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By on December 11, 2010, with 22 Comments

Can’t say I expected that many of you BEING WRONG regarding our previous post! It seems only a fraction of our visitors managed to isolate the correct answer. Anyway, to conclude the test I posted the solution, and now can officially say that the correct answer was: circle no.3.

But let’s quickly share the newest billboard set, one that has been circulating the net lately. As it seems, people behind Volkswagen’s ad campaigns have actually listened to our advice, and heavily implemented optical illusions into their ads! I have always been firm believer that there aren’t much better ways to capture viewer’s attention in marketing, other than using optical illusions (naked girls being an exception). Btw, I know I promised we won’t repeat the Ebbinghaus effect, but I’m aiming at broader idea here…

Volkswagens Caddy Campaign
Volkswagens Caddy Campaign
Volkswagens Caddy Campaign


22 Responses
  1. Theo says:

    haha i like it ;)

  2. cp rules says:

    tht neat!

  3. Rien says:

    Good job volkswagen :)
    I like the top one best, the other 2 don’t work very well for me

  4. Lil' Smily says:

    yess i knew it was 3 hahaha lmaoo i got the riteh answer

  5. Alice says:

    Cool! I dont really get it, but cool!

  6. Dolphin says:

    People are using illusions for advertising…Cool!

  7. Slammer says:

    Dang, that’s good advertising! I like the “shorter road” one the best.

  8. luv it! says:

    i love this!!! cool ass!!!

    btw i guessed rite on the last one!!!

  9. Phillip says:

    They look the same size, except the small drop one looks lower.

  10. ZL123 says:

    Cool advertisement!

  11. darthnix says:

    That’s really cool of them. I especially like the last one with the road though.

  12. a person says:

    thats really cool

  13. ahdaunti says:

    All clever optical illusions aside, VW may be risking a lawsuit from the original “Caddy” for hijacking the vehicle’s name!

  14. José Romero says:

    haha, I’m now totally buying that car after watching those illusion billboards xD

  15. Carlos | coches embargados says:

    Always Caddy Campaign

  16. Z2d4th says:

    All Equal

  17. Annishia says:

    ya good advertizing! pretty well-known illusion though, nothing special.

  18. kingkoger says:


  19. Someone says:

    Same size, just focuse at the actuall..thing :P

  20. jenny LOL! says:

    wat is it soppose to be LOL???tell me

  21. Sanyo Seiki says:

    Same dot!

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