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By on April 15, 2009, with 44 Comments

Whooooah, I have an incredible news to share with you today! Have you by any accident heard of the almighty web search giant, Yahoo? Off course you have! Well, as it may happen, yesterday Yahoo has featured, and recommended Mighty Optical Illusions RSS Feed to all of it’s users across the globe! Yes, you read it right. Our little’o blog was mentioned as a daily recommendation inside My Yahoo start page of every Yahoo user in the world. If you’re quick, you may still catch it. My Yahoo is a service simmilar to Google homepage (iGoogle), where you can add all kinds of stuff, including widgets, RSS feeds, games etc. Millions of web surfers use it as their surfing starting point. You can imagine how all this positively influenced our visitor count. If you are interested, you can read more about this here. Just let me know when you’re finished, so we can proceed with our latest illusion…

Today’s post is dedicated to the “World Water Day“. Even though this event is celebrated on March, 22nd of each year, I still believe we aren’t too late to mention it. Apparently, Tribuna de Minas used a well known optical illusion floating letters pattern, and created what seems a floating water effect inside of it’s World Water Day poster. I love optical illusion patterns inside adverts! There are many more from where this came from, so prepare to be bombed with them in the following days. When you open the below image in a new window (full size), you will experience the effect in its full capacity. Don’t be fooled. The image you see is static – it’s your eyes and brain that make it flow!

World Water Day Optical Illusion


44 Responses
  1. Matt says:

    Wow, I have seen some optical illusions that move a little, but this one is crazy!

  2. Norm says:

    Can’t see a thing…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tip: Don’t look directly at it, look at the first comment and well it’s pretty cool.

  4. aditya says:

    In the image if you look at the top left corner, then it’s opposite (bottom right) look depressed. :) similarily with all other corners. If you move your eyes slowly from one corner to other, the words in the middle appear to get ripples and flow

  5. aditya says:

    also if you scroll up and down the image , the letters ‘ H2O ‘ seem to turn. and if you stare at the image for 30 seconds there seem to impression on the middle part of the image. And i’m absolutely right…..HeHe

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Sander says:

    There’s anouther optical illosion in here. If you scroll, the ‘H2O seems to be turning…

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s alive!!! Brilliant illusion.

  9. Vurdlak says:

    Oh and I forgot to say that the optical illusion works better if you look to the side a little bit. Enjoy!

  10. analphabet118 says:

    it only works if you move your eyes roung looking at every part of the pic.. if you stop and glance at one spot its stops

  11. Detective Kitty says:

    Awesome!!!!! That’s kind of like the hypnotizing bus ads…

  12. Crystal Xizzle says:

    Way cool. And a big congratulations on the Yahoo thing. Mazel tov!

  13. Shannon says:

    It had to be opened in full screen for me to see anything, but when I did, WOW!! That’s Cool! I like this illusion.

  14. Zoë =) says:

    If you click the picture to look at it full size it moves like crazy! And also if you scroll it looks like the ‘H2O’s are turning. Awesome illusion!

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. BUH says:

    WOOOW!!! a brazilian one! xD very good by the way! how it move!!! i felt dizzy from looking at it! congrat for the site! and for the recommendation… love it!!!! pretty cool! ;***

  17. Anonymous says:

    BTW good job getting on to Yahoo!!

  18. Uni-crazy says:

    COngrats on the feature!

  19. Craig says:

    Congratulations on being mentioned by MyYahoo. Hopefully you get paid every time someone visits your site. You should be rolling in money by Monday.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see it moving…

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    that is really cool…moves so much
    cangrats on the yahoo recommendation

  23. Anonymous says:

    I had scrolled down a little and was reading last paragraph prior to looking at the illusion. Was very difficult to concentrate on the words when my peripheral vision was picking up movement! Thats excellent.

  24. Hazel says:

    see nothing…
    let me try once more

  25. Strawberry says:

    Congratualtions on your sucess.
    One of my professors does research on water supply so I’m sure he’d like this. Cool

  26. Ryan says:

    oh wow thats actually cool! one of my favorites so far!

  27. Alex says:

    Wow, cool

  28. Mandy says:

    Verry cool! Tribuna de Minas is a newspaper from Brazil.
    Is nice to see some brazzilian work in here!

  29. Eva says:

    Very cool! I like this one

  30. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Vurdlak on being recommended by My Yahoo! I have MOI on my igoogle homepage and I love coming to work every morning and finding a new illusion posted! Starts the day off with a smile! Keep up the good work! :)

  31. Anonymous says:

    thats great

  32. Mizz Narnia ..x..x..x..x.. says:

    i cant see a thing……………………..

    but i can seethe h2o turning thing tho =)(=

  33. billyindigo says:

    i cant see a thing and ive been staring for a while…does that mean my brains are to powerfull to be fooled:P?

  34. David Ribeiro says:

    Tribuna de Minas is a newspaper from Minas Gerais, a state from Brazil.

    Greetings from Brazil!

  35. No.47 says:

    This is a really cool Illusion. I would like to see like this.

  36. Lena:),Germany says:

    ich verstehe nicht, was man da sehen soll!

  37. Anonymous says:


    YO YO YO

  38. Volo says:

    Whoa! I liked the effect when I scrolled page in Mozilla!

    Due to jumpy scrolls, H2O signs seem to rotate!

  39. Daves says:

    Holy banana!

  40. purplepeopleeater says:

    :)did daves say HOLLY BANANA anyway still pretty cool

  41. Ace of Spades says:

    Woah! I swa it RIPPLE! I love this illusion!

  42. Lolzater=] says:

    Ive seen quite afew illusiobns like this…but this one kindgives me the creeps o.O

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