Who’s Hugging Whom?

Here’s another accidental optical illusion photo that’s been circulating our Facebook channel lately. When I first saw it, it seemed as if the guy’s head wasn’t in proportion with rest of his body… Only then I realized his girlfriend wasn’t the one reading the newspapers.¬†Instead, she is the one standing behind the couch and hugging her boyfriend. It becomes harder to see the illusion once you understand what is going on here… You decide if it’s good!

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    1. Yesterday Bashes to get some milk for my mom annd some of the really good lemon cakes too and a lady claimed I was her long lost daughter and then tried to take me home with her but a store clerk or something claimed that I was her daughter and then after the old lady left the store clerk gave me a sucker and then told me to be more careful. Her name was Jill. Don’t go to Bashes unless you want bad things to happen!

  1. Is something wrong with me?
    I saw the dude reading the newspaper and her gf hugs her (the solution) in first look.

    I was still looking to find something strange about the pic.

  2. The girl is reading,right? But it is a mans body which looks like her body so it looks like she is sitting,right? So i but she would say this ‘MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!*DROPS MAGEZINE AND SHAKES RAPIDLY*I’MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BE COMMMMING A WEREWOLF!!GOOOOO TOOO THE STOOOORE AND GET SHAAAVERRRSSS!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE END

  3. This is really cool. Took me a little while to figure it out. First I was thinking, “Gee, that gut really needs to work out more.” :D

    1. In elementary school I got teased for having hairy arms. They called me Chewbacca. Luckily people are nicer now.

  4. haha! this ones pretty funny! the dude needs to shave his legs though. I absolutely can’t stand super hairy legs, even if they’re on guys :P

  5. Just found a similar one, might be worth posting:


  6. That first one is not an accidental photo. they planed it to be that way. That said it is a good one but please do not call it “accidental”

  7. Meh it’s really not that great. I mean I could totally tell that the dude’s reading the magazine. Look at his arm for God’s sake.

  8. u can tell its the girl hugging the man. for one her butt can not possibly be male. two its not possible to bend your neck that way so if it was a man hugging her he’d have a truely jacked up neck.
    three, just look at the hairy arms!!! and besides no man other than justin bieber – if hes a man- wears skinny jeans

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