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By on September 17, 2009, with 245 Comments

I couldn’t resist posting this one, after I first saw it yesterday! The image below is part of the Motivational Posters subculture, subtitled “When you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks”. Good thing about it, is its strong connection with a certain optical illusion phenomenon. So before you check some hints (at the end of this paragraph), try spotting the illusion yourself first. It shouldn’t be too hard for our long time viewers. Hope you don’t get scared like previous time! If you still haven’t decrypted the meaning, here are some tips as I promised: hint 1 · hint 2

When You See It...

You'll know, when you see it...!


245 Responses
  1. James smith says:

    Right off, I noticed the nose upside down on the top girl. Shortly after, I noticed the mouth is too..

  2. Callum Read says:

    the top ones mouth is upside down

  3. dylan says:

    the girl on top has her features flipped

  4. Elliiee says:

    Arrggghh i have just seen it ,, it took me ages to realise what is was though. If you havnt seen it look closely at the kids faces

  5. Sander Z says:

    The girl on the top is not smiling!

  6. Samuel says:

    OH GOD
    I”M SH***** STONES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<

  7. Joeri says:

    lol looks like the clip from aphex twin upside down

  8. Detective Kitty says:

    lol the smile tricks everyone….

  9. Facebook User says:

    looks perfectly normal and then… ARGH!

  10. tj says:

    The top girl’s nose and mouth are wrong way round. Correct?!

  11. Lisa says:

    HAHA!! this one is really amazing!

  12. jeff says:

    turn that frown upside down.

  13. rogier says:

    teeth upside down…

  14. wendy says:

    the mouth of the “top”girl

  15. Trstan says:

    The top girl.. turn ur head a lil u will see it.. her face

  16. archibaldogtz says:

    Very scary……

  17. fire says:

    sorry i dont see anything

    just three girls

  18. Diego says:

    OMG!!! this is great i didn’t noticed anything until my brother sid hey why don’t you look it upside down… and then we saw it… its kind of scary….

  19. Meg Staggs says:

    The face of the top child is upside down!

  20. Emma says:

    Oh, the top girl.

  21. anonymous says:

    The top girls mouth and nose are upside down

  22. Jeff says:

    She’s the devil woman!!

  23. Jim says:

    What a lucky little girl, to have found two playmates that will get that close to her. When I rotated the picture 180 degrees, I can see why her parents would want her to play outside until at least dark!

  24. ashley says:

    is it that one of them is a boy? …

  25. TriniBwoy says:

    That’s Awesome. The girl on the top…her nose and smile are upside down. It’s funny how the eyes just accept the picture and can’t discern the difference. Look at the picture upside down and you will see.

  26. ashley says:

    no its not.. i got it now!!!!

  27. Luke says:

    One word… Photoshop?

  28. Crenshaw Yeo says:

    Original way of presenting an old illusion!

    and in such an unexpected place.

    didnt shit bricks though…:P

  29. xyz says:

    see d smile of girl on d top…

  30. crap says:

    when you see it, you’ll shit brix B-)

  31. Nose says:

    Oh good god her nose!

  32. OMG says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG what the f–!
    That is so creepy!

  33. coco puffs says:

    lol ugly kids hold ctrl + alt and arrow keys to change your screen ways and you can see thier faces

  34. Lily says:

    lol…poor kid. must making swimming very hard, huh?

  35. Care Bear says:

    Neat. Siamese Triplets. (I saw it).

  36. Tetzmol says:

    The girl on to has her eyes and mouth upside down. Easy to see if you know what you’re looking for.


  37. Andrew P. says:

    Wow, I totally thought it was the negative space shoe at the bottom. Thanks for the hints.

  38. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Lol, I actually didn’t see it at first :o

  39. Kevin says:

    a little creapy

  40. John says:

    It is pretty creepy. I right clicked it, saved photo, and viewed it alone without the destractions around it. If you do this and rotate twice to the right…

  41. marco says:

    She had a nose job ala MJ

  42. laurie says:

    The girls nose is upside down i caught it right away yeah.

  43. shan says:

    is it just the one girl?….because i don’t see anything else


  45. CJ says:

    The peace symbol !! Niiiiice

  46. CJ says:

    awkward smile

  47. Henry says:

    kewl love the smile

  48. Elliot says:

    I don’t see it. Where is everyones comments?

  49. callie may says:

    i thought it was a peace sign at first but yea its the upside down smile and nose

  50. r0bertf0ster says:

    that girl at the tops nose and mouth are upside down and it look freakishly weird!!

  51. Pete 'Skinny Pinks' Hat says:

    argh…uposide down mouth and nose??

  52. Bruno says:

    Obviously photoshopped lol

  53. Anusha says:

    Part of hr face is upside down.

    Seen those so many times before, and none of those times did I “shit bricks”

    Btw, who censored shit?

    Even with the asterisk replacing the i, everyone knows what it says, so what’s the f*cking point?

  54. Lindsay Ann Allyn says:

    I love these illlusions! So cool!

  55. Mr Average says:

    That’s great! What’s really weird is that you don’t notice at first, it looks perfectly normal until you know.

  56. leooo says:

    but watch the left harm of the girl at the top…she has no ELBOW!!!!!

  57. Tracy O Bryan Murray says:

    Hmmm, who NOSE what it could possibly be! :)

  58. I think they just photoshopped her mouth and nose upside down based on where the backwards nose connects to the other part of the nose. Nice illusion by the way.

  59. Jacob Uriah Hartzell says:

    ewww tht girl is ugly lol her nose is upside down

  60. Ashe says:

    fOMG the top girl is sxe!

  61. Merry says:

    Oh dear, how embarassing. I saw the mouth, but completely missed the nose until I read other people’s comments. How could I see the mouth and not the nose? It clearly tricked my eyes.

  62. BraDRoBBo says:

    lololololol nice!:) i knew immediately what it was AFTER the hints of course though! lol :P didn’t get it from the “”pseudo arabic” one although i see how i should’ve now!
    I like it :) Most peculiar/best is the nose though! as i have indeed seen the mouth thing done before but i like how its done with the nose too! (and maybe the eyes aswell? XD)

  63. Calvin Clarence says:


  64. haha says:


  65. Poop says:

    Her nose is upside down lol

  66. Bitty says:

    That is scaryy, she looks possesed! especially when you look at her the right way up!!

  67. Aiman Amani says:

    Really creepy… I can’t see anything wrong at first but I tried to study each face when I screamed after realising it. It really spooked me…

  68. Facebook User says:

    holy! my heart stopped beating for a moment! scary…

  69. Eveliina says:

    I find this kind of illusions unpleasant and disgusting.

  70. apollorocks says:

    wow!! never seen anything like that before. really scary

  71. anonymous says:

    Omg- if i hadn’t seen the Barack Obama one already- this one woulda sure freaked me out!!!

  72. texassweetie1 says:

    I didn’t see anything at first then I realized that her nose was upside down, but did not see her mouth until I read other comments.

    Very Nicely Done!!!

  73. DanIsOnFire says:

    i litterally just shat a brick…

  74. gw says:

    i see its her nose and mouth

  75. Victor Fan says:

    O man!!!!! that’s scary when I finally see it!!!!

  76. Mary Kristie says:

    That little girl is freaky because her nose is upsidedown. Wild.

  77. alex says:

    her nose is upside down

  78. TAAU says:

    The first one of these I saw was of Jonathan Frakes. At the time I was watching Star Trek: TNG
    and that picture made “shit bricks”.

  79. mialjc says:

    OMG DATS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PeAcE OuT!!!!

  80. e says:

    I was gonna say her arm is REALLY big – bicep and tricep

  81. blah says:

    errh thats some ugly child…lol

  82. Camilla says:

    OMG that grrl is UGLY

  83. Camifootballfemale@comcast.net says:

    Of course you guys know it’s fake right? Photoshopped or something…by the way it IS an ILLUSION. That was kid of scary though…

  84. asdfasd says:

    the girls nose….its upside down

  85. Daniel says:

    The left arm looks weird for the top girl too (besides the nose and the mouth).

  86. Lea says:

    omg!! i am literaly tearing of fear that girsl face is so scary…the girl in the top looks like a deamon if u turn ur computer upside down u’ll c it

  87. i got it says:

    if you look at the arms of the girl one has no elbow and one is upside down

  88. i got it says:

    or it just has the other arms elbow aswell as its own do you see it????

  89. Derek says:

    First I thought it it was a peace sign,then I thought one of the girls arm was bigger then the other,then I thought the combined hair looked like a spider,then finally I saw the creepy face!

  90. Mae says:

    I see it!!!! Wierd

  91. wow says:

    omg thats freaky

  92. jordan cobain says:

    wow dats uhber creepy

  93. someone says:

    i see it bit it is not scary

  94. Steven L says:

    WOW , dude now thts cool.

  95. Robert Pattinson Lover says:

    Anyone who doesn’t see it, The girl’s face at the top is upsidedown! Robert Pattinson is definetly not like that

  96. Bad Angel says:

    MOMMIE!! jk its actually cool

  97. Zerro says:

    OMG the girl scared me!!! OMG I wont be able to sleep tonight

  98. Zerro says:

    Now i cant stop seeing it sorry for the double post

  99. ken says:

    i cant see the illusion its like scary??? but i cant see pls tell me the illusion

  100. me! says:

    PLEASE tell me!

  101. me! says:

    ooohhhh i see it! i was wayyy more freaked out before i saw the illusion cuz i thought it was gonna be supa freakay! but its not that bad..
    look at the girl at the top upside down

  102. !!me!! says:

    i agree with me! amd me! cute name thats why i did do my name like you rs do u know how to do those symboys too?

  103. Greeng11 says:

    it’s not so bad she is just altimatly UGLY!!!
    She should really think about plastic surgery because she is freaky! ;D

  104. Mystique says:

    I didn’t see it til a few seconds ago, and when I did see it, my heart dropped to my stomach. What a terrible face disfiguration.

  105. roelin says:

    the nose and the mouth realy got me

  106. JNCY says:

    oh my god that really scared the shit out of me for 1 second. It’s like my heart rocketed sky high and back.

    Definitely way scarier than the mona lisa, margaret thatcher and other similar illusions.

    Why, i’m surprised her mum didnt die of a heart attack when she saw her face sliding out of her… you know.

  107. bruno soto says:

    it’s simple….turn tha photo or the head in 180° degrees and you’ll see

  108. littleladygoldie says:

    okay, this is photoshopped. no way her nose is like that in real life!

  109. unknown says:

    This one is not as scary as the same illusion with the boy
    here’s a hint: it’s called schiebe illusion

  110. L.E.D says:

    try to look the girl

    hint: rotate the image ;p

  111. Shelby Alec says:

    omg its not that scary ur comments were the things that freaked me out

  112. an says:

    the girl’s nose is up side down

  113. SCARED TO DEATH 4EVER says:

    omg, that almost gave me a heart attack… why do little things seem so scary :’(… i think i cried for 5 whole minutes… omg.. i dont like illusions anymore my heart is like, IDK IM SCARED

  114. I HATE shiebe illusions says:

    This scared the SHIT outta me;
    u gotta be kidding, I HATE that.

    it made my whole insides shiver to hell. :O
    HateHateHate :3

  115. Noone says:

    that was so scary it cared the crap out of me!

  116. Sideswipe says:

    OMFG im too scared to look now i didnt see it so i looked at the comments to get the answer but now i aint looking at nothing is it really that scary!? it seems like it

  117. jjjjj says:

    but look at her arm,you can see her armpit then it goes strait to her wrist and fingers

  118. Jez says:

    lol, thats freaky.

  119. random person says:

    the girl at the top has her teeth upside down

  120. aoeu says:

    It gave me a really bad feeling even before I figured out what was wrong with it. Weird.

  121. not me says:

    Her mouth and her nose have been photoshopped upside down. It’s not a real picture. It just plays with the way your brain corrects images

  122. Shaleha says:


  123. Rehnlund says:

    Just look upside down at the girl in the middle… but it is photoshoped…

  124. Elliot says:


  125. JM says:

    The eyes, nose, and mouth have been flipped over 180 degrees. Another clever photoshopper…

  126. WaffleQueen says:

    I was clever and looked at the comments first… I’m not sure I want to look at it now… I get freaked out easily.

    I like Illusions a lot, and I was looking at one that said, (on a different site, of course) stare for 1 minute, and then your eyes will adjust. It’s really freaky! I thought I was brave and looked at it.. After a minute, this THING came FLYING out! It scared me to death, and I fell off my chair! So, no thanks, I ain’t gonna look at it… (But I’m sure it’s AWESOME!)

  127. francine says:

    i dont get the people who are like” she’s so ugly”…dont u get it its photoshopped, they cut and pasted the mouth upside down, same for the nose, add a bit of fuss and on a small scale picture like this it’s not too obvious

  128. Kalif says:

    Actually, I was a little disappointed. I was expecting something grossly abhorrent, that was mild compared the link I’ve included below.

    If that freaked you out don’t go here!! (select an archive date, then click on each caption individually – you’ll see, you may have to paste this url in) http://www.humandescent.com/

  129. C22 says:

    Lol it’s not that scary her face is just messed up

  130. Sara says:

    I don’t actually think it’s that scary. Look at the girl that is upside down. T_T

  131. Carisa says:

    So her mouth is upside down? Thats not scary?

  132. Katie says:

    Trust me…That’s not scary.
    Her mouth and nose are upside down…

  133. Mii says:

    i hope that was photo shopped cause that would be extremely freaky and its really not that scary.

  134. PEPU*S says:

    OMG dude
    that´s aweasome
    that girl looks really ugly

  135. My Mouth says:

    TURN YOUR GHEAD UPSDE DOWN LOLOLOLOL!!!! I first saw this on some site before The Dude posted it. It was HILARIOUS!!

  136. Venice says:

    it looks like the creepy girl’s left arm ( on the right side ) is actually a leg.

  137. amanda says:

    Omg… horrible photoshopping job.. LOL. They put the nose and mouth upside down on the girl.

  138. MissPriss1 says:

    Shoot I don’t want to examine it now cause of you peoples comments. I get freaked out easy.

  139. Lime says:

    It’s not that scary
    her face just has sonme part that upsite down, that’s all ;_;

  140. ♣not as scarey as i thought ♣ says:

    i didn’t get it for like 10 minutes then i noticed her nose was upside-down when i said that my friend looked at it he was like “eeew” then i looked at it and was like XD ☻

  141. gdm says:

    The only thing I saw at first glance was I thought her mouth was turned upside down.

  142. anonymous says:

    i don’t get it, all i see it one boy and two girls, one with an upsideown nose, just a bit of photoshoping, but i still don’t get it

  143. nat'n says:

    oh her nose is backwards…lame!

  144. Anti-idiot says:

    gawd how stupid could you people get? she doesnt need a plastic surgery, you dumassess. It’s been photoshopped!

  145. Stargirl101 says:

    it wasn’t THAT scary! Come on I’m twelve! To be honest, I actually laughed at it! HA!

  146. jcakes says:

    i thought it would take me a while to figure out but i noticed almost instantly, i thought to my self either someones been bphotoshoping this picture or thats one unfortunatly ugly child hahaha kinda disappointed thought that it would be more of a challage

    • happydoodle says:

      haha yeah either thats photoshopped or its just a demented face. poor girl, if she really has a demented face like that! LOL

  147. Dale says:

    that rlly scary lol

  148. leish says:

    haha omg that took me ages 2 figure out

  149. VMike says:

    Oh geez, its soooo creepy

  150. Deanna says:

    I had to look at the hints before I figured it out.
    Now I’m kind of freaked out.

  151. Blah says:

    Lamest thing Ive ever seen

  152. destinny says:

    its just because her nose is upside down

  153. Cheese says:


    Well, the both mouth and nose are upside down. The nose is a little wierd but the mouth makes it even more creepy :D

  154. mayhem says:

    so is this bitch retarded or what?

  155. waffle says:

    actually the eyes, nose, and mouth are all upside down on the little girls face.

  156. Tiffanie says:

    its not that creepy to me… xD

  157. Elliot says:


    • Cole says:

      hey guys, her face is not the only creepy part, take a closer look at her right arm! SHE LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN!!!!!!

  158. Ben says:

    Anyone else feel that chill?

  159. Jugoy says:

    creepy smile…!!

  160. peacegirl99 says:

    i cant figure it out one of the girls nose is upside down and mouth

  161. Sanaullah says:

    Nose of the one girl is flipped

  162. Sanaullah says:

    nose of one girl is flipped

  163. Trailmix says:

    ahhh… i see! the girl on the top looks like a creep if you look at the image upside down. wow… disturbing

  164. Jacen says:

    Someone has photo shopped that smile on that girl.. you can see if you look close enough.

  165. Benka says:

    aawww , put that frown upside down :D

  166. indy_skies says:

    Girl only has 4 fingers

  167. kaz says:

    Lol she looks like a freak!

  168. Gman says:

    LMAO. Kinda hard 2 c at first, but once u c it u cant believe u missed it.

  169. Cam says:

    Thats kinda creepy o_o

  170. vijay says:

    sooooo cute girl……….:-)

  171. Saber_Elf says:

    Turn your head so its as upside down as you can get it and look at the pic. It suddenly becomes very obvious what is wrong.

  172. Mke says:

    Whoa. That’s just WRONG, man!

  173. BADA_BOOM says:

    Maybe you didn’t also notice that one of them are is a boy >.>

  174. Ember Mclain Fan says:

    Also, look at the creepy-looking girl, that hair in front of her head makes it look like someone shot her head. o.e

  175. matt says:

    so weird..

  176. gadgetgurl100 says:

    eeew.. I saw it upside down.. >.>

  177. fsckr says:

    I don’t get it, are they siamese triplets?

  178. ****,this is very creepy i looked at the 2 hints!

  179. A Person says:

    i thought it was her arm looking like a leg until i saw the hints… creepy yet cool

  180. Anna says:

    Urgh!!! Upside down eyes, nose and mouth – dirty girl, dirty girl! *shiver*

  181. tyler connett says:

    oh my gosh i didnt realize it at first then i was readin the comments then i seen it and i was like wtf and i did get a lil chill down my back lol it’s kinda creepy!

  182. cheyenne says:


  183. cheyenne says:

    wow its not tht scary

  184. jack (mekayla) says:

    weird …

  185. ZL123 says:

    That’s weird.
    That thing is freaking me out. Can’t type properly lol.

  186. ryanna says:

    the girl at the top is frowning instead of smiling

  187. jazz says:

    all i have to say is “ew”

  188. benni says:

    That definitely creeped me out–I can’t look at it again!

  189. KLB says:

    I saw a sickly looking horse then the actual illusion. the nose to the horse is the bottom left girl’s ear

  190. Sara :) says:

    that is a definate photoshop! her nose is upside down too :P

  191. A says:

    Funny and kinda disturbing!

  192. Aragos says:

    Well I started sh*tting bricks when I saw that XD

  193. Ariah says:

    WOW! I couldn’t tell if it was photoshopped or if she really had a demented face!!! CREEPY

  194. The Shinigami says:

    one of the girls mouths are upsideown XXXXDDDD

  195. marcy says:

    mouth and nose upside down

  196. greg says:

    scared the f**k out of me

  197. Danielle says:

    It didn’t scare me but it was weird!

    It took a while until I got it though.

  198. Danielle says:

    It didn’t scare me but it was weird..:P

    I t took a while until I got it though

  199. Hi says:

    Scared the bricks outta me!!!

  200. Chris says:

    Hah, definitely creepy lookin!

  201. David Blair says:

    I don’t understand why it is suppose to be scary!!! Her nose & mouth have been turned upside down. And that’s scary???????

  202. JOE man says:

    i got it but the boy also kinda looks like he is about to cry

  203. Ninja says:

    When u see it youll s**t briks

  204. Cheezyrox says:

    Ok, the face didnt scare me… but this did:
    Look at the lower left girl… and look at the light next to her… her ear looks like a mouth… you figure out the rest… THAT IS SCARY SH*T

  205. Mella says:

    I got it. But I think its more scary that the girl at the top’s right arm kinda looks like a little fat leg! Like somebody is standing on the boy’s neck xD

  206. Zaz says:

    Um i dont see it…. is it one where a pic and a sond pop out and scare the frud outa yah? i just don’t know……

  207. Jim says:

    i was too scared to even look 180

  208. Storm says:

    That is some friggen messed up pic
    looks like blood is coming from her head

  209. dovahkiin says:

    i dont get it

  210. Anna S. says:

    Freak! Omfg! I just pissed myself! Creeper!

  211. cyril123 says:

    SHE LOOK like smiling errrh!! creepy!!!

  212. pinkpopsicle says:

    lmfao that is actually the creepiets thing ever!!

  213. RIRI says:

    that freaky arghhhhh

  214. Alec says:


  215. Leslie says:

    omg look at her mouth its upside down :(

  216. Drastic says:

    The top girl’s nose and mouth are… inverted ???

  217. kelly says:

    there are twins and the other girl is there sister.

  218. kelly says:

    where’s m prize?

  219. tasha says:

    sup evey boby

  220. minecraft rocks XD says:

    lol thought it was a scary pop up! but its just creepy girl XD

  221. Sugamuffin says:

    DUDE WTF!?! lol!! its freaky! XD :)

  222. lebrone says:

    creepy smile when you look upside down! she is sad!!

  223. M.E. says:

    It looks like she was shot in the head

  224. Ellert says:

    what is that on the boy’s neck? .-.

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