Wayne Hoffman’s Levitation

I have no idea how Wayne Hoffman (that’s the name of the illusionist in the image below) manages to levitate, but what I can give you, is a tutorial where you can learn to levitate – just like David Blaine does! Unfortunatelly not as high, as Wayne Hoffman, but still entertaining! Please help me solve the trick in the picture! In the meantime read the tutorial on Mighty Magic Tricks, and look at the animation here. You probably guessed: Mighty Magic Tricks is our new project, and it will also be refreshed daily.

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  1. i think it is computer animated coz look at the cars on the left you could clearly see their shadows but you can’t see his shadoows.
    plus his feet are in a completly straight line which i think is coz he was atanding in front of those green screens and he was extracted from it inserted into this picture.

    plz teel me if i am wrong??????

  2. I agree with Pembo and mayank, it is definitely fake… and I would say CG’d, but not green screen, the flat line of the shoe is a definite give away, however if you closly inspect the bottom of his shoes, there is a feathering of pixles which contain the colour of the object he was standing on.

    Also if you look at his jacket sleeve closest to the building, it has been trimmed, when removing the original background image.

  3. looks like he is standing on one wire and he is putting his hands on on another b/c his shoulders are slightly back and you can so see his shadow

  4. yea, its a modified pictue, because in the space between his legs, at the bottom, you can see a bit of grey/white probably from the original background…

  5. He is probably standing in front of a green screen and on a green table. the image is projected on those things, and the pixels unser his feet are his shadow

  6. he is not at all on stilts he has a gig fake shuolder plates and straped on arm plates look how flat his arms are. a wire is going thruogh the arm plates around his back and through the other arm plate. the camera dosn.t pick up the wire peolple in background know him there his brother and sis

  7. Sigh… many of you are wrong… they made him stand on something movable, took a picture of him, removed him and the item, took the picture of the background, removed the item he was standing on and its shadow and placed the background that was behind the item. TADAA!!! that shows a levitating guy. and could u see the people looking at him and the cars? some of the cars are people watching them make this illusion. some of them are probably some helpers. hope you people understand me ^_^

  8. If he were actually floating, his feet would probably be pointing downward and not in a perfect straight line, hes definatly standing on something

  9. but if he’s pasted on a another picture how come there’s ppl at the back staring at him? and BTW mayank he does have a shadow…. on the other hand if u zoom in between his feet at the very bottom there’s a shadow tht’s not suppose to be there

  10. to me it looks like someone took a pic of him then over lapped it on a different background cause his feet r perfectly together and u can c a white outline around his arm near the tree so u can tell it has been photo shopped and his shadow isn’t there either :)

    but i dunno if that is true tis just a guess :(

    lol if anyone finds out tell me please :)

  11. this seems possibly photoshopped to me…
    Because of the reason that the ppl getting out of their cars dont seem amased or even phased, even though he is a good two feet (at least) in the air. If he wer truely levitating i wud imagine more of a crowd of awed and amased people, instead of two ppl who dont even care that this guy is flying!!! Im pretty sure that this is a good ole photoshop

  12. jesus guys its obviously a photoshop, you can see its taken by 2 different cameras…look how he has a worse quality, and faded middle region, whereas the background is solid with no interference…

  13. I know what he is doing,He has stilts that disappear in the sunlight so its practically impossible to see.You can actually buy these stilts!He has magnets in his shoes (on the sides)thats how his feet are staying together!

  14. It’s a trick done on the computer…his pictre is taken on the ground…and then he is put onto that background so it looks like he is levitating…

  15. He jumped. The picture was taken while he was still in the air. Don’t you people remember the craze that went around the internet with people jumping onto their beds and having the picture taken while they were still in the air so it looked like they were flying or floating above the bed? It’s not really that hard to do, no photoshop is needed (good grief, do you people have no imaginations?) and it makes a neat illusion. If this were a VIDEO of a guy “levatating”, then the answer would be something more complex (wires, stilts, mirrors), but since it’s a STILL picture, the answer is obvious. Trick photography was around long before computers!!

  16. I looked at the larger picture and I see that the palms of his hands are perfectly flat. So his hands are pressed against something. For the rest of the illusion, i have no idea.

  17. this is photoshopped. he’s actually just standing on the ground .. look at his feet. perfectly flat

  18. He’s on a ladder that’s been taken from the picture. Look at the pants. There’s giant lines in it where the rungs of the ladder would be.

  19. he is actually tied to a string from his back. because of the background which is too bright, the strings cant be seen which appears that he is levitating

  20. Bad photoshopped. Look at the color around the sleeve of his left arm (right side of the picture). Purposely blurred.

  21. Why post obviously fake pictures? It’s not an illusion, it’s photoshop. Look at his hand in the trees, there is a white shadow outlining his arm, it blocks out the color of the leaves. Complete failure.

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