Walking On Water

Hehe this one’s hilarious! Reminds me of one of our previous water-walking illusions. You’ll find it if you browse our archives. Can you guess how this photo was taken? Does she really has some superpowers? Or… ? Additionally our forum is almost done! I’m gonna need some moderators that I could highly trust. Do you think you qualify as one? Drop me an email if you think you’re ready for the position. Also, Few more games added. Be sure to check Gold Miner Vegas and World Domination in our Games section. As well as these two too-cool games for Mac: Cybermice Party and Titan Attacks. They can be found in our Mac Games section. Enjoy!

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119 Replies to “Walking On Water”

  1. Actually, that wouldnt be a very hard picture to take. she’s probably just diving and someone got a picture of it with a high speed camera. look at her feet

  2. This doesnt even look like an illusion. It looks like it was a figure ice skater thats been “photoshopped” on the water. Is there a page to find out the answer? Cause I’d like to know! :p

  3. she was just pushed up from under the water. she is more than likely a water dancer there is something or someone under her which is how she is able to get all the way out of the water the water is also dripping off her already so she can not be diving in nor could it be taken from underwater because of the drips and the direction of the ripples on the waters surface and the splash on the water

  4. wow… she’s jumping up from the water where it is pretty shallow… it’s like ballet dancing, and that is here reflection that you see, not someone else.

  5. If you look under the water, you can see that there are people there. She is obviously a water ballet dancer. The water is dripping down, so she is not diving into the water. There is a reflection from the sun, so she is not under the water. This is a pretty neat picture, it makes it look like she is in very shallow water, dancing.

  6. I never thought of the shamu angle. But after looking at a couple of more times it does look like she may have been pushed up by a whale. Also the water identation is really wide. I agree with Kristina…SHAMU DID IT!

  7. lads lads lads – she’s being pushed up from beneath – take a look at her feet someone has a hold of them! synchronised swimming anyone???!!!!!

  8. to king hienski, water doesn’t splash underwater, the would only be bubbles, and she isnt covered in bubbles, which is yet another way of showing that she isn’t. And btw I think it was photoshopped or she jumped from close and her legs were spread. either way, still a cool illusion

  9. i think josh is gettin the closest…she is blatently close to (if not) weightless and therefore has no centripetal force and this allows her to ‘float’, if u will, her way thro life…probably due to a harsh scheme of diet and exercise….its that or water fairies…take ur pik

  10. This is a very common trick that many clowns perform in circus in India for other people’s entertainment. What they do is- place a fiber-glass sheet supported by strong pillars made of glass inside the pool. Then water is filled so that the level is about 5-6 inches above the fiber-glass sheet. The person actually walks on the fiber-glass sheet, but it appears like walking on water.

  11. look at the splash her feet made- and the rings in the water. it looks like she jumped in- though there could be a platform under her and she had just landed on it when the picture was taken

  12. another option is that she is standing on a wall that is just under the water surface, they’re called herizon pools, they are used in two situations 1 at a pool that is near an ocean or lake thus making it look like the pool is actually part of a larger body of water. 2nd they are used as a semless transition between a hot tub and pool. she could be standing on that wall.

  13. I totally agree with “me” above. She is a water dancer and she is pushed out of the water. I’ve been in such a show before. The picture is pretty cool, the show was amazing.

  14. She is a synchronised swimmer you fools….its just a move where she is about to go back under water but they’ve taken the picture as she has come up and posed like that……DUH!!!

  15. You people are idiots and obviously know nothing about photography, nevermind underwater photography.

    If you did, it would be obvious that this was taken under water, and oh, it is upside down (as Hienoski mentioned). Just flip it over with photoshop or something and you’ll see. Also, if you draw a vertical line with her torso and horizontal with her arms you can see that the water surface is in an odd perspective.

    Oh, and if you know anything about the human body and exercise, you can see that her legs are stretched too wide and locked too tight to be “held up” from the bottom. It’s easier to lock-up your joints and muscles without counter force (hint: that would damage the muscles, as gymnists usually keep at least a slight bent at the knee when supporting themselves with their legs. )

    to brendan: no water doesn’t splash without air, but it does splash at surface…because??? and you can see bubbles coming off her crotch if you flip it over.

  16. some of these replies are hilarious:
    “shes diving and its taken by a high speed camera” well there are ripple on the water that are quite far away from her so shes probably been on the water for a while, or they are the ripples from when she was pushed up by her sychronized swimming team.

    “shes underwater” rofl … look at the splashes. ….. moving on

    the first reply by jmr was spot on. shes being held up, pretty cool.

  17. OMG… you guys are so lame… its a synchronized swimmer… there are up to 8 gals under her and her feet are matching someone elses and she is being pushed up from underneith. i can’t beleive that some of you actually beleived that she is walking on water.. but yes, it is a cool picture…

  18. Scuse me, but it is DEFINATLEY not a whale, Kristina! First of all, every swimmer who swims with a whale MUSt wear a scuba suit. Plus, The size of the thing underwater is not even close to a whale. I would know. I swim with whales. Ha.

  19. I agree with DON. It’s Syncronized Swimming. Thats her team under the water and if I’m not mistaken the swimsuit she is wearing was a swimsuit from one of the olympics.

  20. Nice use of ‘centripetal force’ instead of ‘gravity’, random guy! Not fooling anyone however. Oh, and guys, stop saying that things are obvious and trying to patronise others. Its childish.

  21. I’ve seen this in a show before, there are people under water supporting her. they raised her up out of the water, and then, synchronized, her and her supporter move her legs from together to spread, like they are as shown in the picture. that is why there is a splash behind her feet, because she is spreading them in the water. its not an illusion, its just a good picture of a cool syncronized swimming trick.
    yaay :)

  22. Bob
    I think the dip is caused by the giant whale that had just pushed her up and then dropped back under water. Haven’t any of you ever been to Sea World? I’m serious, I think it’s Shamu.

  23. u guys all she did was jump out of the water or sumone pushed her up its not that big of a deal! it’s not even an optical illusion

  24. Allright guys, seriously, she’s probably just in space. I mean really, if you knew anything about gravity in space you’d relize that she’s in space.

    I should know, I’m a space astronaut.

    1. Well, I may have not been to space but I think the only space you’ve been to is that vast empty head of yours. For starters, astronauts are college educated people meaning they can use proper grammar, spelling and syntax. Second, if she is being held aloft by the lack of gravity, the water wouldn’t be sitting in a pool underneath her but floating in globules around her. Anyone that has watched videos from space mission would be aware of that. You probably are only being silly, Daniel, at least I hope you are. If not then I’ll pray for you and that you do not reproduce.

  25. I saw something like this on a golf add were Tiger was “Walking on Water” when actually he was standing on a 2 x 4. in this picture i think she is standing on something just below the surface and is just ether jumping or splashing the water that is over the thing.

  26. yeah, im with the whole syncronised swiming thing. though saying Shamu did it just sounds cooler, syncronised swiming is just more logical. cool pic

  27. Looks like photoshop to me. There are splashes round her feet, but I don’t see any of the ripples or reflections that you might expect to be there.

  28. Alright we can finally put this to rest. I saw another picture. You could see more of it, it was also larger with higher resolution. She is a synchronised swimmer and no she is not underwater. The shadow below her is of 5 or 6 other dancers underwater.

  29. actually she is a synchronized swimmer. this picture is what is refured to as a “lift.” The dark cloud bellow her are her teamates forming a “tower” below her so as to stabilize her. This is a complicated lift however, but I am assuming this is a very good team. By the way, i am a synchronized swimmer….i should try this out on my team. :)

  30. This photo was taken underwater and has been flipped upside down so that we think she is above the water — in reality, she is underwater. You can see the sides of the pool in the background.

    There is no “pushing up” from under the water.

  31. Ok, Is she under water? clearly not. under water , your legs don’t shine and reflect a light source as if wet! Those are drips of water , not bubbles.
    Reflection? yes, i see it , it is distorted by the ripples of the surface of the water over the dark people underwater.
    Synchronized swimmers? Obvously , yes.
    It appears that
    She has been Thrusted up out of the water
    quickly, and at the apex of her launch out of the water, she spread her arms and kicked her legs.
    You can see the trail of water from her right foot and from her left foot you can see water being kicked back from the bottom of her foot moving backward.
    I dont think this is the slow lift out of the water as stated above. NO one is holding her feet any more.
    I do see her supporting team mates under water.
    A pool wall in the background? no
    that is a reflection or shadow falling on the water of something out side the water. You can see it distorting by the waves.
    If she were underwater there would be bubbles comming from her face
    The illusion is that she is prancing across the water. She really is poped out of the water very breifly.
    She may have shot out of the water several times and the photographer got ready for the next time she poped up. That may explain the large ripples around her,
    Some of you people are half right and not right at all particularly by calling us idiots.
    However i am all right ;)
    Or she is a magical water skipper girl.

  32. It is simply Synchronized swimming. Hard to do… no trick. A girl is pushing her up for a split of second. A quick camera wo/man could’ve taken the picture at the right time.

  33. i think its a synchronized swimmer, she is out of the water, 1 the sun is shinning off of her, and she is dranched in water, meaning she was under the water and was thrown upward, 2 its not a whale or a dolphin, she is not in a water suit. and 3 I am part of a synchronized swimming team and i know how its done, it very hard to do, but its awesome!!!

  34. hi to all of you 1 the sun a shinnig off of her and she is dranched meaning she was under the water and she thrown upward, 2 its not a whale or a dolphin, she is not wearing a wet suit, and 3 I am part of a synchronized swimming team, and its very hard work!!!

  35. number 1 the sun is shinnig off of her and she is dranched meaning she was under the water and was thrown upward, 2 its not a whale or anything like that, she is not wearing a wet suit and 3 i am part of a synchronized swimming team and its very hard work!!!

  36. It’s not photoshoped !

    She’s a french swimmer: Virginie Dedieu, the world champion of synchroinzed swim !

    Vive la France !

  37. Oh, honestly. It’s not upside-down, photoshopped or whatever. Did anyone consider the fact that she CAN walk on water? =D OR she’s being held up by invisible strings. xD

  38. this is a difficult one because i dont think someone got a pic of her jumping in because the foot on the left is making a splash backwards..

  39. Im pritty sure she ia bein held up by some one under the water… cause if u look close u can see hands holding her feet

  40. well to me it looks like shes wearing heels, like shes a ballroom dancer or something and the iamge has been photoshopped, and loook at her body, it doesnt appear to be dripping, not even her fingertips.

  41. i DONT really CARE how or why she looks like shes walking on water, guys

    i actually read a sign in a room that said “NEXT TIME YoU THINK YOU’RE PERFECT, TRY WALKING ON WATER!”…hahahah rofl

    1. I was in our local Christian book store just last year, and I was in the section where they have things for cars, like bumper stickers and things like that. There were some liscense plate frames that had that very same message on them. I liked it so much, I decided to use it as part of my email signature.

      That would be just the thing to say to somebody who thinks they can do no wrong. (“Well, you think you’re so perfect? Let’s see you walk on water!”)

    2. somebody is holding her up from underneath! look at her feet. somebodies hands are there and there is a body in the water. that proofs she is being held up!!!

  42. While I am neither a photographer or a swimmer I have noticed a few things about this photo tht I believe would stop some of your ideas! One Her mouth is open! Thus endeing the upside down debate.(tho I was leaning that way myself) there seems to be a hand (or shamu’s fin lol) holding onto her back foot. also I’ve never seen a diver enter the water with their arms ope that is something you do for balance! balance is not needed when diving! one last thing she could be in the east somewhere…notice the gold jewlery on her head!!!

  43. looks like a gymnast shot being posted on a pool of water, why are there numerous circular waves if she hasnt even hit the water yet?

  44. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
    Some magicians use this optical illusion as well. These is a clear glass platform in the water. At the right angle, the platform becomes invisible.

    ~Depes Crystalline~

  45. guys, shes not standing on anything, ive done this myself. if you notice theres a big dip where shes at. its a wave trick, if you stand in the center of an enclosed area with water (preferably round shaped) and you stand straight and bounce up and down in a steady rhythem, cant break it, then you create waves, whats most likely she did was jump out of rhythem at the last second causing such an effect, though as to why she wanted to go through so much trouble is beyond me…

  46. Obviously she is just jumping in and the photographer managed to catch it at the exact right moment making the effect of *walking on water*

  47. well, i think it’s just an image created ….. rather, edited through a photoshop or photoeditor such as Adobe Photoshop…. kekkek…. xD

  48. well, i think it’s just an image created ….. rather, edited through a photoshop or photoeditor such as Adobe Photoshop…. kekkek…. xD

  49. for me theres 3 possibilities…
    1. walking on a glass thing below the surface
    2. jumping and taking a picture
    3. Isn’t it extremely likely that its just a shallow area?

  50. Most of you people are fucking stupid. I mean, how can so many of you be so fucking dumb. I hope none of you reproduce.

    Synchronized swimming. The shadow under her is her teammates who “lifted” her out of the water. It’s a fucking stunt.

    You morons talking about walking on boards, and that she is actually underwater, and the picture is upside down. Jesus Christ, you all are idiots.

  51. She is really underwater! This has happened many times since the cameras invention. You just need the photographer with camera in the right place along with the right ISO and F-Stop settings with high speed film and the right lighting and shadows. Good photographers can do this all day long.

    1. Um, yeah, that’s why you can see the water dripping downward off her btw her legs and off the front calf.
      Intelligent people can see this all day long.

  52. Actually, her teammates are under water holding her feet. Ive seen this done at sychro competition. Still really cool though.

  53. i think that they have filmed somebody jumping in, then filmed her jumping in seconds later( explaining her leg posture and figure underneath ). they have they slowed down they speed and printed it out as a still shot.

  54. i think her teamates are underwater, or she is jumping and they taped her so they could get a picture out of it.

  55. She is a synchronized swimmer. She swam from the bottom up and propelled herself out of the water and the photog was just right on the shutter.

  56. If you look closer under, beneath the girl underwater have something, like human. That lift up the gilr and the girl is for some moment like that pistion. the picture is taken in the right moment.

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