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By on January 14, 2008, with 39 Comments

Posting photoshopped stuff to this website is a big “No-no!” by my unwritten rules. But every month or so I stumble upon interesting artwork that can’t be ignored so easily. The photo-montaged object you see below was created for an illusion contest at Worth1000’s website by CraftLord, and it’s name is “The Circle sculpture” (How original!). The source image can be found below the manipulated one. Since we have much experience in posting impossible sculptures that were made by mans hands, I am asking you if this sculpture could really be assembled in a way, that it’s seen like this from a certain angle? What is your opinion? I also added few more creations from that particular contest. Enjoy, but be aware that all of these inside were PHOTOSHOPPED, and were posted only for your pleasure! Can you spot the illusion in each picture? You might want to open some of them full size to notice the effect. Which one did you like the most?

  • Mr. Squiggles




  • Anonymous

    Cool! the first one actually does not have to be photoshoped; it could be just a mobias strip. they are really cool though! oh yeah and I dont get the second one. is it just showing what the first one is, not photoshoped? or what?

  • Elena

    Do I get to be first?!?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    I like ’em. I think many of them could actually be made in real life.

  • L [ A S H ]

    they are pretty interesting. i like the ones that remind me of M. C. Escher’s work, like the brick circle and the three domed building above it.

    some of them are a bit lame like the metal-framed leather chair.

    thanks for all the cool illusions!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome illusions! IM SECOND! :D

  • quattykitty

    that umbrella one was awesome, the face was just too darn creepy!!!! and the one w/ the circle of bricks and the crows, i LOVE illusions like that! they can keep me in aa daze for hours, figuring out the perspectives and directions of each bit of wall and whatnot… great post!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the “circle sculpture” can be created in real life. It is like a mobius strip, which can be made by taking a strip of paper and rotating it 180 degrees and gluing the ends together. Imagine the initial sculpture made of clay. It could also be cut, twisted 180 degrees and stuck back together to form the modified image. A better approach would be to twist it only 90 degrees, though. Then it would only have one edge, like a mobius strip!

  • Fruitcake Saladshake

    i reckon the first 2 are just clever angles. the rest and MAAD!!!

  • x…Caiitlyn…x

    who cares whoses first mr.squiggles



  • Sasy

    Some of them could be real illusions and not only photoshopped, it’d be nice if someone tried to do them. For instance, the table one.
    While that one with the metallic chair is horrible, and the face scares me!

  • Anonymous

    Slowly getting tierd of these illusions :-(

    I need another hidden tiger or something..

    Rikke DK

  • Ashaquira

    I wonder if any of such photoshopping could also be done within an animation, such as doing a camera path around that first object, and it still looking weird from all views. Probably it’s not possibly, but maybe someone knows a way?

  • Ant

    What’s the point of being first, with nothing to say?

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks for such a cool addition to my iGoogle home page. I look at this page every time there’s an update, and i always find something interesting.

    Thanks =)

  • Dreamz n Reality

    The one I like the most would be picture no.7, a table and a bowl. It’s neat!

  • Other Guy


  • Frostyfrog

    Well, the first 2 are from the same angle, I think it depends on the time of the day tho.

  • Me

    Awesome illusions! I love this kind, they are SO cool, thanks for posting!

  • Mr patel

    hello im mr patel.

    objectives: Be able to find stationary points.
    Key Words: Stationary, Points.

    Hello. once youve finished your stationary points, you are free to look at this website for ten fifteen minutes.

  • Mike

    Take a closer look at the second picture and you will see there is no illusion.

  • ~ROBO_HEN5000~

    As a matter of fact, Ashaquira, it is quite possible to do an animation of the first one. You probably could not use the original picture, but you could make a replica using a raytracer such as Pov-ray or Moray and use a spline to move the camera around the object.

  • Fraser

    Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?

    To get to the same side

  • dmon

    the spiral stairs and tree tower with hunter pics are very clean.

    almost as if they where real.

    very nice job with the site btw.
    a bit hard to find really good things but you doing a good job keeping it alive. thanks for the artwork ^^

  • Anonymous

    “Fraser said…

    Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip?

    To get to the same side”

    Now THATS funny :)

  • PhyscoX

    Great mobius strip :D

  • Anonymous

    Pleese enough of the photoshop crap. it’s not funny, it’s not clever it’s BS.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it

  • Anonymous

    the first two pics are from my school :D

  • lisa

    my faviriot is the 6th one. it shows a table with a bar in the verry center. by the angle the picter was taken, the bar sticking out the middle of the table is covering the leg on the 4th corner. see? common physics. ^_^

  • lolipop101

    The 13th one is sorta scary

  • hjsafljdshj

    really cool pics! i like the brick one the best

  • tacos


  • cindy

    KeWl:) -_- >_< XD XP X) haha

  • Abe

    If I had a program for 3D, I’d make the photoshopped sculpture into a 3d sculpture. It’s easy to do. It would certainly be disfigured from a frontal view.

  • Bman

    The first one is real. I go to the school where that sculpture exists. It’s called the O-Ring at our school lol. Durham College and UOIT in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

  • hmm

    I don’t see anything wrong with the structures? I mean some are obviously photoshopped because NO ONE has a nose on their forehead. In each picture I saw it regularly but I guess when i starred into the shapes they started to look like they were changing into impossible figures.

  • LuvyLu-Lu

    whats so illusional about the wooden chair one?

  • 2NE1


  • Susanna

    Awesome, they look great!!!!!! With the chairs the wooden poles are impossible, they cross over each other. But yes with two- faced man, you simply dont have the ends of noses on your forehead.