X-Ray Vision Table Design

Jesse Hernick thought we might enjoy this one. The creator of this solid walnut table decided to paint a wire-frame of its constructional elements right on it, which results in you asking yourself if you got some special X-Ray powers. Unfortunately, the see-through works only from certain angles. If you move 10 degrees, it will just look weird. The artist who created this, James Tooze from BatchDesign, said he developed this table (titled “A New Perspective”) to encourage people in being more curious and question themselves how things are actually made.

Concerning the spelling and grammar, I appreciate all the encouraging emails and comments you posted yesterday. There are just too many to answer them one by one, but be sure I appreciate them highly and they make me all fuzzy, and stuff.. Thanks!

21 Replies to “X-Ray Vision Table Design”

  1. Great illusion! And please IGNORE the purists in regard to spelling/grammar etc. Don’t waste your time on proof readers – just post the illusions – that is why people visit your site.

  2. really nice…and an awesome website too! Great work, and the English has never bothered me. It’s the content that matters! :-)

  3. I did never notice any significant mistakes in your spelling or grammar worth to mention. Maybe the ppl who complained about them had seen some optical illusions in your writing, too?
    Keep up the good work!
    This site is a great joy to our whole family…

  4. Concerning the grammar comments, most the time I come to the site I don’t even read the paragraph explaining the illusion. I only read it if I don’t understand what the picture is or how it works. So who really cares. NERDS!!!!!!!!

    Great picture though!!!!!!!!!Keep up the amazing work!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ Babayage. :-) I like what you there did!

    There are no problems with English on this site.
    I understand what is being said, What else could you expect.

  6. Oooo, that is so cool! When I first saw it I thought is was made of painted glass or something. By the way, I love your sight and spelling and grammer are not that big of a deal unless your doing a website about “Grammatical Illusions” or something… Way to go on the website, it’s awesome!

  7. I proofread for a living, so proper grammar is very important to me. Yes, I am a nerd. I am impressed that the creator of this site cares so much about proper grammar, especially since English is his second language. He writes better than most Americans!

  8. Not sure I get the optical illusion factor on this ‘un.

    1st picture looks like a basic isometric detail, transferred to a 3D object. Change the perspective points and the lines won’t line up. I applaud the drafting ability but as far as OPTICAL ILLUSION. Bit of a stretch.

    If James Joyce, Mark Twain or Cormac McCarthy had to answer to PROOFREADIN’, we would be sorely missing great classic literature.

  9. I like the concept, that’s an interesting idea.

    As for spelling/grammar, even this grammar nazi (referring to self) doesn’t mind, at least you’re trying and not one of those 15 year olds who learned English as a first language and are just too lazy to care about their speach. Personally the only thing that’s ever bugged me on here is when there is a lack of research (such as calling the picture of the peregrine falcon an eagle, etc), but that can happen as an oversight to anyone. Don’t worry so much, we all love you the way you are, keep up the good work. :)

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