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By on July 30, 2009, with 440 Comments

Josue Diaz has subscribed to our website long time ago, and apparently “…really likes what he has seen by now”. Josue wrote: “Attached is an image that I just saw yesterday and I immediately thought this was Optical Illusion material. At first you may think that it is an abstract image. My friends and I stared at this for about 10 minutes with no results. We really thought this was someone trying to pull a joke on us, but then later that day we were told what the illusion was. I was so amazed, I mean, it really really is a good illusion. It’s just like they said to me. Once you know what it is, you won’t be able to see anything but that. Thanks! I hope you can use this on your website!!! The answer to this illusion is that it is a XYWZGF. A real life picture, not a cartoon.”

What Do You See, Then?

What does this picture show? Once you see it, there's no going back!


440 Responses
  1. Mister Man says:

    Is that MICKEY MOUSE!?!?!

  2. Someone says:

    I *think* I’ve seen this before…

    Ah. I see it.

  3. Liam says:

    I see a baby

  4. Jimmy says:

    It’s a cow

  5. vanessa says:

    wow, that is amazing. i cant believe i still cant find it! well cool website! 1st comment

  6. nortok01 says:

    uhh i see a guys head and shoulders like a chalk out line

  7. danny says:

    Some leaves ?? im really puzzled :P

  8. Mike says:

    An aerial Photgraph?

  9. Takkuso says:

    Holy Cow!

  10. jake says:

    i see nothing

  11. JS says:

    Haha, I got it. Won’t tell yet, but let me say that I didn’t see it until I put it into Photoshop and did an operation on it. And I’ll add that it’s a partial crop, not the whole thing.

  12. Nebbit says:

    AAAH! I see it! And i cant stop looking at it! I cant see anything else but this bovine beast! (Hint Hint). I cant get the solution file to work, but i got it when i saw the title of it… Am i first?, because i really dont care and i wish everyone would stop saying “am i first”. I bet that after me, there will be people that clearly are not first, saying “am i first?”.

  13. Fernando Siu says:

    I see nothing… i feel like it would be really cool if i could though

  14. Mike says:

    its that cow again

  15. Banksy says:

    i got shown this in an RE class when we were being taught about enlightenment. our teacher said that once u r enlightened, u cannot see with unenlightened eyes, like this photo. onc you see it u cant not see it. v cool illusion, and enlightening :).

  16. goiaingeru says:

    But what is thaT???

  17. Facebook User says:

    I have no idea what that is, after 10 minutes of watching.. I just see a guy on the left, looking away with his hand in front of him like she/he is asking for something?

  18. Yessica says:

    What it’s supposed to be?

  19. Cex says:

    Its a cow?
    i saw in 1 min

  20. Carol Fox says:

    Is it a map? A Cow? It’s making me crazy!

  21. Allopass says:

    It’s a caw’s head !!
    Really nice one !

  22. Allopass says:

    It’s a cow’s head !
    Really nice one !

  23. Bella says:

    i can see one person…

  24. Ben says:

    I see a wolf on the right. the grey is the head with the teeth on the left side and the moon (while circle) above the head.

    I dont know if this is what I am ‘supposed to see’ but thats what I see.

  25. Bella says:

    wait… now i see a cow… o.O
    ^^ really great…

  26. Keanna says:


  27. Terry says:

    It’s a cows head looking straight at you.Good illusion

  28. Dawn says:

    So, has anyone figured this out, I work in a garden centern, and have showed several co-workers this image, and so far many have said it is a plant of some sort….I told them they are crazy and have been lookin at plants too long

  29. Colin Hoult says:

    I first saw this illusion many years ago so I already knew what is was, but it is a great illusion. Brilliant site – keep up the good work.

  30. Brewmeister says:

    Oh WOW! it literally jumped out at me once I saw it . . . freeky

  31. Marrah says:

    I don’t see it, where is it? :(

  32. Aaron says:

    Is it just me or is it a close up of earth, from the moon, is it from the moon landing?

  33. Richard says:

    Nice Cow ;-)

  34. Mr Dr Professor Dude says:

    I saw it instantly, but I think I’ve seen it somewhere before. really awesome illusion though

  35. sherry says:

    ohmy!! this is the best one i’ve seen in awhile really great i couldnt get the pig/shark picture 4 awhile now everytime i look at that i can see it, same 4 this one

  36. Steve says:

    WTF IS THIS????

  37. Aldo says:

    I can’t get it at all, but I can see one thing like a monster face in the middle of the picture and some other figures.

  38. kenny says:

    cant see a thing

  39. tj says:

    lol what is it?

  40. Ruud says:

    moooohh! mooooooooohh!

  41. nobody says:

    I don’t get it.

  42. MIA! says:

    I think I need help with this…

  43. I can not see what it is, and I am lookingvery much forward to read other posts, hoping they will see what it is…
    Is it optic or haptic – near or far, is it vertical og horisontically…? I can not see it! And it buggers me!

    Please enlighten me!


  44. samantha says:

    i see a cow! i saw it in the first 2 seconds of looking at it… i dont know if its right but that’s what i see!! :)

  45. Marcanus says:

    It’s a cow!!!

  46. What a “Moo-velous” illusion! Don’t be too distracted by the white in the center. Just sit back and gaze at the whole of it and it will hit you like a stampede! Way to go Josue Diaz!

  47. samantha says:

    haha never mind i think its a deer not a cow :p whoops

  48. josh says:

    man im so lost: the middle thing kinda looks like a head looking right but thats the only thing i can distinguish.

  49. ryan says:

    at first i thought it was an arial of a continent or some part of the world, but now it looks like a cow or a horse taken by an early 1900s camera

  50. joost says:


  51. Ed says:

    Looks like a cow to me … thanks Bessie

  52. Maxxx says:


  53. brittany-bella says:

    a face or a person or something

  54. brittany-bella says:

    ohhhhhh its a cow that was easy after 10 sec.

  55. Uncle_Jasper says:

    Lions with night vision? I think I see one large on the lower right and ‘saw’ one in the upper left corner but I can’t see it now! Arrrgggg . . . What is it???

  56. kara says:

    So what is it then??

  57. Tom says:


    I see it! It’s a cow’s head!

  58. Bob Benson says:

    It’s a cow, wow.

  59. morgan says:

    I can’t see a thing, just maybe a lions head on the lower right.

  60. Regina says:

    Please tell me what this picture is cause I have been looking forever and do not see it

  61. Bri says:

    I don’t get it… :(

  62. Tre says:

    i see a cow! w00t w00t! first!

  63. zzembower says:

    kinda looks like a pic from an electron microscope or some other camera that sees other parts of the EM spectrum, but as for the image im not sure. Maybe some landform taken from space.

  64. Eks says:

    I see it! Think farms …. :)

  65. laila says:

    AAHHHHHHH!!! i dont get it!

  66. artur says:

    satellite image? i saw that immediately

  67. Gouri says:

    wat is it?

  68. The Roc says:


  69. Matt Lueck says:

    Im going to guess a garden gnome on the left and a rabbit on the right… very hard to tell…

  70. channing says:

    A cat? on the left….

  71. channing says:

    a cat on the left?

  72. blerga says:


  73. morgan says:

    Another look an hour later and I see a cows head

  74. Ally says:

    it’s a cow or the close up of the face of a cat!

  75. Rachael says:


  76. mike says:

    What the hell am I looking at? I don’t see anything

  77. tara says:

    Is it a cow?

  78. Spider says:

    Nope! This is (in my opinion) as bogus as the girl with the cello.

    I wouldn’t waste more than ten minutes staring at any optical illusion. And after ten minutes of staring (and flipping, rotating, zooming in and out and a bunch of other effort:) nothing!

    Remember what I said about frustratingly annoying illusions that I couldn’t get after minutes of staring? Well, this is one of them. Either that or it really is a bogus.

    Here’s a suggestion, Vurdlak: if after a few days nobody comes up with a definitive answer that everyone could clearly see (and I don’t mean some unclear ambiguous kind-of-like-this kind-of-like-that answer, as Josue said, once you know, you can see nothing but that) then perhaps you (or Josue) could post in this comment section the real answer. People who don’t get it would be very grateful for that =D

    In the mean time, I’ll reserve my vote until then. I don’t want to vote 1 star for what actually IS a good illusion image.

  79. Anonymous says:

    It’s a cow

  80. Eacaw says:

    I remember when I first saw this one, it took me forever to work it out, but you’re right, after you see it, you can’t not see it.

    Showed it to a few of my college teachers, and it took them longer than me, I actually had to point it out before they saw it. lol.

  81. sena says:

    is it a man?? or I am just seeing things??

  82. CAM says:

    i have no idea what is going on here… Has anyone figured it out?????

  83. d says:


  84. Steven says:

    what is it exactly?? =/

  85. Mastmark1 says:

    Turn your head left, it looks like a person whos back/neck joint is impaled by a huge spear/stalagmite/stlactite/rock formaion thing

  86. Filipe says:

    Is it an old man ?

  87. Mandy says:

    It’s an old picture made from an airplane or another flying device. You see some meadows or farmland or whatever. Maybe some clouds too (upper left). The picture is old, so there are some scratches on it.
    So what am I supposed to see – will you ever tell??? You didn’t put a solution, that’s frustrating – now I will go throught the day and wonder and will be even more frustrated when there is no solution. ;)

  88. EvilJef says:


  89. Some One says:

    well i see a cow

  90. ThunderBunny says:

    A cow.

  91. krishna says:

    No clue!

  92. wade says:

    i think it is a mapp and some clouds! yes i so solved it

  93. Shannon says:

    Hey, I’ve seen this before :D!

  94. tsgeoman says:

    Possible construction worker or soldier

  95. Emma says:

    Hmm…not sure, but it looks like a cow’s head to me.

  96. Ivo says:

    It’s the same cow! :)

  97. Pankaj says:

    This seems to be like
    1. A flying bat
    2. Some part of earth from a plane
    3. A silhoutte of a boy with a hat.


  98. Pankaj says:

    And the real answer seems to be a COW

  99. lisa says:

    what is it?

  100. Greg says:

    I see a lion in the bottom right corner growling at a zebra with it’s head bowed in the bottom left. Mind you, it could be anything!

  101. Paco says:

    it’s a cow!!!!!!!!!

  102. wendy says:

    it’s a picture made from the air?

  103. Izamabob says:

    OH! It’s a COW!!!

    Wowowow! That’s so cool! I thought it was some person from the shape or some aerial view of some country ><;
    Haha, finally saw what it was!

  104. mr. anonymous says:

    at first sight i didnt saw anything special.. but i came back 30 minutes later and i clearly sawed an lod man with a few hairs on the head and he seems to be real bored..

  105. Dathomir says:

    Holy Cow! Took me a while but I got it!

  106. Joanna says:

    I love that I can’t get it.

  107. Joanna says:

    Hey, I just got it! I squnited my eyes

  108. AliciaJade says:

    its a cow!! lol

  109. Joanna says:

    Hey, I just got it! I squinted my eyes A LOT and the picture became clear. (Bessie with scars?)

  110. Christian says:

    In the beginning I had problems figuring out what’s behind this illusion. But after I have reopend my firefox I was just able to see half of the picture and that was the key to the secret. If you mask the right third of the picture you will see the head of a cow. And as already said afterwards you can’t see anything else than the head of a cow.

  111. demon says:

    woaa thats amazing

  112. kt says:

    So, I’m new to the site, and love it. But, is there a spot on the website that tells you what the mage is? I can’t seem to find it, also there is no place indicating where I send an e-mail to get the answers, little frustrating..Well, does anyone see what this is?

  113. Nancy Servant says:

    I see an old man ???

  114. Chuwaka says:

    It took me about 10s. to see a cow…

  115. scykes says:

    . .what is it anyway? i cant seem to see the image your talking about..x.x

  116. Facebook User says:

    Cool illusion. Took me a minute but wow. Small pic helped me out. Keep up the good work!

  117. Ann Reid says:

    I finally saw a cow. It’s looking right at you.

  118. Hades says:

    Ok first :D
    after staring at the picture still nothing i see, someone hint :D

  119. ScumBagJoeys says:

    I cant see it

  120. ScumBagJoeys says:


  121. Sergio says:

    It’s a cow head :p

  122. lou says:

    i stared at this for 20 minutes, cant figure it out. Waiting for spoilers :-) Love this site.

  123. Starbreezer says:

    Looks like a cow

  124. teabaggs says:

    i dont see it. >:\

  125. Rachael Simpson says:

    It’s a cow! Took me ages but your right, now i can’t see anything else but a cow!

  126. Rachael Simpson says:

    ** ‘you’re’ sorry

  127. sam says:

    MOOOOOOOOO!!!! :-)

  128. Thøm says:

    It seems like a baby

  129. Samantha says:

    I DONT GET IT!!!

  130. Melissa says:

    I don’t see it

  131. Ben says:

    Its a cow.

  132. ??? says:

    Just thought sum1 should know, if u click the “what the illusion was” link, then on that page click the “here” link, to reveal the pic on that page, it brings you to a porn site. Not even joking.

  133. Rafa says:

    Smoking man?

  134. Maurizio says:

    I see a cow head.

  135. Alice Lewin says:

    It looks like a cow, or a deer? It’s shoulder area and body are off to the right. Looks like some sort of wire fence behind it’s head on the left lower corner.

  136. Bryan Riney says:


  137. Bobby says:

    What is it then?

  138. Lisa says:


  139. Facebook User says:

    no idea..

  140. Sentinal58 says:

    No idea what it could be… some sort of silhouette?

  141. John Schnall says:

    Wow, I was staring at it for a long time, didn’t see a thing. Then I suddenly saw it, now it’s all I can see. Good one!

  142. John Schnall says:

    Oh, and the illusion really MOOved me!

  143. jona says:

    I don’t understand…what is?

  144. Klaus Seydlitz says:

    cow is looking at me

  145. Marc says:

    It’s a Cow.
    Took me quite a while to figure that out…

    great illusion

  146. Facebook User says:

    XYWZGF ?

  147. larze says:

    a cow!! thats clear. saw it on the first glimpse.

  148. Carole says:

    Anyone got any ideas? I’m completly perplexed

  149. Grease says:

    COW – A – Bunga

  150. Jen says:

    birds eye of a person…….first? weeee

  151. max says:

    i don’t get it.

  152. Nielojram Marjolein says:

    i don’t know what to see..
    first thing that jumped to mind was a person leaning against something else.. but since this is a real life picture i guess it is not.
    i pictured white being clouds or chalk and black being wall or sky, but i don’t get much further than that..

  153. Tom says:

    OK, I don’t see it.

  154. ??? says:

    what is an xywzgf?? i dont see anything.

  155. Neuronaut says:

    To me, it looks like just a bad xerox copy of a photograph. Yes, it’s hard at first to make out the picture, but does this qualify as an illusion?

  156. Joe says:

    I see the head of a cow. But did anyone notice in the upper left hand corner the image of what appears to be the skull of a child?

  157. mathieu says:

    damned i don t get it! what s that?

  158. Facebook User says:

    I wish someone would hurry up and write something because I can’t see what it is and it is really bugging me

  159. Facebook User says:

    OMG I can see the cow, that took me ages really good

  160. Carole says:

    Still can’t see the cow. Never mind!

  161. mathieu says:

    is that a bear eating a man’s head?

  162. dylan says:

    I finally see the cow, now it just jumps off the page!

  163. Rob says:

    OMG this is really great. I coudn’t see it either, until I read it was a cow. And now I see it looking right at me: the face of a cow. This is cool!

  164. Mike says:

    Looks like a picture of the side of a cow hide that’s all…if you were to zoom out you would see the whole ow…not really an illusion…correct me if I’m wrong…

  165. C3 says:

    It´s easy, is a hand, if you dont think so. just press your hand to a glass and then check the result

  166. needs help says:

    I can’t see the cow, can somebody help me?

  167. dylangibbs says:

    Can someone say where the cow is? All i can see is a weird skull thing in top left corner…

  168. waterfeller says:

    I saw this image more than 30 years ago in a problem solving seminar. I could not recognize anything in the image for several minutes.

    I have not seen it since. However, I instantly recognized it …

  169. dylangibbs says:

    Seen it now! Thats well cool!

    And if anyone was like me and couldnt see it, heres where it is…

    Big black shape on right is one of its ears, and the little black shape off the bottom of it is one of its eyes. Bottom centre shape is the cows nose and big white upper centre circle is the cows forehead. It is looking straight at you.

    Hopefully you can see it now!

  170. Sandie Fawcett says:

    It’s a cow !!

  171. PWNbear says:

    First i thought it was darth vader in the left.
    But then i saw the cows head
    its really good OMG

  172. Bobby says:

    How is this an illusion? For those of you that can’t see it, put your hand over the right 40% of the picture.

  173. sitroentje says:

    I see a face in that white area, but I think it isn’t that

  174. Doug says:

    I know its a cow, but huh? I cant see it at all… This is the first time i havent been able to see one of these… Can someone please explain?

  175. delia says:

    it took me a while to figure out it`s a cow:D i was seeing things like a man looking over his shoulder, a ship, a horse, a skull… but not a cow! xD

  176. Marc says:

    jeeze i’ve been looking at it all morning here and there and never saw it, i now see the cow!!!

    Hint: see the kind of X in the white, well the white is the forehead!

  177. Barefootin says:

    It looks like a lion in the bottom right corner with it’s mouth open.

  178. nicole says:

    i thought at first it was a bear eating a baby but now i see a cow lol how stupid am i

  179. smeyer says:

    haha it is a cow!!
    i was looking at it for a while, and then my dad came over, and poi nted it right out!

    **spoiler link**
    its too hard to describe :P
    so you can read my attempt to tell you where the cow is, or you can just click on the link, to my edit of it ;)


    the little black area with the white dot in it, along the bottom, in the middle, is its nose, (the black
    the bottom left corner of the big black area on the top left of the page is his eye. (you should see it going into a littler circley thing)

  180. popesantaxiv says:

    Oh! There’s a similar illusion I remember seeing once!


  181. Rhianan says:

    Can someone please explain to me how its a cow?

  182. Facebook User says:

    Ok I get it. It is a cow’s head. If you can’t see it, focus on the black sections : there is the eyes, one ear (partially cut because touching the left side of the picture) and a mussel (touching the bottom of the picture). The fore head is in the white section and the cheeks are of two different shade of grey. The body/shoulder is grey too. If you can only see a white baby crying with an open mouth, that mouth is actually an eye. What looks like a tunnel is the other eye. It’s a terribly bad quality for a picture. Like someon had folded the paper a lot before photocopying the photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy.

  183. Jason says:

    Saved it, viewed it with 3 different programs, inverted it, shrunk it, blew it up, changed it back and finally printed it. Nothing! It must be quite a stretch of the imagination because I’m normally very good at these things but still haven’t found it. More clues please.

  184. I stared and stared and could not see anything (even after reading the comments!), but then stopped and wondered which side of my brain was dominating making me not be able to see it. I closed one eye and saw it instantly.

  185. David says:


  186. Martin Giroux says:

    Exactly what it says above! Once you see it you can’t not see it anymore!

  187. Mr. Funny says:


  188. It is a cow looking right at you with a big white forehead and black ears! It’s nose and mouth are dead center bottom edge.

  189. Hal says:

    I see a boy (like Calvin) facing to the right, kneeling, with his arms out (almost as if praying).

    And ok, now I see the cow. He beat me in a blinking contest.

  190. Fruckert says:

    I see a skull.
    I must be weird, I guess…

  191. Anthony says:

    I thought it looked like a man lying down…

  192. can someone be more specific?

  193. ok…i walked away, and when I came back there it was! Moo!

  194. I SEE says:

    well i didn’t get it right away, but on the black and white version, i got it instantly

  195. Jessica says:

    This is a good one. I had someone help me and then got it.
    ***spolier*** It is a cow. The head is looking directly at you and the head blends into the body. The nose is the black oval at bottom left. The ear on the right blends into the black background but the ear on the left is visible. I hope that helps some people.

  196. thomas707 says:

    Looks like an untrasound of a fetus.

  197. Jack says:

    My first thought was a high altitude, maybe satalite, photo. Then I thought maybe a photo of the ground with a puddle reflecting a cloudy sky. I can’t see a cow at all and now I’m just…..lost.

  198. sergiu says:

    holy COW! it is really a COW! :) how cute…i love cows..:)thanks a bunch

  199. fairanrein says:

    Eurekow, I see the cow!!! But I see too, in the right side of cow face -the shadow one-, some armed men…they look like mexicians of Pancho Villa. There are four of them.

  200. Jack says:

    OMG!!!!! The cow just jumped out at me….not lost anymore. VERY COOL!!!

  201. No one, says:

    what direction are you supposed to look at it? I still can’t see it!!!

  202. Victor says:

    Maybe it’s cowhide…

  203. Henry says:

    a bear and lion about to fight, the bear bottom left and the lion just in front of him. or maybe i should up my medication, might see more then lol

  204. Henry says:

    man i just got it forget the bearr and lion close one eye the squint and the cow is just staring you in your face with its cute nose. nose bottom center ear top left and go from there. One of the best so far i’m thinking keep up the great work

  205. Pyco says:

    We saw it too. it is a cow head!!!!
    really hard to find.

  206. mike says:

    took me forever. finally saw it. very cool.

    here it is revealed:

  207. No one, says:

    I SEE IT NOW!!!! WAHOO!!!! I took a really long time but I finally saw it! I also see a buffalo!!! lol

  208. Rose says:

    My four year old spotted it in 2 seconds. I was sitting here trying to figure it out forever. I have been having him look at stuff on this site as an educational exercise. He is getting good. I called him over and asked him if he saw anything and he said, “yeah, a head with a face,” and pointed it out. I felt stupid.

  209. Rose says:

    Take the picture in as a whole. Don’t look for small things. Remember it is black and white. You will see the cow then. Yes, it took my son pointing it out but now I don’t know how I missed it.

  210. Maurice Reyes says:

    First post !!

    Really… i see… A COW !??
    I can’t see anything else… well, thats odd

  211. Oversword says:

    wow that’s really good.
    For the first time in a long while on this site i’ve had to take more than 2 looks to figure it.
    i actually saw it as i was scrolling the page, it just popped out at me.
    very good image, looks a lot like what it’s supposed to.

  212. Facebook User says:

    Good catch, Jack!

    It was easier to se in the earlier one because there was less hatching, more b&w.

  213. Michael says:


    As said before, it’s a cow.
    It is a head of a cow looking at you.

    If you still cannot see it, go to the link in the description “what the illusion was” which is a better copy (contrast) than this one and much easier to see.

  214. egdirbr says:

    Very nice.

    I was guessing that it was a satellite image or an extreme close-up. I had no idea, but now that I know, I can’t not see it.

  215. no.johnny5 says:

    The dark area bottom center is the cow’s nose. Took me a long time! [O-O]

  216. Marrah says:

    It took me all day to find it XD
    I found it about 5 minutes ago. Then showed my family no1 got it.
    P.S. it only took all day because I kept coming back. So it kinda only took about 39 minutes.

  217. Dave says:

    Okay, I’ll try to describe it. Cow face, with black nose at the bottom, white forehead. Prominent left eye just to the right of center. See it?

  218. Facebook User says:

    This is an old Optical Illusion, I was surprised so many had never seen it. Still it is a very cool optical illusion. For those who can’t see it, the illusion is on the left 2/3rds of the pic and is the cows head.

  219. Katie says:

    I saw it better on the widget.
    Couldn’t get it at all from on here!

  220. hello says:

    in the middle at the bottom
    is the nose.

    it’s looking right at you

  221. wendy says:

    I still don’t see it

  222. Louigi says:

    I can see above the cow, in the right side, a gorila’s head with the eyes closed.

  223. jimbo says:

    after half an hour its the head of a cow.
    very good.

  224. Reid says:

    I’m fairly certain that it is either a photograph of an explosion; Possibly a zeppelin or a hot air balloon of some kind; or a satellite photo from back in the day. Although, I’m not sure which country.

  225. Samantha says:


  226. Sara says:

    haha, yep, at first i thought it was a map… but then i saw it! damn, this is a good one, sure!! ^^

  227. Mandy says:

    I don’t see no freakin’ cow – am frustrated! THX!!!!

  228. StenC says:

    Ok, it’s a cow’s head.
    But it still is also a mans head the white that in the middle, he looks right in the picture.
    The grey to the lower right looks like a lions head sneering to the left.

  229. Marco says:

    First I saw a puma (or lion) head with open mouth, viewed from left (look at the lower right corner of the picture).
    After reading your comments I see the cow head.

  230. Detective Kitty says:

    oh it’s a cow…i saw a human like right a way but then i stared at it some more and i saw a cow.

  231. ¬¬´ says:

    i don’t see the cow I see the lion and a dragon and a men face. Where is the cow?

  232. ¬¬´ says:


  233. anonymous says:

    i cant see a cow! i can see a guy in the white spot though…

  234. Pattie Roberts says:

    All I saw at first was the face of a cow. It was so apparent that I could not find anything else. Of course I am a farm lady so this one was a breeze for me. Pattie

  235. phil says:

    Oh wow! I’ve been getting so frustrated with this one, and then suddenly it just popped out at me. Once it does it’s so damned obvious! And yes, now it simply won’t merge back into the background.
    Incredible. One of the best I’ve seen on this website.

  236. Jason says:

    Yes its a cows face, I remember this one from an old buddhism book I read years ago.
    its true that once you know what it is, theres no mistaking it ever again.

  237. RB says:

    Look at the white area in the upper center of the pick. On the rightside of the white area right at the center of the picture is a bay openning into a sea of black. That bay is the cows left eye.

  238. mw says:

    it looks like an x-ray to me… am i missing something?

  239. Def says:

    I suddenly got it. It’s a cow staring at you.
    The bottom black part (in the center) with the white spot (almost bean-shaped) is the cow’s nose.
    The black area on the top left (about 1/5 down from the top) is the ear

  240. Flor says:

    It looks like snow on the street.

  241. Richard says:

    I’ve been trying to put comment on this website several time, and it never worked.
    It’s the last time I’ll ever come here.

  242. Dayalan says:

    At first i thought it was a satellite image…

  243. Asia says:

    WOW! Thank you RB for pointing out what the pic really is. Would never have guessed that is would be a cow. But then what the gigantic blob of white in the bottom left corner. Is that the body?

  244. Marie says:

    LOL Oh wow, to me it looked liek Mr. Magoo with a hard hat on, but now I can really see the cow… what a great illusion! I love your posts and really enjoy opening my yahoo and checking out what you have! The posts are as much fun as the pictures :) Keep up the great work!

  245. Fred Pena says:

    Thank you RB, now I see it!

  246. NKM says:

    You are right. Once you see the cow you dont see anything else. Funtastic.

  247. me says:

    i see it! it’s a cow. it took me a couple minutes. cute! I <3 cows.

  248. Zarah says:

    I see a fetus in an ultrasound like photo. The big white spot is the head and it’s facing to the right. There is some land that comes out a bit into the black water that is it’s hand. I can’t see anything else.

  249. alex says:

    the entire thing is a cows head

  250. Lily says:

    Oh, jeez. The quality of that thing makes it two steps from impossible to see. It was annoyingly familiar, but I just couldn’t see it. Thanks RB!

  251. Mandy says:

    JUST SAW IT; JUST SAW IT – not frustrated anymore!!! ;)

  252. Spider says:

    Okay, so I was wrong. It is NOT a bogus (like the girl with the cello.) It actually IS a very good illusion. Thanks for the answer, guys! And yeah, I got it right away the instant I know what to look.

    Good thing I did reserve my vote. Now I can vote a bunch of stars for this illusion =P

  253. bub says:

    is it meant to be like those inkblot things? coz i see a lot of things. the center white spot looks like a head from side on. the black part in the bottom left looks like teeth, the part right next to that on the left hand side looks like someone screaming or crying. (eyes closed mouth wide open) the edge of the black spot on the top right corner looks like an elephant and there’s lots of other pics but less prominent.

    can you see these or am i crazy? lol

  254. kkb says:

    this is an awesome illusion… just saw the cow… and yes its true once you see the cow, there is no going back…

  255. Tiago says:

    I can see the cow,that’s for sure, but my first impression was the face of a cat.
    Two eyes above, a small nose in the center, below.
    Witch one is it?

  256. Sammy says:

    i saw it right away ;)

  257. Ana-maria says:


  258. Ana-maria says:

    oh wait i see something with an eye at the corner

  259. Ana-maria says:

    oh oh oh oh i see it i see it
    it is a cow!

  260. Kaytlynne says:

    It looks more like a deer than a cow… >.>

  261. jominy says:

    move back a couple of feet and blink rapidly if you can’t see it. That made it jump out immediatly for me.

    Before that i saw the fetus thing someone mentioned but it wasn’t very strong so didn’t think that was it.

  262. Gabby says:

    the white part looked like a baby with its arm up… and then i saw the cow lol

  263. alexis says:

    thats a pretty B.A.M.F illusion but it took me a couple of tries…..and richard is stupid…dont get mad just cuz you cant post a comment!

  264. Tobe says:

    wow people, the cow (or calf)’s head is an eye-opener, thanks!
    But this stays in my vision; there is a mummy ! or some kind of egyptian sacrogaaf (coffin) in the picture.
    the head is right from the cow’s head, the nose sticks in the (left)eye of the cow,
    I can see clearly mouth, nose, eyes, an ear and some kind of big hat or crown
    Also a shoulder (right of the cow’s nose). Its almost if the cow rests its chin on the coffin.

  265. Eli says:

    Still, I don’t see it… Could anyone help me please???

  266. andy says:

    I see a Tintin (belgian comics) head

  267. Alycia says:

    I FINNNAALLY GOT IT THANKS TO jominy. haha (: and its true, i tried to NOT see the cows face but i just kept seeing it!

  268. mats karlsen says:

    it`s an radar picture of Saturn’s Moon Titan

  269. mats karlsen says:

    it`s a face of a cow

  270. Ella says:

    I see a face in the bottom left corner- its eyes are open.

    Though I cannot see the cow

  271. Ella says:

    Oh I see it. It honstly took me about `15 minutes. OOPS

    Its good though. It’s true now that I’ve seen it, I’ll never mistake it again.

  272. jonathan says:

    more of a pig to..not a cow..LOL

  273. ex says:

    i think it’s a phantom
    it’s it’s …….
    yeah it’s fantastic

  274. Grand Dizzy says:

    It’s a really grainy, terrible quality old black and white photo. I think the description should say that. I was assuming it was a normal photo. This has more in common with an abstract painting than a photo.

  275. Anonymous says:

    I think I see the cow, but what is the giant white area that is under the big blank black space on the top right of the picture?

    If the white area is part of the cow, that I am probably wrong, but am seeing a very good image of a cow too.

  276. Marsmellow says:

    I’m trying really hard to see the cow… but i just can’t.. and its getting really frustrating…
    all i see is a soldiers head and no cow….


  277. Bookie says:

    Took me a few comments and hints to get it – simply amazing.

  278. Bookie says:

    Very rough red outline of the cow on top of the illusion image – this will definitely help all of you who can’t see the cow. Look at the outline, remember it, and then look back at the original illusion image above.


  279. venner says:

    its amazingley true how couldnt seee a thing just thought it was a mess then saw the cow now cant see anything but the cow

  280. Rosy and Roly says:

    ppl look at the pic from far away but don’t jump cause once you see the cow its kind a creepy no joke

  281. Julian says:

    Holy crap man
    finally i see it
    thnx RB

  282. Monxy says:

    Well, i saw this when i was watching it from distance

  283. Anonymous says:


  284. nobody says:

    if you highlight it by pressing ctrl A then you can see it better

  285. zeljko says:

    I see a child moving his hand up. Am i right?

  286. zeljko says:

    A wolf is in the top-left corner!!!

  287. Molly says:

    I dont see it :C

  288. Nora says:

    Its a cow.

  289. Sly says:

    yup, definitely a cow.

  290. Xu says:

    what is XYWZGF, I don’t understand this picture… Help !!!

  291. illusionist says:

    vurdlak, please please help…i cant see it but i really want to!

  292. googy says:

    lost help

  293. batts says:

    looks kinda like a skyview

  294. mikes says:

    scare my self see creepy things

  295. Jake Karpinski says:

    It’s a cow. The black dot near the center is actually the eye.

  296. Jaded says:

    I’m so lost! Where is the cow??

  297. some guy says:

    its a very clear cow or an ultrasound of a baby

  298. Orshina says:

    ITS IS A COW!!! the big black areas are the ears. and the black area at the bottom is the nose =D

  299. Oliver says:

    Really good.. a Cow!!!!!
    black dot in the top left is a ear…
    black dot in the bottom the nose…
    black dot in near in the center the eye…

  300. Kirstin ♥♥ says:

    It is a… (anagram) of a baby in his or her mum’s tummy. its obvious.

  301. Hot Stuff says:

    I don’t see a cow, I don’t see a mammogram, I don’t see an XYWZGF or whatever. WHAT IS IT?!

  302. Hot Stuff says:

    Wait, Now I see it! It IS a cow! The big black areas at the top are the ears and the big black area at the bottom is the nose! If you can see that, everything else kinda pulls together!

  303. Soundwave217 says:

    omg its true! once you see it you cant go back! its a calf! (cow)

  304. !!me!! says:

    i cant see it!

  305. Bob says:

    Kristin, where do you see a baby in its mommy’s tummy? It’s not there. Can’t you see the cow?

  306. haha says:

    Why did i see a baby crying? Left eye of “the cow” is the mouth of baby.


  307. lolipop101 says:

    i dont see anything HEEELLLLLPPPPP!

  308. nobody says:

    i see a persons head

  309. Firestar8125 says:

    In the middle i see a person screaming and running it look like a kid. Probaly running away from the wolf. LOL

  310. ian says:

    yup!!! it’s a head of a cow…

  311. Curtis says:

    I dunno, I see the cow but I also see a human head facing right (it’s the white part)

  312. God says:

    It’s not a cow stop all agreeing that it is so as to confuse other people.
    What the hell does ‘XYWZGF’ mean?
    I hate this illusion!

  313. God says:

    I see the cow now

  314. ruben says:

    dot on center is the left eye of the cow. dark below is the nose.

  315. Ramdon Freak says:

    I see a baby

  316. Jez says:

    omfg! that took forever to find even with the help of comments. lol. all i could see was a baby.

  317. lolz says:

    i don’t see it

  318. Slyk says:

    Not sure if what i see is correct but i’ll attempt to describe it. The upper area has the letter “M”; that would be the forehead. Go south from the tip of the middle of the “M” and you get the nose(or the two nostrils). Then take the tip of the right side of the letter “M” and go south east( following the trajectory closely) for the right eye. Then the image should come together, i hope.

  319. Andrew says:

    All you can see in the image is the cow’s head, the rest of the image you can’t make anything out.

    The cow is facing toward us and slightly to the right.
    The bright white roundish part in the middle is the cow’s forehead.
    The little round black bit on the bottom right of that is the cows eye, which continues as the cow’s ear, and then more black which is nothing

  320. Kim says:

    Hi, i’m new and I know for a fact that its a freakin skull guys! Common!

  321. Kim says:

    click the link at the top of the page that says ‘what the illusion was.’ It’s a skull!
    Try shrinking the image!

  322. noob says:

    A COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  323. Valerie says:

    With help from the comments (thanks) and staring for a few minutes yeah finally saw it, A COWS HEAD AND SHOULDERS!!!! Staring right at me.

  324. Cathleen says:

    If it’s a cow, then what is the big white thing that looks like a head? I don’t see anything. Can someone who knows what it is tell me where all the features are? it is REALLY frustrating.

  325. Tobe says:

    Coming back at this (fascinating ain’t it), I’ve copied the picture on my pc, did a mirror-action on it, took a distance, or make the pic smaller and my conclusion;
    a young cow standing in front of a brick wall (vertical bricks) but the foto is damaged or very old. ;)

  326. edu says:

    I see a skull. In te top/left, in te white area xDDD cool

  327. bob says:

    shut up you nerds it is a fish not a cow wahawahawaha

  328. bob says:

    fish will one day rule the world

  329. Bowser says:

    the white part looks like michael jackson mayb?

  330. Lisa says:

    OMG NOW I C IT!! hahaha…i needed 2 c da comments 2 figure it out… :P ur rite now dat ik wot it is i cant enithing else!! (:

  331. hi says:

    a cow :D

  332. codered434 says:

    i see demonic things in this 0.o i see da cow but if you look in the top left corner and focus on both the black and white, youll shit bricks.

  333. javacuzi says:

    i see a skull but i dont see a cow OR a baby

  334. Rachael says:

    I see both a cow and a baby, but what’s the answer? Is it a cow?

  335. Robert Moore says:

    ahhhhh!now i see it!

  336. Feli says:

    I see it! if you look a lot you’ll see that the clearer parts in the middle there are trees, the grass, the sky, and some branches come from the upper part. and the black thing i believe are leaves or something

  337. Nigel Otto says:

    Took a while to find, but when i found it it was a RELIEF! if u want to find it out on your own then dnt read this. (It’s A Cow)

  338. Claude says:

    I see a leaf on the ground.

  339. Claude says:

    Now I see the cow and the skull, but I still don’t see the baby.

  340. WP says:

    Obviously a cow. Took me about 2 seconds to see it. Still a cool pic.

  341. pppp says:

    a leaf,scull,tiger’s face…
    where is cow someone will tell me

  342. Unicorn Face says:

    i see a sick chinese man P;

  343. ABE says:

    its a bird its a plane no wait a minuite it aint shit crazy ass nucca.

  344. Donna says:

    I see a scared little kid in the lower left corner and a tiger or lion about to atatck on the right lower corner. I don’t see a cow anywhere.

  345. Donna says:

    Oh, wait now I see the cow’s big face directly in the middle!

  346. Ashley B says:

    i see a wolf or sum biting a little boy’s hand!

  347. not a one says:

    a cow

  348. COWBOY says:

    it´s a cow face
    …. …………. …………………….
    …. .. .. .. …………………….
    …… ……………………..
    ……. x x ………………………
    …… ………………………
    ……. ……………………….
    …….. ………………………..
    ……… …………………………
    …….. ° ° ………………………..

  349. jsld says:

    “We really thought this was someone trying to pull a joke on us, but then later that day we were told what the illusion was.”

    Let me get this straight. You couldn’t see what it was until you were told what it was and you want us to see what you had to told to see and you don’t provide the answer?

    Golly, you’re so much smarter than all of us.

  350. jsld says:

    And the link you provided as a ‘hint’, does that mean we’re looking for a two headed cow?

  351. superman says:

    its a human charile brown mexican jjajaja

  352. Cisco says:

    Scene 3 of two girls one cup

  353. Anonymous says:

    It’s a cow ya dummies

  354. EagleEye says:

    I saw this when I was 15. Seriously, I don’t get how people don’t see it. its a picture of a cow’s head. It took me less than a second to see it. whats so hard to see?

  355. HeiwaZeT says:

    i cant see even a single thing!
    please, somebody help me!

  356. none of your damn business says:

    i see the skull and the baby but not the cow

  357. Baboon says:

    I see a lioness roaring with the huge sun in the background, appearing to just touch the edge of her nose..
    I can see the cow but it doesn’t appear as obvious to me XD

  358. Took a while but then suddenly i seen the cow…lol this is a good one!

  359. Abob says:

    Its a cow. The large white area at the top is its head and the small black area near the bottom in the center is its nose

  360. starlightbabi says:

    i see a dead guy with his eyes out and him bleeding ….

  361. LAUREN says:


  362. temerity92 says:

    osama bin laden and a dead guy..

  363. temerity92 says:

    and a cow..

  364. Bandit says:

    looks like aerial photo to me. the dark on the right looks like trees… the black is water…. could be snow on the ground….

    that’s all i can see…
    i can make out figures in that…. but it’s just my mind looking to make sense…

  365. Meliss says:

    It’s a baby cow :D to the left. If you dont really stare at it but just lean backwards alil bit you’l see a BIG baby cow face.

    • justine says:

      ahhh, i saw it when i took “Meliss says:
      May 30, 2011 at 10:54 am
      It’s a baby cow :D to the left. If you dont really stare at it but just lean backwards alil bit you’l see a BIG baby cow face.” that advise thought i was going crazy haha

  366. Jonathan says:

    I agree with Bandit. I don’t see any animals in this image either. The image itself is an aerial reconnaissance photograph from WWII. Most interesting to know the cordinates. I do have an inkling though. Would Josue Diaz please email me.

  367. Wiz Khalifa says:

    this hurts my brains.

  368. Nick says:

    I think I see Bin Laden in the bottom left, where the photo is not as black. Please someone tell me that they see him also.

  369. Amber says:

    I can see the baby,but wheres the cow???

  370. Eric says:

    Yeah! I see the cow! lol

  371. becky says:

    Where is this baby everyone speaks of — i found the cow with in 5 seconds (although at quick look at thought horse…until i delved into the photo completely. But a baby? a lion?

  372. kat says:

    i dun see the famous cow!! can anyone indicate it to me plz? ^^

  373. everything says:

    i see an elephant calf, top right,a man with a goaty inthe middle a skull in the top left a tiger in the bottom right and the dinosaur with the sail in the bottom left

  374. MikanXL says:

    This thing made me shit bricks.
    It is a cow’s head with a tree(on the lower right corner) and some barbed fence.

    Just step back from the computer and you’ll see it.

  375. mary says:

    a Soldier.!

  376. Subzero says:

    I see a cow face at the first time I saw this pic.
    how could it couldn’t be seen by some of u ???

    the white area (area with X- mark) upper center is it forehead, the dark at bottom center is it nose)… both dark area in upper right and upper left is it ear …

    see ..

  377. Kitty says:

    I see: Chinese man in the center, dog on the right turned over, jaguar at bottom, and kneeling Pope at left.

  378. Suor de Sapo says:

    Again the cow??!!! At least I can see a kid in this one (looks like Calvin)… Ah, and that “rotated to lef’t” cat.

  379. mason says:

    this is ridiculous. it took me my whole biology class to figure it out.

  380. Jessa says:

    all I see is a man with vertical slits for his eys. No nose, no mouth with his head tilted to the side close to his shoulders. He appears to be bald. That’s all in the white area. I dont see a skull, tiger, baby or cow! Help please?! If the cow is so obvious…I’ve read all the comments but I just cant find the cow!

  381. shane says:

    two heads on her head

    • Sbtier says:

      That took forever to see, but once you realize the white thing you think is the head is the forehead and top of nose, and the black oval at the bottom is the end of the snout, it’s easy.

  382. Jacqui says:

    Ha ha I see the cow!! great

    • joni says:

      thanks Jacqui…. it is a cow… well the other guys were wrong… if u dont mention it, it took forever to find…

  383. livi says:

    Now i see it! Its a cow!

  384. Gordy La Roux says:

    Am I the only 1 who sees a lions head on the right? I do see the cow too!

  385. chelsy says:

    i see a persons head blowing a bubble!

  386. Mike says:

    Try this. I see a construction worker wearing a hardhat with his left arm up and out, and his right arm coming toward you wearing a glove. Also he is holding some kind of tarp in front of him. His shirt is darker than his head.

  387. tanya says:

    argh what is it?

  388. Super Mario says:


  389. amy says:

    it looks like baby 2 me.

  390. bookgurl says:

    i see a zombie baby!

  391. GJD says:

    From distance i see a cat`s head
    Looking nearer i see a cow`s head too.

  392. DFG says:

    its a cow, teenage cow. the other side is just a background somekind of mountain an grass field.

  393. Isaac says:

    OMG its just a bull looking at you on the right to the bottom dont you see ive seen this one before

  394. Annie says:

    It’s leaves !!!

  395. carzy chick says:

    it a cowwwwwwwwwwww!

  396. Ajit says:

    i see head of rihno

  397. Sasha says:

    What is it

  398. Jman says:

    theres a man on the bottom left of the screen….kinda looks a bit like osama bin laden…… his eyes are looking to the right….. pretty darn cool!!!

  399. ViniSocram says:

    It is a face, or maybe someone been smashed…
    I can see a panda too. And a man’s face with long beard on the left, tryin to strangle the write figure in the centre

  400. Guesty says:

    I never saw the cow at first if u look at the whole thing it looks like an angel with a crown on top 2 slashes for the eyes and on left and right wings spread out wide

  401. CJ says:

    I see a grizzly bear on the left butting heads with a polar bear on the right.

  402. bernaaa says:

    its……a skull

  403. bernaaa says:

    its…..a skull. close up view

  404. joe says:

    there’s nothing on this picture…just time wasting…it would nice if there is an answer, if ever people here can’t find it…

  405. jj says:

    theres the face of the ape on the right. it looks JUST LIKE AN APE. look closely. you see the side of the side of its face. pretty cool. i also see a cow sort of. i’m surprised nobody pointed out the monkey/ape face in the middle on the right

  406. An says:

    Does anyone else see the baby elephant reaching out to her mother?

  407. stormpebbles says:

    its a cute wee calf head

  408. stormpebbles says:

    about 60%-70% of this piture is a calf head , stand back from your pc , and look again , its big and bold !!!!

  409. Anonymous says:

    I think it looks like a elephant and a dead guy… No wait that cant be right!

  410. Jeffery Mass says:

    For those who still can’t see the cow, I outlined the illusion so you can see it.
    ( url: http://puu.sh/7sCF7.jpg )

  411. colin says:

    well,wot is it,all i can c is a ‘kin cow

  412. SC says:

    I see a dead person covered in blood…

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