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By on May 1, 2011, with 45 Comments

Before we start discussing today’s post, there’s one semi-crucial thing I’d like to share with you… hopefully someone will be able to help, eventually (?!). As you know, little while ago we have started our very own Facebook channel, which over time has accumulated more than 8,500 members. Unfortunately, back then I wasn’t aware that once you set the title of your FB page, there is no way of changing it. So instead of just naming it Mighty Optical Illusions, we named it Mighty Optical Illusions – Photography Fan Page (clumsy, right?). I’ve heard that Facebook occasionally bends its rules, and helps prominent brands in this situation, yet I don’t have direct contact with anyone inside. It would be of great help if some of our readers knew someone inside, or even better if you actually work for Facebook to instruct us what would be the best way to fix this error, thus enabling us to promote our page further (currently, it turns out pretty ugly when you promote it via FB ads, as title can’t be changed).

Anyway, check out how perspective plays with us in the following photo! The soldiers appear so close to each other, yet the difference in their size suggest different! BTW, there is a bonus Easter-Egg animation called “Superman Experience” hidden somewhere inside this article… let’s see how many of you can find it ;D

Weird Perspective Soldiers


45 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    you have to click on the image to find the superman experience thingamagig

    • Jon says:

      What happened to the links that used to be on the bottom of every pic? They were so cool and keeped me intertained all day as well as the illusions!

  2. Rulo says:

    I found it :P It’s not really in THIS page.

  3. Yerk says:

    Easter egg!! Where are you???

  4. Yerk says:

    oh. :3 found it :D

  5. Adam Merrill says:

    Got it! I was expecting it to be actually “hidden” though, so I went over this whole page at 400% zoom looking for a little hidden .gif you stuck in some corner lol. Nice one.

  6. David Berry says:

    Found it, very cool

  7. Jacky Yang says:

    Yay I found it.
    Hint: Its an animated Gif that shows a first person view of flying through space.

  8. Dani says:

    Found it. Wasn’t too hard. Looks like a computer screensaver.
    Also the picture of the soldiers is befuddling. Something if off but I can’t put my finger on it.

  9. Dayhinu says:

    Hehe….the easter egg makes my eyes hurt!!

  10. SDER says:

    Yay! I found it too, thanks to your comment Rulo. Nice illusion, I’ve rarely seen perspective type illusions in the form of pictures, usually, they’re drawn.

  11. Awesome Anonymous says:

    Found it =D
    cool illusion too

  12. anaminus says:

    Found it!

    Hint: P-I-C-T-U-R-E

  13. kimbo says:

    i cant find it~

  14. Dave says:

    took me a moment… QTuON


    Yep, Telephoto Lenses will do this sort of thing. Had it been even brighter out and were the iris closed even more, the soldiers would be even more in focus.

  15. Esosa Francis says:

    well i think its dat white thing on the floor..next to a the last two solider’s leg.

  16. Joshua Baggott says:


  17. ForMeToKnowAndYouToFindOut says:

    where are the eggs?

  18. Chris says:

    The photo would have been taken with a tele-photo (long range) lens. This will compact images horizontaly, but the vertical perspective will remain the same. Look at the poles in the background – you can see the ‘compaction’ there.

  19. Bitch says:

    Where is it?

  20. heyoren says:

    can’t find the easter egg, can someone please help?!

  21. Y says:

    Found it! It’s trippy

  22. admin says:

    found it..
    not so hard to find!

  23. Shtnly says:

    click on the picture then click the “next” picture button to see the superman thing…


  24. TheIdiots says:

    Come on….too easy, I thought there was a hidden link to click or something.

  25. Dave says:

    Hmm… quite an appropriate illusion for today.

  26. Sue says:

    I suspect that our brain is interpreting the paved area as a road, when it is probably a runway or some other structure much larger than the road we think we are seeing.

  27. Mark Fain says:

    I gotta say, I usually love these illusions, but this one is a major stretch at best to be called anything except a pic of some soldiers standing next to a road. Maybe this type of forced perspective just works better for me in diagrams where there is no real background.

  28. bUd dUb says:

    so many people wasted soo much time. all i did was read the first comment.

  29. Harrin says:

    I can’t believe you devoted an entire post to this stupid “illusion.”

  30. Devam Doshi says:

    Well I think you can change the page name in the settings of the page! Nice illusion!

  31. jack rabbertck rabbert says:

    are you people really that dumb… it took me 0.000005 seconds to see it look at the people they look like there getting smaller .. if you dont see it go back to school

  32. Like Dani said, it looks like a screen saver. Very good. As for the soldiers, I thin it is a photographic illusion done with a telephoto lens, with the soldiers standing on a slight incline.

  33. Jannevera says:

    what if ones just short?:P

  34. David Gill says:

    I didn’t think this pic was any kind of Illusion. Check out Mendolbloct Set or Factals. Khan Achcadeny, under Biology, Intelegent Design!?

  35. superlegion says:


  36. superlegion says:

    heheh. the two guy’s that look like they’re far away (on the left…your left) are actually midgets!

  37. jack bowden says:

    is it supposed to be the gun thats upside down on the 3rd guy?

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