WTC September 11 Poster Optical Illusion

Can you see what’s the illusion here? Obviously not unless you opened this photo in it’s full-size. The company named Pop Art created this really great poster to honour the victims in the WTC disaster on September 11th 2001. Each victim of 9/11 is commemorated in this poster, and all words are completely legible. More precise, this poster of World Trade Center uses Victims Names to compose it’s own image. This item is available as a poster and as a giclee on canvas. Click on the image to see it full-scaled, or visit Pop Art’s homepage to buy it since a percentage of the sales goes to a Rudy Giuliani approved 9/11 Fund.

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  1. very interestingly done. in fact i wondered how long did that fella took just to write down the names of the victims. really, incredible.

  2. ok. so i opened it up as big as i could get it and i still could see no names. i believe i can see how it’s done, but none of the names a legible. i have a small monitor. is this the reason i cannot see them?

  3. The two buildings arent the same size because one is closer than the other. Also, yes, you can read each and every word. I bought one of these recently, and each name is completely legible.

  4. i appreciate da artist who created dis u cannot really c it but day sure look like names…….

  5. it is very difficult to make out any letters *names* in this image because of the compression (quality) being used. click on the link in the description above the image and goto the creators website to see it.

  6. I saw absolutely nothing. I know that I’m very extremely insensitive to 9 / 11, but to not be able to figure out an optical illision, even if it has to do with that day, bugs me.

  7. the person who does this was not bored, im sure of that. But in facr very smart and talented. I would be honored if i was family of any of those victoms of the WTC disaster… this picture is very, very awesome.

  8. I see some names. I opened it big but most of the names weren’t legible. I did see Matthew, Lou, and maybe a Duncan. You have to put your face close to the screen to see it. VERY close!

  9. hey evrybdy my name is qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm! If you see my comments anywhere that means the illusion is f***in awesome and you should check-it-OUT! Kinda like an unofficial seal of approval!

  10. no offense to u guys and gals who lost a family memeber in 9/11 but the WTC diasater doesn’t make me blue cause no one i knew died in there

  11. If you cant get it big enough go to the Pop Art’s homepage int he text above the picture…click ont he picture thats on that site and it gets huge.

  12. lol my sisters number plate on her car is USA 911 (im an auzzie dont know how maericans or other people do it)LOL :P:P:P:P:P:P

  13. This takes alot of time to do but in the end the finished product is well worth it.Hats off to the artist for the research and the time and consideration it took to the poster.This is the first time I haven’t ever seen one that had a Real Meaning behind it.
    Thanks for thinking of the Lives lost in this Great Lose in Our Country.

  14. that is so sad… It took this image to make me see how tragic it really was… when its a number on a screen you dont see all the names… all the people…

    so many people…

  15. I finally found them. I cant see them very clearly but I still found them. I was sitting in front of my computer for a fucking half hour looking for these fucking names!!!

  16. To believe that someone took the time to find out the victim’s names and make a painting out of it is just too incredible.

  17. I also see the numbers ‘9’ (clouds and building shadows) and ’11’ (two buildings). Has anybody else noticed?

  18. …. NoBody here gets it. They are not the names of the people that died in 9/11, they are just blocks of how many, accounted for, how many people that died in 9/11. It would be silly to tally how many people that died and honor them with their names stuck to the sketch. But it is not silly to jot down how many people died.


    Jeez…It’s not that hard you know.

  20. um…ok. Guiliani approved? Ok. That speaks VOLUMES! I’ll be buying 100 of them…NOT! Some people just need something to do in their spare time other than make the rich richer!!!!

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