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By on February 1, 2007, with 53 Comments

This one is nice. It took me a while to see whats the illusion in this simple wooden puzzle. After a while I noticed, but it would be much easier if I simply moved my head away from the monitor. I believe this hint was enough for those of you who didn’t see it :) This illusion works much in the same way as eye examination test posted long ago. Do you remember those hybrid images from last year? They were quite popular on the internet back then.

More on site news: we are planing to give you big surprise in following days. Michael helped Mighty Illusions, and created PC Widget “Optical Illusion of the Day”. It works in a same way as Mac Widget and Google Gadget, and you’ll be able to easily place it on your Windows desktop. How exciting is that! Newest illusion on your desktop daily! No more will only Mac users be privileged ;) Hehe… Stay tuned…

Wooden Plate Illusion


53 Responses
  1. C.J. says:

    hey very kool! i luv these things! keep the illusions comin!

  2. Sam says:

    it took me a while, probably because im jewish

    • Mike says:

      I know it says Jesus, but i just don’t see it, i’ve squinted my eyes, blurred my own vision, even rotated it. But i still don’t see it.

    • Spoiler Alert Dude says:

      Mike, if you just look at the blank spaces you will see that they are in the shape of letters.

  3. Noelle says:

    My grandmother sent us one of these for some reason a few years ago. The only thing was that we thought it was some kind of Native American thing and had it on our shelf upside down for a year! Finally, my grandmother came to visit and righted it for us. Now, every time my sister and I go to see my parents, we flip over the sign in its proper, upside-down artsy way.

  4. Viin says:

    SPOILER***this one was tricky. it was only when i decided to save the picture to try and rotate that i saw the name of the pic was jesus. so then, i tried looking for jesus. and there it was! good one.

  5. Anonymous says:

    it took be about two seconds, probably because I was expectin git.

  6. Anonymous says:

    uhhhhhhh what does it say?
    i no im really slow but still…what’s it say???

  7. Anonymous says:

    I STILL don’t got it!!!!! :(

  8. hottie4ever105 says:

    this has got to be one of my
    favorite things to do. My g-dad makes them he made my name 4 me!!!!

  9. Georges says:

    Jesus! it is so bright

  10. Anonymous says:

    JESUS….go away like 2-3 meters away and itll be ever apparent.


  11. Anonymous says:

    i dont get it…. what does it say?!

  12. Anonymous says:

    kool! i got it right away! It says “jesus”

  13. Gary Lam says:

    Cool it take me a while in the office, sitting back and front. Finally I got it.

  14. Paul David says:

    Cool! And thanks for publishing a name that mostly you just hear in blasphemy!

  15. Just Ask... says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I remember seeing these at my grandmother’s house when I was 8. It took me a long time to finally see it. Now it is all I can see.

  17. Card Magic Tricks says:

    Jesus is here! :)

  18. Leah says:

    my grandma has a woven yarn version of that at her house. she told me it said “jesus” but i didn’t see it until years later. hahaha.

  19. Rachel says:

    I see the word Jesus

  20. Anonymous says:

    In what way is this an illusion ?

    It’s fun to suddenly realize the text, but the only illusion is that the vertical bar between E and S seems slanted :-)

  21. Debashis M says:

    well… I saw it on my G-homepage and read it JESUS and thought what’s the big deal and now I find that I’m special….

  22. Anonymous says:

    it took me ages to see it too. just look at the red between the wood

  23. Anonymous says:

    that took me forever but i finally got it

  24. Anonymous says:

    took me a while probably because im muslim

  25. Anonymous says:

    i dont see it. well i havent gone to church in a while but i dontknow if that has to do anything with it.

  26. nicole_mufc says:

    i luv these hings!!!i didna c “jesus”at 1st but i got it XD

  27. Anonymous says:

    LOL. It took me a while, but I guess it works.

  28. Anonymous says:

    cool! took me forever to see it, but only after id read the other comments!

  29. Arcelia says:

    This was VERY TRICKY!! i didnt get it until my brother helped me!! for anyone else that might need help: look at the red parts not the wood.

  30. Brooke says:

    i dont know what its ment to be!!! i dont get it.

  31. bella says:

    i love these things. o and ppl. im doing a project and i need help. this is some thing 4 u to do after you’ve looked at the illusion of the day. has anyone ever heard of “St. Vitus Dance” if u have i need to no who discovered it or who discovered a cure for it. i need help. drop it on my face book. bella gordon is my name and my little pic is of an eclipse thingie. thanx!

  32. Cosette says:

    It says Jesus.

  33. cutie pie says:

    just go away from the screen and you’ll see jesus

  34. No Name says:

    it says Jesus. my friend has the same one at her house. i saw it at once.

  35. bob says:

    squint your eyes…works great

  36. Autumn Hansen says:


  37. CHAINSAW WOLF says:

    i had to leave and when i was about a foot away from the screen-i saw jesus!

  38. sumi says:

    what??, i dont get it.
    Jesus, Finally, took me 3 whole minutes.

  39. Rheannon K Hartranft says:

    if you look at it, and use something like two pieces of paper or two pens, i just used my fingers, you can see the image better by placing one on top and one on the bottom of the image long ways so that the the wood pieces are in between your fingers or pens and you can see it very clearly!

  40. Im a christian says:

    I saw it in 2 seconds

  41. That one person says:

    I have one of these in my house, so I saw that instantly. But it’s still pretty cool.

  42. KLB says:

    took 2 seconds

  43. akhil says:

    yes it says “jesus”

  44. me says:

    look at da red in between the blocks

  45. Valerie says:

    I had one years ago and a friend I bowl with cares one wherever he goes. He laid it down at bowling and I think it got thrown away. Where can I get one a small version?

  46. Terry says:

    Do you have a pattern to make one? My Dad use to make them, but when we went through his work shop there was no pattern to follow.

  47. Courtney says:

    There is also one that uses the concept of the Asian eye sight eg. Pull back the corners of your eyes and you can see what is in the picture.

  48. Ninja kid says:



  50. Jemima duck says:

    Um……don’t see it. What’s the clue to finding it??? Is it in some sort of other language?!?!

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