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By on September 20, 2009, with 14 Comments

Probably inspired by Henry Lim’s LEGO installation, Eric submitted these fun-lookingVolkswagen billboards. By now, you are all aware that these ads were based on M.C. Escher’sRelativity“, “Waterfall” and “House of Stairs“. In the gallery below, I included all of the three original posters done by Volkswagen for their “4Motion” van. I think their pitch-line “Get to the jobs others can’t!” suits this Escher campaign perfectly! Have you seen any of these out in the wild?

Volkswagens Escher style Billboards

Advertisement for Volkswagen 4Motion, based on Escher's artwork "Relativity"

Check out complete set below:


14 Responses
  1. Luca says:

    Very Nice twist on Escher’s illusions! i like it!

  2. anonymous says:


  3. Care Bear says:

    Escher and Volkswagen. A match made in heaven.

  4. Jake Langed says:

    I think it’s a cheap ripoff of a fine artist, and shows an absolute lack of imagination. If they can’t thnk of something creative on their own, then just show a picture of the damn car!

  5. Anonymoos says:

    Very interesting, i would rate it a 5/5

  6. irving says:

    is it real? i mean, a real billboard? where is it from?

  7. Detective Kitty says:

    This is quite interesting and the repeated volkswagons make a bigger effect. I don’t think this would be impossible to build with lego, unlike impossible objects. This is very easy t build and with a lot of inventive skills I’d like to actually see a house built like this one day. It is possible with bricks. If anyone ever builds a house like this, do post…

  8. vwSale says:

    its a cool add you gotta admit it

  9. Special ED says:

    I love MC Escher.

  10. Spinky says:

    It’s possible maybe not just with briks im thinking plaster boards and all that Jazz, but deffinitly gonna have a room like this in my house when im rich and famous!! haha!

  11. Rick says:

    Reminds me of that show “warehouse 13″

  12. so confusing but so cool!

  13. johnny_depp_fan says:

    This illusion is beyond excellent ! ! !
    Not to mention confusing ! ! !

  14. Red says:

    I think this illusion is cool, so is Esher himself… Gagnam style parody-> This is Esher style, hey….. No gravity, yep. this is Esher style…… I’m bored… anyone add on.

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