Water Diet Optical Illusion

Christian Rauch lives in Germany, more precisely Stuttgart, and he stumbled upon these interesting water bottles that advertise healthy way of life. I doubt the speed of loosing weight is reciprocal to progress of emptying the bottle (by drinking from it), but our lil’o lady trapped inside the bottle states this is true. I won’t go into diets right now, but I agree that drinking water purifies our system. Anyway, I believe the brand that sells these, surely managed to transfer the correct message. BTW, just remembered we had the very same idea produced by another US company decades ago. Only it was public billboard last time, if my memory serves me right.

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  1. yea great one…
    “Trink dich schlank” means something like
    “Drink yourself slim” ;)
    really nice idea

  2. Trink Dich Schlank = Drink yourself slim

    and i agree, i like the woman to the right more :P

    wouldn’t decline her invitation for a nice evening xD

  3. Dear Vurdlak,
    I agree with a former person who stated that you “talk” a lot and say almost nothing.

    I love the illusions and i appreciate all your efforts to get us one almost every day. I really do look forward to it every day.

    But sometimes it takes me more time to read your message then to find out how the illusion tricks my brains, or how it works.

    So please let me give a suggestion: start SAYING something about the illusion and then TALK about the the rest.

  4. I think Trink Dich Schlank means “drink yourself slimmy” etc :p Have no idea, but i study swedish and the two 2 words remind me of swedish words “drick dig ___”, “drink yourself ___”

  5. Trink Dich Schlank! Trink = drink. Dich = fat. Schlank = thin. i.e. drink and you turn from fat to thin. It emphasises the benefits of water, and very clever, as it ‘encourages’ you to drink the water. Great illusion (although i’m not sure it’s an illusion, it’s still very clever)

  6. hahaha..now i get it…when the bottle is full with water the lady looks fat,when the bottle is half empty the lady looks fat beyond the belly…when the bottle is empty…she looks slim….nice concept though…

  7. Anyone who thinks the lady on the left (when the bottle is full) looks fat has a skewed perspective of body image. The word is CURVY, people. Considering that the image is distorted in proportion, the woman on the left is a healthy weight for her apparent frame.

  8. OK well i like the lady at the left cause she has more of a shape. SKINNY world huh? she look much better than the others cause she has a shape and everybody just loves skinny ppl.

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