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Dear visitors,

Mighty Optical Illusions needs your help to determine “Most Popular Optical Illusion”. We relay on you to help us choose which of our previously posted illusions is the best. After month or two from this day, we will post “Top Optical Illusions List”, depending on your votes. So what would we like you to do is to post a comment inside this topic, including 5 illusions from this site, that you find above others. You should pay attention to quality, originality and optical illusion degree/complexity. To be more consistent and objective, you should check most of the illusions we have in our sidebar. I know this takes a while, so take your time, don’t rush! This pool will be open for a month or so, so there is really no pressing. We encourage you to spread this link and share it with your friends – the more votes we get, the more objective result will be. Our loyal and regular visitors will have no problem picking top illusion, since they obviously know them all by now. Still take your time and choose wisely… may the force be with you!


Your votes give us feedback, and help us decide which type of illusion you like the most, so we can publish more of that kind. For example: Spot the Object, Sidewalk Drawings, 3D Illusions, Scary Illusions, Magic Tricks….

22 Replies to “Vote for Most Popular Optical Illusion!”

  1. My favorite illusions are usually ‘spot the object’ illusions.
    1: Devil illusions, the one under the red one
    2: Devil illusions, the red one
    3: something’s wrong
    4: many faces
    5: many faces-2

    I’m waiting for more ‘spot the object illusions’. I’m fond of them.Bye :)

  2. My five picks in order:
    1. Scariest optical illusion
    2.Funny Fart
    3.Face in coffe beans
    4.Devil illusions
    5.Virgin’s 75 Bands

    They’re all awesome!!!

  3. 3-d chair
    shimmering dots
    scary illusion2
    funny fart
    and sooo… many others
    its not fair! how r v supposed 2 b deciding frm so many cool illusions?????
    not fair…not fair….not fair…not fair…not fair……
    i wanna vote em all!

  4. GASP!!!!!!!

    Vurdlak, you made a comment!!! I DIDN’T KNOW YOU MADE COMMENTS!!!!!!

    That is so cool. Have you ever made a comment on an illusion under some fake name so no-one knows who you are?
    I’d do that haha.

    Anyway, judging by how old this post is I assume the comp didnt work, but I’ll say that my favourite illusions are the ‘natural’ ones- just ordinary unphotoshopped photos that have illusions.

    It has become one of my ultimate goals to post something like that on your site. Hope I get to do it some day.

    Thanks for reading this. Bye!!!

  5. My favorites are the skull type pictures that look like one thing until you look coser and see it’s actually something else. I’d like to see some that are something other than skulls, though. Thanx and keep up the good work.

  6. the ones where u have to turn your head to see what it is or where theres 2 thing (kinda like the big bird with a human in its mouth and its also a man sailing to an island with 2 trees)

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