Woodstock Illusion

Have you seen the film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”? One of my favourites! Am not sure why, but this picture reminds me of that particullar movie and also sets me in simmilar mood. Not only does this optical illusion give you wavy-moving effect, image also appears bulged or shallow, depending on the little bricks shadow position. Earlier we posted: “Floating Letters”, “Hyperfield Illusion”, “Expanding Cushin”

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  1. I love these almost as much as i love fear and loathing in las vegas….vurdlak, i love your site, and i just saw this illusion for the first time…

    Wow, definitely is similar to hallucination. All these “animation” illusions are probably the best way for someone who has never done psychadelics to get one type of effect from hallucinating.

    The main similarity is that our brain causes the static object to appear as if it is moving…really trippy picture….some of the “afterimage” illusions which leave a moving geometric shape in your vision also replicate the visual aspect of hallucinating…(note: there are many other aspects, which cannot be replicated, as far as I know…aside from sensory deprivation tanks…ahem)

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