Widget Problem Solved!

Update 27.4. 2007Mac Widget 4.0 is now released, so be sure to re-download it. Also I corrected the illusions below, it should work now. Open it full size to see the effect.

Thanks to Michael Tughan, both Yahoo and Mac Widgets are fixed. It was a minor glitch, that occurred due to blogger changing photo path on their server. I sent the updated versions to Yahoo and Apple, and as soon as they approve them (read – tomorrow), I’ll post another update with direct links to download them. Thank you for your patience. As I said before, I would highly appreciate if you could spread the word, and inform your friends about this coincidence.

In the meantime, Rachel van der Meer sent me this picture of town center of Antwerpen in Belgium. It is classical turn-color illusion, like the one from few days back. Open the picture full-size (or it won’t work). Just stare at the center dot until it turns to color, and then wait again for the black-and white photo to show (you will see it in color like in previous examples). Stay tuned for more widget news

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

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  1. Hey cool my first comment and im 1st 2 do it! =^)…cool picture by the way (i think it works better if u blink a-bit/move lol. loving the site by the way! keep it up :-))

  2. Woww that was coool i. I love these illusions. Got any mre of those special photos of the water. those were awesomme

  3. noticed the sign. picture didn’t change at all, even opened it up in Adobe Image Ready – there was only one frame in the .gif file, meaning it would NEVER have changed.

  4. This image won’t change.
    It’s PNG not GIF. Probably you have to change the link to reflect the actual GIF image?

  5. Ummm… I don’t think the animation is working on this. It appears that the image was saved as a png file after being saved as a gif. The png file loses all the animation frames. So, it’s not working.

  6. if you can’t see it flipping, you can try the picture on my website, it’s a little bit larger and it does flip color’s

  7. :(

    …..I stared at it fot like 4 minutes but the pic didn’t change!!!

    And yeah Chris…..the sign is pretty funny. lol. :)

  8. lol i dont have the patience to wait for it to change ^.^’ and the poster on the lamp post says this is the sh*t

  9. haahaha, Chris, good discovering, why not asking Rachel van der Meer to send us a photo of those… mmm… -what is it- stairs? Only to see how much sh** they are… or not…hehe
    P.D.: Sorry, I got tired waiting for the image to change, didn’t see anything

  10. oh wow! the affect is amazing! its as if the blak and white 1 becomes a normal colour of day!
    and btw, it did change for me – read the text, and it will say clik on the picture. it worked for me wen i did that. soz cant help people that it didnt change colour on.
    so kl! :^D

  11. Yay! It works now; I think it’s great.
    You mentioned that the Mac widget fix is up, but what news of the Windows one? I hate not being able to see if there are any updates ;D

  12. I thought we already decided this was a whole fake houx! Ok, don’t look @ it for as long as it takes, and when you notice some flickering @ your computer, you’ll see it changed color without you looking. F-A-K-E

  13. Interesting – yes, it is just an animated gif, but when I keep focusing on the dot in the center of the image, the sky appears blue when the gif switches back to black and white. If I look away from the little dot in the center, the sky just looks grey in the black and white image.
    Anyone else get that effect?

  14. you have to click on the photo to open it. if you stare hard enough you can make the flags on the left completely vanish!!!!
    great stuff!!!!!
    please keep banning the no comment crap, I have noticed a few slip through

  15. yh i got that effect indy – everyones supposed to i think. 4 everyone else – u stare at the white dot near the centre of the screen (the one that has a blak rim around it) and keep staring as the picture goes into the bright colours, and still stare at it as it changes bak to blak and white. why dont most other people get that effect?

  16. A) I am using Firefox on a Mac.
    B) The DOT is not the thing that is supposed to change colors!!!
    C) It only takes a FEW seconds!!! for crissake!!!
    D) now this is really weird …for me… SOME flags change to color… some stay a turquoise color..and the table cloths all stay turquoise.

  17. To view this (I am using FireFox):

    Click on the picture to make it bigger – the thumbnail is PNG, the bigger one is animated GIF.

    Stare at the dot.

    Wait for it to change to reversed color and then back to black-and-white.

    See it in proper color.

    You have to keep staring at the dot for it to work, otherwise the illusion will go away.

    Also, the sign in the bottom left corner says “This is the sh*t”. Probably cut-off.

  18. yeah, Antwerps rules! My hometown, so the illusion caught my eye instantly. But what is the illusion about it? It’s a .gif file that changes from a black-‘n-white pic to another pic with edited colours??
    anyway, great site. Now “Antwerp, Belgium” has it’s own place in here too!

  19. Well, I clicked on the image to make it bigger, which started the animation, then I stared at the dot in the middle of the picture near the corner of the building and when the colors left the screen, I still saw colors! Kewl!

  20. well, it looked pretty cool at first, but then i covered up the dot, and it still changed. Also, when i copy and pasted in onto Paint, and nothing happened. So lets not be so gullable

  21. That centre dot has got to the the most off-centre centre dot I have ever seen!

    Also it didnt change for me either. (I’m on a mac, using camino… ‘sthat why?)

  22. Hahaha I get it now it worked when i clicked on it.

    Also this isnt a trick- after staring at the coloured image, you can see the REAL colours in the BLACK AND WHITE image when it returns. Its an AFTERIMAGE, see?

  23. i was wondering how do i change the GIF images such as the online and mood image on myspace to black and white?…a code i could just copy and paste would be very helpful

    “Open the picture full-size (or it won’t work). Just stare at the center dot until it turns to color, and then wait again for the black-and white photo to show (you will see it in color like in previous examples).”IT IS SUPOSED TO CHANGE IDOTS

  25. Sigh.People never realize anymore that this is animated.Look at it for 1 minute and then watch it turn from black to color to black.Also,check out the sign in the botton left corner.

  26. this illusion sucks its not real.I did NOT look at the picture and it changed colour try it . its true!

  27. This picture has 2 image : one in black and white ; one with blue colored (which look so unreal) . After focus your look in the ceter of both imgae for a while : you will see the true color of the picture in reality.

  28. Its not fake. Its shows the contrast in color after about 2 seconds and then as your eyes adjust back to the black and white picture its appears in color.

  29. Bleh, it is supposed to be animated. When the colour turns on and then turns off, the black and white picture will appear to still have colour like moments prior.

    Thus it is called ‘turn-colour’ animation, like what the description says.

  30. that “optical illusion” is the biggest failed illusion i’ve ever seen..you don’t even have to focus on the center dot for a second seeing as the image automatically changes color after a while..

  31. Never seen so man stupid people.. There are THREE images here, the first is black and white, the second is blue and red, the THIRD is real color, just like looking at an ordinary photo, THAT is the illusion.

    1. Paul, you’re wrong too. Most of you are wrong. It amazed me how probably 90% of the people who commented didn’t get it xD It’s a simple illusion, too. You stare at the dot, and when it changes color, you keep staring. If you keep your eyes focused on the center the picture will appear to be color and when you move them away it changes back to black and white. And no there is no regular picture! I tested it by not focusing on the center and constantly moving my eyes when it changed. Only two frames.

  32. Does the poster thing on the pole in the bottom left of the picture say “This is the shit”? hahahahaha… good illusion by the way, but the colour didnt last long after.

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