The WTF Mac Store

David Horm sent this few weeks ago, but I noticed it in my mailbox just recently. David: “Here’s a little conversation I had with my friend while walking pass this sign in Seattle:

Friend: What the F***, Mac Store?
Me: Yeah, there’s always been a Mac store here
Friend: No, that sign says “WTF Mac Store”

Me: No it doesn’t, it says “The Mac Store”

…and so we stood there arguing for another 2 minutes about what the sign says. When he showed me how he read THE as WTF, I though it’d be a cool optical illusion you could show to your readers.”

My question is: How do you see it? I had some troubles reading THE, since WTF was first variation I recognized. Jump inside this post to see outlined letters for both cases!

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  1. I originally opened this up thinking “WTF? This isn’t an illusion…. just a dumb sign that says WTF Mac Store.” This is great!

  2. I see THE but then i realized i was sadly mistaken and it is WTF. I think The dogs on top of the cows are really humans dressed as rabbits.

  3. At first I read it as “the”, then I looked at it again and saw only WTF and thought i must have misread it the first time because I couldn’t see “the” again! So, is this store WTF or The Mac store??

  4. Wow it took me forever to find the WTF. And yes, the mac store sells apple computers. Note to people considering buying an apple: I have an iMac G5 and I LOVE it. I can’t stand windows now, because thats so good apple is.

  5. I work literally 5 blocks from this store, and I pass the sign every day on the bus, and never thought it said WTF. Weird.

  6. the mac store is pretty much the same thing as the apple store, but bot owned by apple.
    the sell computers, and other apple products like ipods.

  7. Definitely not enough separation between the top right of the T and the top left of the H. I saw the WTF immediately and took a minute to see where THE existed.

  8. My daughter set me straight on this – apparently MAC is a brand of makeup. If this was really an Apple Mac store, it would say so.

    I love the WTF = THE translation, that’s excellent!

  9. whoah that is baaaaaaaaad publicity man(soz if i hav alredy rote this, i wasnt sure if it workt or not)

  10. at first when i read it i read “the” then when i looked again i couldn’t see it…its side ways though…haha good one!!

  11. Oh my goodness! I’ve driven right by that store at least once a week for 7 years and I’ve never even noticed that!

  12. LOL, I only saw W T F, and I was like hh, 3 letters… and then I saw it, he ment WTF, I didn’t even see “the”

  13. That’s awesome! Never seen an illusion like that before! But the reason why people think it says WTF is because the T changes colour when it joins the H if you know what I mean? so it gives the impression of being an F

  14. Reminds me of the Megaflicks sign.
    Hilarious! How did they not catch that? I once saw a Swimming Pool Supplies neon sign, but the lights went out so it read ‘swimming poo lies.’ Made me crack up.

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