has …. wow!

    One small criticism however. I like all of them except the ram (although artistically it is nicely done), only because I am a ram and don’t particularly like thinking my head is actually an ass although there have been many times in life when I’ve been known to do things ass-backwards lol!

    Well done Rudi Everts! Well done!

    • Rudi Everts says:

      Hi Judith. thankyou for your kind words of wisdom. There is a lot more to this go fact there are 12 make bodies go this series

  250. Michael says:

    I am from the US. And I think those artful pieces are absolutely fantastic. I am an airbrush artist myself. Women here in the US are so self centered and self conscious for some reason not many of them will pose nude for something like this. Hell its a fricking body for crying out loud, stop being so childish… let the art flow.

    by the way, the work is beautiful…

    • The Speaker says:

      i agree, everyone has or is going to see these body parts in one part of their life! And plus, they are a part of nature! Its just like the nose or the ear, just differently shaped…

    • Zakiezx Electrox Alifyzx says:

      THese girls are NAKED! OMG

    • Marie says:

      I think it is absolutely gorgeous and if it wasn’t for the unwanted comments I’d receive from people I’d display my body like that.

    • KLB says:

      I’m 14 in the USA and I think this and this type of art is beautiful. So if your saying eww or gross shut-up and get used to the fact that nudity is a part of life. It’s really sad how old those people probably are. Anyway I think this is a great art style that is NOT gross and is, again, beautiful.

  251. naveed says:

    nothing say special only coooooooooooooooooool

  252. naveed says:

    cooooooooooooooool its

  253. mind blowing pictures of creativity, and thanks for your sense

  254. waseem says:

    very very nice pcs

  255. Pramod says:

    It is amazing arts and absolutely fantastic.

  256. excellent art of body painting creativity awesome cool….

  257. jorjeea says:

    virgo is awesome. im virgo. IM AWESOME o:

  258. Unnamed says:

    i think cancer is pretty cool with the crab claw! ya, like ppl already said, posing nude can be beautiful and these pictures wouldn’t have been the same if they were wearing clothes! mostly everybody knows what private parts look like so who cares?

  259. Cree says:

    Neat. But seriously, is there something wrong with using a canvas??

  260. ouen says:

    Of course there is nothing wrong with canvas. It is used for 99% of all art. Is there really something wrong with using the human body for a change. It has been the number one subject of practicaly all art since we first started scratching images on cave walls. This is a beautiful appreciation of the human form, hardly offensive and hardly erotic. what’s the problem?

  261. just looking says:

    very nice, the combination of form and color and illusion is very creative and really fools the eye .. literally brings the art to life :-)

  262. Dusty Hoedt says:

    these photos of body paint are outstanding, creative, and unbelievable. Canvas wouldn’t show the true effect of 3d.

  263. wallpaper says:

    Thats crazy amazing i want to learn body art painting too

  264. spiderman says:

    fantastic art work ,timeless and tasteful
    excellent way to celebrate the shape of the homosapian form

  265. Anonymous says:

    Capricorn completely had me fooled.

  266. Rj Sauvé says:

    Absolutely amazing. Great artistry. Check out the pieces where you have to look at the work for 5 mins. before you can even figure out what body part/angle has been used by the artist/subject. That’s evidence of the geniosity here.

  267. Johnson says:

    These painting work done by a big team,it is a very big task to appriciate a full team including the girls. Girls are everywhere for art or any other work, it is natural and simple.

  268. poopo says:

    IS THIS WRONG IF it gave me a boner?

  269. T says:

    I would love to have Libra on me

  270. nalla PERUMAL says:

    All viewers,
    These all PAINTINGS are Amazing.


  271. derp says:

    they misspelled pisces. derpp

  272. anand says:

    amazing pisces lady

  273. parul says:

    simply beautiful…….. great piece of art!!!

  274. sharma says:

    it’s amazing.

  275. jackiemearound says:

    They are all exquisite, but I’m amazed at the concept/pose for Capricorn. I had to gaze at it for several seconds before I realized the head was a foreshortened jaw/face. Very cool how the poses relate to the forms.

  276. suraj says:

    All viewers,
    These all PAINTINGS are Amazing.

  277. beaux says:

    Pieces and Cancer were very ironic

  278. ANONIMO says:


  279. kstormgemini says:

    Lovely. But did the artist Have to use such cutesy/cherubs for Gemini?? Seriously… I would think with the level of the rest of the work, they could have At Least maybe used the Comedy/Tragedy masks or… Well Anything but the cutesy almost Hummel styled cherubs. [gags]
    That unfortunate choice aside, the rest are quite lovely. I especially like how the Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra and Cancer turned out. Very clever use of the “canvases”. =)

  280. Another One says:

    Nice overall but a shame leo is depicted in an undignified manner. Comical really and not at all representative of prideful Leo.

  281. Avery says:

    Aquarius is sexy

  282. kc says:

    would have been better if the pubic hair wasnt in the way….

  283. Zombie says:

    i think the art is stunning, but i hate the fact that women is always used for art… can’t men be used for once??!!

  284. Kid says:

    Holy **** she is naked! :O

  285. Bonzo says:

    Could’ve made the pics bigger. Jeez I’d rather they not post anything than post like it’s the bandwith limitations of the 90s

  286. 0r1gam1mast3r says:

    The paintings are good, but did the artist really have to paint them on nude women?

  287. Marci says:

    Im usually a big perv but… this guys amazing! Those girls are living pieces of art!

  288. Aqua girl says:

    Is there a male version? If these are not supposed to be looked at in a sexual way then surely they would have been painted on canvas or something. I think the sexuality and feminine form is supposed to part of this art. That’s fine, but I do like balance so a male version would be divine!

  289. Oo says:

    Ok ad* fÒr mè pleas i lìke laren me tchàr thanks míss.

  290. Oo says:

    Stil New sexy pleas privte;

  291. Amazing, sometimes I even don’t figured out which was the bodie’s part.

  292. zilly says:

    EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i do not care what other people say this is gross and stupid

  293. Peter Cami says:

    Joel u r disgusting this is frickin stupid gross and disgustin’.

  294. Rachel V says:

    These artworks are ACTUALLY amazing! I didn’t even think of it in a dirty way, i was too busy staring at how perfectly each zodiac was painted. Cant believe how creatively it was presented either. Simply astounding.

  295. Cheryl Laux says:

    Beautiful, Perceptive, Art

  296. Derpy says:

    Phew, hopefully I’m an Aries. Aquarius and Libra are disgusting!

  297. Derpy says:

    Wait, isn’t Aries a tushy?

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