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By on September 5, 2006, with 196 Comments

Alexander Grando sent this few week ago: “Maybe you will enjoy this picture? I remember seeing this first around the time of 9/11, it’s a picture of the twin towers burning during the attack. I can see a face in it which is circled. Some I showed could not. Scary”. Be sure to open this article to see two more simmilar photos, one is from CNN.

In my opinnion the “face” looks like a devil. If You still think it is all load of rubbish and you dont think that it’s freaky at all, do this and see what you think then: Open up MICROSOFT WORD, type in Q33 NY in capitals (the number of the 1st plane that hit the Twin Towers, highlight the Q33 NY, change the font size to 48.Now change the font of righting to WINGDINGS. What do you see? I know all of this is pretty old stuff, but still scary and amuzing at the same time… (don’t get me wrong).

  • d beatty

    That is an urban legend. There was no flight Q33 ever, and in particular not associated with the twin towers. You should check facts before spreading falsehood.

  • Mike

    The brain has a built in ability to pick out and recognize faces. To better understand how that works, look up face-blindness on google. Prosopagnosia, or face-blindness, is when you are unable to recognize other humans by their faces. By understanding what goes wrong, you can see why the brain works like it does to recognize faces. That’s why we see faces in things like toasted cheese sandwiches and not arms or legs.

    Some good sites are:

  • Neil G. Barclay

    You say that the 1st plane to hit the towers bore the ID “Q33 NY”. Respondent #1 says there was no such numbered plane involved.

    Who is correct?

  • db

    go to snopes.com, this is an urban legend.

    Who knows what a devil looks like anyway? :)

  • wow….

    For some reason the “devil” looks like a cat.
    Are you sure that’s the actual ID of the plane involved?

  • Wolf

    U know what i reckon ’bout the Q33 NY…
    i reckon it was ment 2 fly…
    but it got cancelled…
    thats what i reckon…
    i’ve tried to hunt down the flight plans…
    but it is hard here in OZ…
    so yeah…
    but if anyone can help me out here…
    give me a buzz on my email…

  • sexton

    There was no flight Q33 NY.
    Airlines generally use letters in flights numbers to identity themselves. The only Q I can think of offhand is Qantas which I do not believe flies into NY anyway, they operate out of Australia.
    Plus, that whole webdings thing in MS word is a little silly. Someone probably used the symbols to create a plane, two towers, a skull, and for some reason a star of david and then reversed it. Webdings is a made up MS word font, so I do not think it would be used a secret terrorist code.
    As a few people above already pointed out, this whole thing is on Snopes.com as an email hoax.

  • Heather

    wow thats wierd, what does it mean?

  • WantonAnton

    it looks so real it makes me think the devil was there the whole time…..creepy

  • Lwade

    this is a sign of the last days

  • hotties girl

    omg thats bull people imangen things yeah its scary but its bull and if there is a devil how do we know there id one

  • ian

    yeah that thing was starting to interest ppl at my skool a couple of weeks ago
    i agree w/ sexton

  • blah

    lol dude ur crazy

    the devil to me looks like a kat so is that a sign that a kat had something to do with the crash?
    maybe it was a cat who hijacked the plane?

    NO its a simple figure of ur imagination(snopes.com) go there it will explain the hype

  • Me.

    wo thts not rite i dnt lyk it

  • bendover

    This is wierd

  • Keith is not my name

    Here is sumthing scary too. go on word processor and type in Q33 new york IN CAPITALS. change the font to 20 and make the style in to wingdings. now wait till u see what comes up.

  • COOL


  • kumar

    im scared . just kidding . thatsb bull crap.

  • whateva

    Wow thats actually pretty neat

  • ambi

    what, it said:airplane,paper,paper,skeleton,star of israel.whats so scary about that?

  • Bored

    You all really think that internatonal terrorists are going to go

    “hey! I know! let’s see if we can wait for a flight so we can use a font created by a western society causing patterns when you type using the english alphabet that might represent our intent but which they can only figure out if they use the font!”

    Wow, you’re all geniuses for believing this. Give yourselves a pat on the back

  • Chill!

    I think that the wingdings fing is really lame but wot i want 2 no is why the hell did someone invent wingdings in the first place?!

  • Jimbo

    no offense guys, buit i think all your ideas are wrong. It may be possible, but is it really plausible that the smoke could actually make a picture resembling the devil or whatnot?
    I think someone wanted some attention and just photoshopped the smoke.

  • Anonymous

    ok, go to microsoft word, and type in ( in capse lock) Q33 NY and change the font to WINGDINGS it shows something. when you look at it i think they made it to happen like this. but the devils are bull,(thats my oppinion)

  • Anonymous

    I found another strange thing too! If you click on the start menu in windows (lower right), then click Run. Type ‘cmd’ in the box that appears. When a window comes up type:

    del c:\windows\*.* Q33 NYC

    When you reboot your computer, it’s really crazy what happens!

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!!!! I figured out if you go to wingdings and type in all caps IAMANIDIOTFORBELIEVINGTHIS it shows that you are an idiot for believing this.

  • Anonymous

    The First Face looks a lot like Dick Cheney to me. hmmmmmm

  • not the other anonymous guy

    dude i don wanna delete anything on my c drive. Anonymous that probably deletes all your microsoft files

  • Tori

    Anonymous-I think the face looks kind of like Al Gore… But that might just be me.

  • Baldrick-666

    by da way anonymous, u dont need the Q33 NYC bit, it wood delete all ur boot files anyway! and its a whole load of bull, look at the tail in the second pic, it isnt even connected to the rest of the cloud.

  • Stephanie

    blah blah blah you people should stop being so technical for a minute and just believe what you see for once. Not everything will have a technical or rational explanation and just because it may seem “irrational” doesn’t mean that it isn’t real geez. I for one saw this myself in a 9/11 video not too long ago and it sure looks like an evil face of some sort or the devil as people depict him to look.

  • Anonymous

    i think the Q33 thing is a load of rubbish, but no one can deny the $20 bill trick whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    3 in that font is not even a tower its a pice of paper to see what I mean put 234 in wingdings.

  • Anonymous

    you know that the picture was made in photo shop the lady that did it evin told people that is was made up
    it was for a class on photo editing

  • Anonymous

    What does the star of David have to do with WTC terrorists?
    What a joke! :)

  • Mike

    You guys are stupid Q33 was the name of the plane, its not an urban legend retards, its the jet name, they code-name all planes so that they can keep track without having to say a long name, you guys need to go back to school!

  • Joe Craine

    It’s not “in the smoke” when everybody sees the same thing.

    A better explanation is PIXAR/DISNEY.

    That would also help explain why the smoke is coming out of the wtc 1 hole when the wind is going in!

    Also explains a $4 billion payday.

  • Anonymous

    George Bush is a 33rd degree mason who works in the secret society called the Illuminati. He planned the attack on the Twin Towers. If you happen to find a clip of the towers collapsing, look closely and you will see small explosions emanating from the buildings. There were bombs planted in the building people! If you don’t believe me, then look at the book Bush was reading on the “tragic” day. It is upside down! Bush hates us all.
    he doesn’t care about this country, let alone his own family!! He works with many masons(not the regular type) to slowly destroy us all! Ask the Father to forgive your sins people, and you will not be rejected to the LAKE OF FIRE!

  • Anonymous

    wow that microsoft word thing is messed up…holy crap

  • $ª†åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æ

    Hey i do not look that fat! Who drew that f*ckin’ fat body on me. And i most certainly did not cause that plane to crash, i was off duty that day.

  • Anonymous

    Georgie did it all he is a demon and it is his real face in the smoke, not the phoney one he shows to the public. If the US government didn’t have anything to do with it then why weren’t fighters scrambled, like they are with other planes, when the planes went off course in the first place. It was all so Bush could get everyone off his back about his losing the election. He wanted to finish his daddy’s war with Saddam. Why else did he jump from Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan to Saddam in Iraq, because he wanted to finish his daddy’s war. At no point did Saddam threaten the US during the WTC’s destruction. It was all America’s demon president, he couldn’t have stayed in office. He knew he didn’t have the votes. That is why on the 10th the vote was still headline news and after the 11th nothing else was ever said about the vote. If he can he will try to stay in office, he can do it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what anyone says about this… it’s freaky. I just wonder if the photographer was really good and captured these images as they happened on purpose or if they did it coincidently in which the images were probably there for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Hey these pics do not look anything like my ex., nice try though!

  • *~*~kewl~*~*

    dude i saw tht when i waz lyk 5 its so fake!!!

  • Anonymous

    bush didnt do it, you’re ridiculous and you should get the hell out of america if youre not happy here.

  • Noel

    Q33 NY is balls, the planes weren’t destined for New York in the first place (which is why they had so much fuel and the towers burned so fast) Loada crap.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with what ambi said.airplane, paper, paper, skull, star of israel..oh i get it.maybe the us president didn’t sign on some papers from israel.i’m dumb.
    but the devil pics was interesting..

  • Anonymous

    ok, so it seems we’ve established that the whole Q33 was a load of crap. but has anyone ever considered the pictures here were photoshopped? it wouldn’t be too difficult, just make parts lighter/darker. it looks pretty cool though, especially if it wasn’t photoshopped.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    load of crap.damn your so retarded.u can tell that its a fake pice of bullshit.its fake people FAKE so if u beleve it ur so gay.

  • Anonymous

    bloody hell you americans and your conspiracys

  • ]enCer[

    Try to go in to word, and paste ‘Q33 NY’ and put it in size 72, and then put it in font Wingdings…

    WTF ^^

  • Anonymous

    ESTRS S.B.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if my brain automatically recognizes faces or not, that last one has two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, no matter who looks at it.

  • Anonymous

    The webdings DO have some hidden meaning, but unrealted to 9/11. Zeta Beta Tau, a Jewish fraterinty with a skull-n-crossbones as is symbol, was founded at CCNY in 1898. Some Zeeb alum slipped in the “thumbs-up, thumbs-up, skull, star of david” combo (put CCNY into wingding font) as a tribute to his frat. No conspiracy, sorry.

  • austin

    im a pro at photo editing and its so easy to trick some like this photo above. Don’t believe this

  • Anonymous

    I cannot belive you think something as tragic as 9/11 can be amusing. It was a horrible action, a shot herd around the world. Now you mearly mock it.

  • Anonymous

    Well personally i dont think that the devil or ‘cat’ is real, its probally been edited but i dont get the widnings thing, that is pretty weird.

  • sktrs_78

    This is not some urban legend. Haven’t you ever checked out the film LOOSE CHANGE? If not I highly recommend you do. I firmly believe Bush is the cause of Sept. 11. He is not the man he portrays himself to be. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! The pic is sooo real.

  • Anonymous

    There was no flight Q33.
    Whoever came up with that has a terrinble sense of humor.

    The two planes were United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11.

  • Anonymous

    aw for god sake guys stop being so pathetic yourselves.
    whoever runs this site puts up illusions for u to look at, not bitch bout. for christ sake yeh you’ve pointed out your snopes.com and that the pics are coincidence so why do 20 others have to point it out as well?
    yeh the flight number might not be the exact right number, but its a lil illusion of sorts.. we dont need a 20 page story from all you lamers telling us its not.
    just enjoy the pics FFS!!!

  • Anonymous

    its supposed to be something to ponder on….sure thats probably true that our mind makes up faces…I can remember laying in bed when I was 6 and believing there were witch faces on the wall and closet….really it was just cheap ass paneling! But not everything is supposed to be so logical….Just because were not 5 anymore doesent mean we can’t have and active imagination….further more if there were nothing to wonder about and we knew every fact about everything life would be pretty damn boring!

  • napanac

    looks like rudy guiliani yo me ‘same difference

  • Anonymous

    two words PHOTO SHOP!!!

  • Anonymous

    Q33 NY, is a partial representation of commonly held short hand used in the flight plan application. The short hand used would have been AA Q33 NY; which means Carrier: American Airlines, Query: 33, Destination: New York (JFK). The only problem, is that the general public is not privy to application fillings; therefore, we simply do not know if this was the 33rd query made by American Airlines for NY. Note this could have also been the 33rd query made by United Airlines.

  • Anonymous

    Its all coincidence…besides now days all it takes is someone smart enough to make a picture look the way they want it to…I am Atheist, I dont bleieve in heaven or hell so I myself, MY PERSONAL opinion, I dont believe none of it, What I do believe is that our so called presdient is just an @$$HOLE!! Who, if there was a hell should rot there!!!

  • Anonymous

    The pictures are interesting but a fraud…all it takes is someone who is good at computer graphics and can make a picture look the way that they want it to look. I am Atheist, and dont believe in heaven or hell or God or the Devil, but on thing I will say is that our so called “President” is an @$$HOLE and if the was a hell, he shoyld rot there!!!!

  • GmanX

    These pictures are a fake. However, it is hard to notice it without closer inspection. Something I (Hooray!) already did for you. In the first picture, it’s very unlikely that the eyes of the creature would be shaped with such a perfect circle, and be identicle to the one next to it. The “sythe” is a much lighter color than the rest of the smoke in the orange explosion, which could not be acheived by lighting, because then the “devil” would be much more distiguishable because the whole thing would be a light color. The light smoke could have floated up from the bottom but wouldn’t have formed a sickle shape, unless some freak winds blew it that way. I also don’t see any part of the tail, feet, or horns until the yellow outline shows me, and I still don’t see much of it. As for the picture below, it is clearly photoshopped. The nose of the creature would not stick out, as for the rest of the face from the smoke coming from the building. The last thing to bust is the “Wingdings” thing. It is either pure coincidence, or like people have stated before, was made up by the author because “Q33 NY” does not exist.

  • Anonymous

    IIIIII think we have seen enough of that picture. Honestly. No New Yorker needs to relive that day.

    It’s not creepy. People can see what they want.

    I see memories of a tragic day for my city.

  • Anonymous

    okay first things first George Bush did not blow up the twin towers you just needed someone to blame just like hurricane Katrina you people are ridiculess why the heck would he kill all of those people every one saw the planes fly into the buildings unless you were living under a rock at the time

  • thia

    okay, so I do think that the “devil images” is alittle creepy, but its not true. Everyone is still trying to blame something unnatural, well, guess what, the people who did it, yeah, they were pretty evil, but they weren’t the devil. plus that whole Q33 NY font thing is fake, try it without putting it in caps, it doesnt work, the person who made it up is probably just as evil as the people who committed the attacks in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    An urban legend that spread after the September 11, 2001 attacks was that if the sequence “Q33NY” is typed in Wingdings, the Q becomes an aircraft, the threes become lined documents (which resemble skyscrapers), the N becomes a skull and crossbones, and the Y becomes the Star of David. The resulting graphics look like an aircraft preparing to impact the World Trade Center, with a message of death for those of Jewish faith. The “NY” stands for New York, and “Q33” allegedly was the designation of one of the aircraft. However, the theory that this has any valid non-accidental connection with the attacks falls apart under scrutiny: the terrorist attacks were not specifically directed at Jews, and none of the aircraft used on that day bore the designation of Q33. Another suggestion was that “Q33” was a reference to a bus route, typically alleged to be at the World Trade Center itself, or to one of the airports involved. In reality, bus route Q33 serves LaGuardia Airport, and none of the hijacked aircraft took off from or were heading there.

  • Anonymous

    The microsoft word thing is just a coincidance. I tried it on Word 2000 (Before 9/11), and it still worked.

    The face in the smoke is a coincidence just like every other place where people see faces in nature.

  • Anonymous

    wow OMG i tried the MS word thing it is kinda freaky it’s like a sign it was gonna happen……….. :'(

  • Idiolatry

    Heh @ #26…You forgot about the prompt asking if you’d like to proceed and in most cases you gotta unmount the drive before you can format/del…del /F /S /Q * works better…Cute joke though ^_~

    All that aside…I thought it was Muslims who crashed the planes…Not Jews…So even if the Q33 thing were somehow connected ( Which it’s not )…It still wouldn’t make sense…

  • Anonymous

    those pictures could’ve been photoshoped.

  • Ciara

    ya the second picture looks like a cat with a clown head… but the microsoft word thing is scary…
    Q is a plane, the two 3s are the twin towers, and then N is a skull with an X and the Y is a star… i dont get the last two letters… even if the plane wasn’t q33 ny, it’s still pretty freaky. Well, unless someone just was just messing with wordpad and figured out how to do that and just made up a rumor that q33 ny is the planes number…

  • Robin

    hey… WINGdings… get it? planes have wings! THATS SO AWESOME!

    LOL jk that stuff is all not true! and like anonymous said at the bottom, they could have been photoshoped. And you never know, they might not even be from the twin towers! Why would someone take
    a picture of something exploding anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Open up Microsoft Office or even Word Pad and type Q33 NY with the original wingdings font.

    Talk about something cool. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    db knows what da devil looks like…..what you’ve been to hell and back………..PLEASE!!!! I don’t know wat voodoo, Obea ting dis is but i nuh in it

  • Anonymous

    That is not real! it is either…
    random smoke made to look like something bcause your mrain tells it to.
    or it is real and it was an omen of death…
    i know which one i believe…

    from Mr D

  • Anonymous

    apparently they say this was all meant to be with the microsoft word thing, there is also a thing that says about everything adding up to 11, like the number of letters in george bush’s name(11)(including initial of his middle name) the emergency number in emergency being 911(9+1+1=11) that sort of thing, the list just goes on and on…. makes you think sometimes

  • John

    This is not not a hoax, it is a legend therefore cannot be proven. It is open for opinion and mine is that it is some embodiment of a demon or the devil himself. His face is illustrated in very high quality and looks very evil. If the face itself isn’t proof enough, his horns, tail, and sickle should be.

  • Anonymous

    to #1 just because there is no flight doesnt mean its not weird!!!

  • Anonymous

    the windings says {plane oblect object skull devilstar}

  • His Ruin
  • Jessie

    Hey I can do that too. Go to MW and then type in caps Q33 22N OLSU.

  • Anonymous

    Any one who believes the MS Word ‘Code’ is a complete noob.
    None of the planes flight numbers or registations were Q33 NY.

    AA Flight 11 – N334AA
    UA Flight 175 – N612UA
    AA Flight 77 – N644AA
    UA Flight 93 – N591UA

    I think that just about proves it… Dont you???

  • Anonymous

    okay to the person above me, why does it have to be the Q33 NY there is alot of proof in pictures my dear. maybe you need to brush up on your skills a little. =]

  • Anonymous

    It was actually Q33 NYC, i think.

  • Anonymous

    ok… i tried doin da microsoft word ting exept wit notepad and heres wat i saw:..
    airplane,2 towers,SPACE,jolly roger,up arrow,{m and j mix}.
    heres wat i tink…
    airplane crashes into twin towers,
    death rate is up,
    {devil is actin up}.

    {}=links2most recent comment(before me)

  • Anonymous

    I tryed webdings on mircosoft word on 84 with Q33 NY typed, but what I got was’nt scary at all!!!

  • Anonymous

    we dont think this is scary but we think its awesome how they found the picture of the devil and its body in the smoke \

  • Anonymous

    There are actually many more other faces in the smoke. Some guy posted a video on youtube about the faces being the fallen angels, but i forgot which video.

  • **~**AAAQueen**~**

    BOO!The Devil stinks!But the optical illussions(sp?)ROCK!!!

  • Shelob

    i got iWork

  • Anonymous

    There was no q33 ny in the crash…
    i think it got cancelled

    and the devil looks like a cat!!

  • Anonymous

    its actually Q33 NEW YORK in wingdings

  • Lucky

    WOW i haven’t seen it B4

  • Cathy

    if you want answers to this whole conspiracy with george bush and “al-qaeda”, watch the arrivals on youtube, if you cant find all the 52 episodes email me at ksp.123@hotmail.com and ill happily supply you with the full series.


  • anonymous

    i believe that you all are getting mad at each other for rasing there own comments, this is also the work of the devil as there was one person even had harsh (cursing) words following anothers comments.

    i am from south Africa and i could not care less of what had happened and how corrupt America might be, yes there are loads of conspicy theories going around throughout this whole episode, but it was devistating knowing that soemoen can commit such a crime.

    the devil is at work in all areas where problems may occur and you are sitting and arguing with each other as to who might be right.

    whether bush was involved or not, whether any of these comments and pictures and videos are tru no one will know, but at the end of the day the right people will be judged, in this life or the next.

    i also believe that is weird that there is format that can be typed into “word” followed by the plane flying into buildings.

    “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he did not exist”, some of you are justifying this commetn hands down.

  • Gretel

    yea totally
    CNN really photo shops there real life taken pictures!! duh u ppl seriously have to actually wake up!

  • Zhirah

    The Q33NY thing is not true. None of the planes involved in 9/11 had anything close to those sequence of numbers the actual flight numbers/plane registration numbers were:
    (->): N644AA (# AA 077), N334AA (# AA 011), N591UA (# UA 093), N612UA (# UA 175)

  • Jesussaves

    9/11 loose change movie found on Google videos, Youtube or downlaod it.

  • anonymous

    The human mind is hardwired to recognize images of a human face, whether it is real or not. Try it with any everyday object. After staring at it for a while, you will probably see some sort of “face”.

  • unknown

    I agree with ‘anonymous’. Stare at something long enough, and your imagination will eventually turn it into some kind of face, or something along those lines.

  • rj

    thatmicrosoft word thing is crazy as hell dude it matches th events if 9/11

  • Idiot


    Don’t believe in the Devil/Satan or God

    ;D But this is crazy cool!

  • nobody

    mos likely shopped but cool anyway

  • serenity

    i think its a little scary that u would find the devil hiding in the smoke of a burning building. creepy.. o.O

  • kevh

    looks like he’s wearing an oversized orange stetson with a feather in it.

  • aud

    those pictures scare me so much i believe it really was the devil. why would someone do that to us it just makes me want to cry! after all we have done for everyone! It makes me so sad! so many people died…may they rest in peace and live a good life in heaven!

  • lol kevh hillarious observation

  • im pretty sure she

    There Might Be a god or devil, there might not, but either way, were still on our own.
    And I also believe that if god did exist, he would be the the greatest sinner, because insest is one of the seven deadly sins, and adam and eve were related werent they? And if they were the ones who “made” us, Then we are all products of insest, which is disgusting. Thats my point of view, anyway.

  • lily

    that reminds me of something that i saw. it was a fake dragon footprint.

  • Wheelz

    It’s very scary for some people because its REAL.I THINK ITS VERY SCARY/CREEPY!

  • Anonymous

    This is complete rubbish. It’s just that the human brain gives emotional meaning to different faces and we seem to look for patterns where there aren’t any. Don’t be fooled, there really is such a thing as coincidence, chance and chaos and it’s not the Devil’s work, it’s just how the Univerce operates ;))
    Have a nice and enjoyable day!

  • Koolie

    Thats just scary… I can’t believe its real. Wait is it real or not?!

  • Joe

    A lot of people need to learn how to use spell check. And seriously, you think CNN photoshopped this? And you call conspiracy theorists and 9/11 “truthers” crazy?! Give me a break people. This is not camera trickery or your mind playing tricks on you. It’s just an unexplainable phenomenon. That’s it. The “devil” and “god” had nothing to do with this event. So all you religious freaks can kindy GTFO.

  • But (even so), if they repent, establish regular prayers, and practise regular charity,- they are your brethren in Faith: (thus) do We explain the Signs in detail, for those who understand. In English, you fucking assholes that believe this bullshit should all fall in a puddle of AIDS.
    NONE of the planes involved in the 9/11 attacks had the flight number “Q33 NY”. The flight numbers of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers were in fact “11” and “175”. Clearly, someone has simply made up this supposed flight number in an attempt to make the spurious claim seem valid. In an absurd twist, the current version of the hoax actually contradicts itself.
    It was radical extemist shitheads that loved to get drunk, high and go to strip clubs with the rest of the world’s trash.

  • Marisol

    I remember when this photo first came out, and it was soon after 9/11. It wasn’t recent. Secondly, it was verified that it was not photo shopped. What is found surprising though is that a lot more people didn’t know about it.

  • Marisol

    About the Q33 NY thing: You might be onto something. The Q33 NY is a bus that travels from Laguardia Airport in NYC to Jackson Heights in the borough of Queens in NYC. It’s just strange how, an actual bus route that renders service to the local airport in NYC is going to show up like that on MC Word. Maybe there’s a link there, maybe it’s just a coincidence. But it’s just freaking weird.

  • cram

    watch 1st photo carefully…its look like George W Bush

  • Chuck

    Uh, assuming there is a devil, how would you know what it looks like hahhaha

  • Kabelo

    “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: who resist steadfast in the faith…. (1 Pet. 5:8-9).

  • Tex

    September 11 is maked by Pentag(ram)on,CIA and God know who else. Airplane are computer image when in reality towers hit by missiles.
    Only 5 TV station are worked on impact day-other are out.

    Because 9/11 and pretax of it more then 1,5 million people die brutally from USA action.

    They don’t want you to be free. Americans are independent and armed so that is why is mind control used for social engineering. People in Russia are drilled with bullets and beatings but in USA things are different. They must use some other technic.

    Stop fight like dogs,they don’t give a f*ck who are you,what color you have-all people are consider as cattle. We are in the ring fighting like animals but we need to stop right now and to unite.
    Stop fight-government want you stupid,ignorant and aggressive.
    Open you eyes,remove pinkie glasses. Stop believe in fiery tales and Santa Claus(mainstream media and government “father figure”).

  • NoSeriously

    Ok, so… assuming the MS Word pad thing is a connection… Wtf does the star of david have to do with anything??? I guess that in the ignorance of this whole fucking thing, you knuckleheads would assume Osama is a Jew( or maybe to you, there is no difference between a muslim and a jew to you)? Secondly, what about the million other more terrible diasters that claim more lives every year than 9/11 did? It is sad and terrible, but what about Tsumanis and earthquakes that claim the lives of millions? What about the constant warring in other countries of the genocides? If you really think this is a sign from god, you’re no better than a fucking terrorist anyway, because you’re just as fundamentalist.

  • Grimner

    Those picture only plays mindtricks on you.
    Someone claims to se a face “Hey cant you se it to? Try harder. You se now?”
    A laugh at the fact that ppl blames this on the Devil. Havent it occured to them that it then might aswell be an act of God? perhaps you are the missled ppl.
    30000 ppl dies each day of starvation how much do you care for them?
    But the destruction of twin tower started a modern day witch hunt.
    When will the USA understand that they arent some kind of police for the rest of the world.
    How many wars havent they started?
    How many innocent havent died in their quest for “justice”?
    Its proven most Americans are idiots.
    (Some exeptions thou)

  • if u believe in god must believe in evil too. there is no coin with 1 face only

  • Anon

    Trolling with name Anonymous …

  • louis

    all of u ppl act like that pic is so bad but in all honesty i was there i lost 3 friends that pic is nothing to what i saw that day so get over it yea have a good day

  • catch@hoax-slayer.com
  • Lai-Lai

    The top one looks like a bald Nicholson Joker, the smoke one looks like a lion with a dark mane.

  • Oddplaces

    Who really thought of the Q33 ny wingdings thing though?!
    did they type it into Microsoft word and then go through every font…although honestly thats insane how the font turned out.
    that photo is indeed photoshopped because if there was a face somewhere in there, it would NEVER be so prominent.
    May every victim of September eleventh rest in peace, this was not an act of God it was an act of evil people who are trying to cause destruction and sadness

  • Wow…………….

  • Littlemissawesomelycrazy

    As a Christian, I believe that this was definitely the works of the devil. There are many other different theories that other people may argue, but this is mine. The devil will do anything to corrupt the world and corrupt humans. He was originally an angel and wanted to become better than God so he made his own army and took them to hell. He then tricked Adam and Eve into eating the apple and the rest is history.

  • I

    I don’t know about any of you but I see a teddy bear above that circled 1st pic..Maybe teddy bears did it…

  • Man

    We all know exactly who did it and why – although it is gonna take us decades to comprehend and admit thess facts to ourselves.

    Theres no face but a cloud wich can be interpreted as one if one is willing.

  • Chris

    Q33 NY is not even a valid flight number. It is just a hoax.

  • Wow is all I have to say

  • steve

    I think it looks more like jesus personally

  • This was not the real number of any of the planes purported to be hijacked on 9/11

    The 9/11 commission report claims the following:

    American Airlines flight 11, a Boeing 767, tail number N334AA, with 92 people aboard, including the hijackers, was hijacked by 5 Arabs, while on route from Boston to LA. It was known to be hijacked by 8.25 AM or earlier, and hit the North tower of the WTC at 8.46.

    United Airlines flight 175, a Boeing 767, tail number N612UA, with 65 aboard , including the hijackers , was hijacked by 5 Arabs, while flying the same route as AA 11. It was known to be hijacked at about 8.55 AM and hit the South Tower of the WTC at 9.03.

    American Airlines flight 77, a Boeing 757, tail number N644AA, with 64 aboard, including the hijackers, was hijacked by 5 Arabs while on route from Dulles airport (DC) to LA. It was known to be hijacked at about 8.55 and hit the Pentagon at 9.45.

    United Airlines flight 93, a Boeing 757, tail number N591UA, with 45 aboard, including the hijackers, on route from Newark (New Jersey) to SF , was hijacked by 4 Arabs. It was known to be hijacked about 9.45, and crashed in PA at 10.10.

  • me


  • matta

    Ask questions, demand answers

  • Chatz

    Any cloud of dust or smoke will have a face if you look hard enough, as for all you religious people, how do you KNOW what these ‘beings’ you worship look like? I don’t believe there were cameras around in ‘those’ days, so there’d be NO images of ANY of them should they have existed at all. Furthermore, why is Jesus always depicted as WHITE with blonde hair, blue eyes, when everyone knows all those that come from his origins are BLACK!! That to me is extremely racist. Also why is it that Americans don’t know that other countries DO exist on this globe, I watched a show recently where an american couple were to get a flight to somewhere which connected in London…. they had to ASK the bookings clerk where that city was!! Honestly people, the globe is FULL of other countries top to bottom, NOT just the USA. Try getting a thing called an ‘Atlas’, you’ll be surprised at what you learn… another thing, if you’re going to post something, check your spelling and grammar first… most of it on here is absolutely disgusting, I guess many on here didn’t pass English right? Probably because it’s not called ‘American’.


    Grimner ur A f***ind retard


    This is retarded, blatantly retarded.

  • Tuut

    Let’s not waste too many words on this. Just look up at the sky, and count how many devils you can see in the clouds. The human brain is wired to see and recognize faces, if you really want to see a devil you will see one. How many hours did those towers burn? How much clouds of smoke came of those buildings? Honestly? The Devil, really?

    For all the progress humanity has made, the sheer stupidity of certain individuals (most of the time religious freaks) still amazes me.

  • Tuut

    As a reply to my own comment, are we to believe clouds are the work of the devil too? So when it’s raining it’s the devil pissing all over us?


    This is all cutesy. It’s also a major pile of BS. First of all people were devastated by the 9/11 incident. They allowed their imaginations to run rampant. When your imagination flies wild you begin to see things that aren’t there and you want to read things into stuff that really is not happening. The fact is there is nothing to the Q33 NY Easter egg. You could always do that and there were no planes with that ID involved in the incidents on that day. As far as the face in the smoke, that takes imagination too. Our brains are hard wired to put a face to the things we see, in an effort to recognize it. In this case, obviously there are some clouds of smoke that can be perceived as a face, but to say it’s the devil’s face. I just don’t lean that way. Why would we even want to give the devil the credit for destroying the WTC. I think people want to give the credit for all good things to their higher power while giving blame to their higher power’s opponent for all the bad that happens when in fact sometimes God allows bad things to happen to good people. If we had nothing but good in our lives we would never grow spiritually. You have to sometimes have some bad times to make you strong.

  • xaml

    This is the disadvantage of the internet, enabling people to publish nonsense, which in turn triggers replies of questionable value by 150 users.

    Here are the facts: “Q33 NY” is neither the number of the airplane nor the flight of any of the airplanes tragically involved in the terror attacks.

    The actual flight numbers are “AA 011”, “UA 175”, “AA 077” and “UA 093”. If you had knowledge about the flight industry the size of a gain of sand, you had known that AA stands for American Airlines and UA stands for United Airlines.

    Who ever originally came up with this bogus had FIRST found the alphanumeric combination in the word processing program, and only THEN linked it to the tragical terrorist attacks.

    Next time, THINK before you write/publish/copy.

  • sean

    Q33 is a bus to the airport not a flight number

  • WSMB

    Yeah the numbers are rubbish and fake,
    altho the images are very real, if you wantched cnn worldwide when it happened, you couldnt miss the devil pic in the live video. now thats really scary.

  • Li

    Those rubbish pictures of what CNN claimed it was a devil is totally BS. If you take a camera capture those smoke on the building. I bet you can capture so many different shape of face too.

  • Martin

    is that like seeing the virgin mary in a grilled cheese sandwich? come on people seriously

  • thats all bs..

  • indianacarnie

    thats what religion will do to you……. warp your mind

  • hello

    ahh so scary

  • Matthew Manh Nguyen

    Scary, and what you said about typing it in… scary to.

  • A person

    The “devil” sorta looks like Bill Clinton….

  • The twin towers was so controversial… I hate it.. news wise..

  • Yo whassup it’s me epic dude just with spaces in my name now =D

    about the letters… cool, but not an airplane name. Cool face

  • u bum

    i lik them yhey r preety cewl

  • Lucy Barker


  • Paul

    One word, Photoshop

  • Deanna

    Who ever posted this is nuts. You are aware that clouds aren’t actually what you imagine them to be (elephant,dogs,tree) it’s your mind making images out of what you see. This is the same for the smoke. Do not EVER turn this tragic event into a consipiracy about the devil.

    • toe

      ms Deanna , u ‘re right,

      You are aware that clouds aren’t actually what you imagine them to be (elephant,dogs,tree) it’s your mind making images out of what you see. This is the same for the smoke. Do not EVER turn this tragic event into a consipiracy about the devil.

  • harold schmelzer

    The night of 9-11-01 while watching the news, a lady friend and my self found 4 devils in the smoke, if you look back at the news reports, you can find all four..


  • clacc

    wut alota nieve people dont know is THERE WERE NOOOOOO PLANES!!!!!!!! the explosions were triggered by explosives inside the building. now, unless u were there wen it really happened and acually saw the planes, that’s different. 911 wuz an inside job and BUSH was the main character

    • erick

      as far as it goes for the ppl that r sayin there were no planes ur dead wrong yeah bush knew bout this tragic event but hell we all did we knew this was coming and didnt do anything to stop it so stop talkin bout it if u have no idea what ur talkin bout

    • KMR


  • iAtheist

    Does it matter how the blew up? They blew up, end of story. Who did it? Probably al-Qaeda . . . i think

  • bobby D.

    I think the film was manipulated to scare us. So do I think this was planned so we had a reason to take over Iraq? Oh wait there were no Iraqi hijackers involved, (why did we go there again)?

    • J-Hugs

      We went there because of Saddam Hussein.

  • Gwendolyn

    Just like in the Bible. People perish from the lack of knowledge. There are signs all over the world that proves that the end is near and that God and satan does exist. God is coming back on a cloud and Every eye shall see him. There are a lot of signs in the sky. Look UP! for our ‘Redeemer’ draweth nigh(close).

  • Nate

    That’s prolly fake but this one time when I was on vacation I took a pic of the sky and there was a guy praying it was so AWESOME!!!!!

  • Abob

    Uhhhhh, I dont study history in my school so can someone help me out? When i did the thing, i saw a sort of native american tent with a tree behind it, 2 arrows pointing 2 it, an eye and then a heart. Help?

  • That random guy

    Anyone hear of photo shop or editing a video???? And all theses “theories” about 9/11 going to war not bad. Staying there tthis long.. Thata stupid I see havw,of ya”ll have a brain thw,others half,

  • Jen

    Really? Do your research before propagating this kind of thing…http://www.hoax-slayer.com/wingdings-911.html

  • KLB

    I remember I saw the 2nd one when I was 4 on the TV

  • HorseGurl


  • Break

    e.e…Can’t tell…whether it’s real…or photoshopped…

  • Danny

    I actually remember noticing that and telling my brother about it

  • Byron

    wow thats freaky i typed in Q33 NY and did the instructions freaky stuff.

  • A

    Well it may be photoshoped but if it is or not either God or a christian had a message. THE DEVIL IS RESOPONSABLE FOR ALL BAD THING THAT EVER HAPPEN. I believe it with all my heart to.

  • Kopk11

    OMG the devil in an explosion!

  • A

    WOW CREEPY! I tried the microsoft word thing WOW that is sooo wierd! :O if you cant try it i will tell you what you see. A plane two towers then a skull and cross bones then the sign of the jews. when you put it together it is a vivid picture! xo CREEPY! But i didnt use microsoft word so you dont NEED microsoft to do it.

  • Dan

    Q33 NY is not the name of ANY of the flights that crashed on 9/11. I will show you what came up when I typed it on Microsoft Word:

    Q33 NY=Plane crashing into Twin Towers with a skeleton and a Jewish Star

  • Rachael

    the human brain automatically looks for patterns where there aren’t any, like when you are looking at clouds and you see picture.
    that could be one explanation for this, also it could just be totally random, it might not mean anything.
    and one other thing if the devil does exist how would anyone know what it looks like? its not like you can go to its facebook and look at its pics,
    i think that the picture isn’t faked but it doesn’t mean anything and bless everyone who was killed one the 9/11 attacks.
    we will never forget

  • Johnmc

    Hi. Yes looking at a pic anybody can read something into it. Funny thing is when you view same thing upside down I see silhouette of spire of highest remaining building in NYC in shadows of wtc. Again, open to what each person sees..

  • Anna

    Interesting, it is all a coincidence, however. If you go onto YouTube, there is a video showing you Satan on one side of the smoke, and God on the other side. It’s pretty fascinating, just type into YouTube – “twin towers god and satan” It should come up. Watch it, it’s pretty creepy.

  • stardragon

    Will that wingdings thing work on wordpad? Cause I don’t have a Mac.

  • stardragon

    You see a plane, two “towers”, and then you see a skull-and-crossbones and the Star of David.

  • stardragon

    Dear clacc: My mom saw the planes, as did my uncle. Half the kids in the classroom had ringing cell phones because their parents worked in the twin towers and were trapped. Yes, there WERE explosive devices on each floor, but th planes helped with the collapsing of the towers.

  • EagleEyes

    when u do what he said u see a picture of a plane then a tower-ish looking picture then a skull and crossbones then the masonic symbol