Wonders in Downtown Harrisburg

I’ve just learned about one of a kind “Visual Illusions” exhibition at The Gallery at Walnut Place (413 Walnut St.) in Harrisburg. It will be opened till 31st December, so be sure to visit if you find yourself nearby! Best of all it’s free to attend!

The age-old saying “seeing is believing” usually stands, however, this exhibition provides evidence that from all of the senses, sight is most easily deceived. It seems very familiar with what our little website does! Moreover, organizers proudly claim that the exhibit, which exercises the visual and perceptual abilities, will amuse attendees with paradoxical images that are often inconsistent with what perceives to be true. You as a guest will be given the opportunity to decipher numerous optical illusions, including the mystifying four-legged man pictured on your right!

How long did take you to make sense out of this photo? At first I thought it was some sort of abstract sculpture!

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  1. I’ve seen genetic mutations before but this is really over the top. I’m going to stop looking at it now. My perception is starting to get wobbly.

  2. This one is very easy to see, you can see his head tucked down and the arms are obviously arms they’re not a bit like legs, even with shoes on!
    No great anatomical knowledge needed here I’m afraid! But he is a dishy muscular chap.

  3. Clever…. The guy has his shoes on his hands and his head is tucked in. Noticed it as soon as The above blog asked how long did it take me to make sense of the photo, until then I hadn,t noticed.

    1. I’m not sure if you’re right, but there is a suspicious bulge (could be a head) on the top left of his pants.

    2. Where would the second person’s body be if the second person’s head is hidden behind the first man’s pants, hmm? the body of #2 would be either crouching (which no limbs are doing), or bent over
      behind #1, which would show #2s back.

  4. I didn’t notice his feet were feet, so thought they were bare hands on the floor. I was trying to figure out how he got into that back bend. And then I realized his feet were in fact feet, and figured out the rest of it pretty fast.

  5. it is cool but i can see a head tucked in and he has shoes on the hands then it was photo shoped so it looks like legs

  6. Wow! Very clever and interesting photo. I think it took me about 10 seconds to figure out what was taking place in this image.

  7. I thought it was a man doing a a backward cartwheel. It looks like one foot is up, as if he was starting the flip. his bare feet look like hands when you see him.

  8. ohh i getz it… it is a real person itz juzt that his handss are in the shoes and the feet r the feet… his head is lyk duck down bhut it is kinda hard to c coz his hair is black and his shorts are to so itz lyk camuflage… yhu can c his head between his legs…

  9. It took me about five seconds to figure this one out. He’s wearing shoes on his hands. His right arm is hanging over his head while his left arm is aimed at floor. If you look closely, you can see the left side of his head.

  10. To me it looks like a man with shoes on his hands. Not sure how they made his head disappear though. Hidden in the shadows maybe?

  11. the head is shopped off ;) i saw through this immediatly. the ones with shoes are the hands and the ones in the back are, well, the feet.this is AMAZINGLY shopped though! :)

    1. It’s not shopped, his head is tucked in. You can see it between his shoulders. Anybody could probably pose for this picture.

  12. that actually took me a while too get :(
    i kept looking at the neck and thinking why is there no shorts on?

  13. All he did was take off his shoes, put the shoes on his feet, and ATTEMPT to hide is head. If his shoes were on his feet, his private parts would be showing. His pants are on in the right place.

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