Walt Disney Anamorphic Cylinder Illusion

This one is awesome! Here’s how it works: basically an artist painted Disney-style painting, in a way, when a cylinder mirror is put in the center of it, it would show anamorphic reflection of a Walt Disney‘s portrait. I’m sure everyone heard about this legend cartoon maker. If you didn’t quite understand this, Walt Disney picture you see in the cylinder is only a reflection of a painting beneath the cylinder mirror. Jump inside this article to see another photo. As you might know, we already posted some cool anamorphic illusions in the past… You can find them inside “Escher Style Category“.

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  1. I’ve read that as a child Walt Disney once shot and killed a bird with his pellet gun. For this transgression, he apparently held a lifetime remorse which fueled his celebration of wildlife through his amazing animations. I don’t think that Disney himself could grasp the cohesion of this particularly laboured illustration. That said, it should do very well on eBay as a ‘limited edition’ print. Stranger things have happened. Go fer it!

  2. if you look at the cylinder in the center you’l see a face…it’s supposed to be disney right? i don’t see him…i think it looks like teddy roosevelt…

  3. the face of disney on the cup is a reflection of the “table” (or whatever thats supposed to be) underneath of it, if you look at the table you can see the eyes and moustache

  4. It’s really amazing that this kind of anamorphic pictures have’nt lost their fascination over centuries. The oldest example I’ve found in the net is from 1638. It is a book called “La Perspective Curieuse” from french mathematician Jean Francois Niceron.

    There is a digitized version of the book at the “Bibliotheca Perspectivae” in Florence. I’m afraid, but it it’s not possible to link to the book directly. So, if you’re interested in, you have to follow the link above, select the letter -N- in the menu and then just click on the lowermost icon on the right side. You can browse throug the entire book afterwords.

    If this was too complicated or in case you just don’t succeed, I wrote a small posting about it a here (in german, sorry).

    Btw. I like your site… fascinating!

  5. Wow…what a waste of time for something really incredible sweet looking. How do you set up something like that….and y would you paint walt disney?

  6. I’m pretty sure that the artists draw these by looking at the reflection only, not at the paper. The cylinder is on the piece as they work.

  7. cool illusion. great paintings. they must be quite hard to paint/draw though…

    “Walt Disney is not dead, he’s just in suspended animation.”

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