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By on April 22, 2010, with 35 Comments

You might have heard how Facebook has plans to “seize control” of the complete web, and has already started making it more social by propagating the “Like” button everywhere. Even so, before I decide to test this nifty new feature on moillusions.com, first I’d like to wait and see how other webmasters deal with it. However, today I made some slight preparations, and changed the design a little. So when the time comes, we can implement new features more easily. Those with a keen eye will notice how the comment counter now stands below the title, while the revamped Facebook Share button took its position. Go ahead, try it! With just one click of a button you can now share your favorite illusions in your Facebook feed.

Duncan posted a comment in one of our previous posts, where he shared an interesting picture. Depending on your monitor luminance, you should have no problem reading the (partial) letters below. The message is straight and clear. However, look what happens if we adjust the output levels. How come it was easier reading the text when only half of the letters were shown? Think it has something to do with this study?

Wonders Of Perception Optical Illusion 1
Wonders Of Perception Optical Illusion 2

  • KOkili


  • Care Bear

    What’s unnerving is not how easily we can be fooled but how easily we can fool ourselves.

  • Our minds are wonderful at picking up what isn’t there. This is a great example of seeing something that isn’t there. Mind boggling indeed, yes indeed. (By the way, to Hell with facebook).

  • Richard S.

    It’s probably easier to read the partial letters because when the letters are partially filled in, to my knowledge, there are no words such as WQNDFBS, QE, or PFBCFPTLQN that you would be able to guess. I may be mistaken though because those words look like the ones spoken by Grundoon the Groun’chuck chile and they may have meaning. I have to agree with KOkili as to a quality rating.

  • bre

    lol sooo cool

  • TJ

    What would have been nice would be if they could have made the whole letters actually spell coherent words instead of choosing a specific font and size to trick the mind, and also not using a title to aid in that deception or perception.

  • tinkerer

    yeah, it is so weird how we as humans think we know what we are looking at as soon as we lay eyes on it, but really there are so many different explainations. classic

  • jeremy

    saw that coming from a mile away

  • setew2

    Once you see what it really is, it can’t go back to what it was.

  • Mike

    Interesting….. very very interesting…… where am i????

  • “unluckily” I had a pretty bright screen, so this time the illusion didn’t work as well as it was supposed to be

  • Angeliqa

    So true care bear! there is another ‘illusion’ similar to this (if i find it i will submit it) which is basically a paragraph of text, the subject is not important, but its perfectly readable to most anyone despite the fact that all of the vowels have been removed.
    These illusions play on the part of the mind that creates associations. I could totally nerd out on the subject but I’ll stop now.

  • Fenner45

    Not realy the type of illusion I was Looking for. I realy liked the escape the room a while back. but they need to be good like the last one it was incredable and I got more out of it. keep them comming

  • Leon Haidvogl

    it’s okay but only 3/5

  • vurdlakroolz

    only got 7 letters right, and they were the basic ones, damn

  • Sue

    Expectation certainly affects what we perceive.

    I’m noticing an odd effect with the second picture, though. When it is at the bottom of my monitor, I see the bottom segments of the letters quite brightly, almost as brightly as for the upper segments. However, as I scroll down & the image moves upward, the bottom segments become progressively darker, and nearly invisible near the top of my screen. Is this just my monitor, or does everyone else see this effect? Any idea what causes it?

  • Jess

    wow! really good idea, i hadnt noticed to start with that the other words were different

  • My screen was too bright for it, too. Saw the real letters before the illusionary ones. Think it may have been better if the first picture was just plain black.

  • Justice193


    it could also make anyone typing with it, as in my case, seem either loony, or lame.

  • LOL!

  • Code Monkey

    Justice193: Actually that’s a really neat code, however I’m not sure if the V/Y switch would work. Took me a little bit to figure that word out :)

  • bipbedu

    doom is appon u

  • JoGoFo

    Vurdlak, what’s going on? My MOI iGoogle hasn’t worked for nearly a week now? I’m missing all this great stuff!

  • Dave

    Then there are those who’s monitors are so dark, they can’t see the bottom part of the letters in either picture.

    When I watch a video through WMP, I set the brightness up to 30, and it looks ‘normal’.

  • gennia11

    dat was kinda cool. at 1st i only looked at the surface…superficial i am ashamed. once u see da letters under the mask u see the true letters. im sorry letters i shud have seen u for wat u truly were! wahhhhhhhhhh, forgive me!

  • William Lim ‘Nkm’ Rasaz

    ah, anybody can make this,

  • Valerie

    Our minds probably go for the most likely solution that makes sense. I don’t like this one because the solutions are not real words! Well not any words that I know.

  • LOLZ

    … no comment cuz dis 1 suks

  • Hi

    ha ha it fooled me!

  • Hi

    oh i just noticed if u look hard on the first (cut) one u can kinda see the real letters…does this count as an optical illusion?

  • Alexa Saravia

    Its cool, but i’e seen better, and they were all n this site. Its kinda cool how our mind can trick us. 3/5

  • fossda

    illusion for you!!!

  • jzjess23

    i thought itd say wonders of perception xD but i suppose thats the illusion :)

  • SmartGirl

    Wonders of perception? Isn’t it?