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By on October 12, 2013, with 17 Comments

VIDEO: RayBan Sunglasses IllusionCheck out this super clever optical illusion video featuring RayBan sunglasses! The more you watch it, more surprising it gets.

It’s really amazing what all can be done with simple perspective manipulation. If you like this kind of stuff I recommend you browse through our #videos, as well as #anamorphosis section – you will find few more similar amazing examples there! And now for the video:


17 Responses
  1. Steve says:

    Very cool!!

  2. Stawolf1001 says:

    ok, the last one had me fooled

  3. Me says:

    What’s with the faux-amateur filming style with all the unnecessary zooming and unfocusing

  4. erin8ball says:

    wow! those drawing were very deatailed.

  5. Corralesid says:

    hmmm!! for some reason i couldn’t reproduce the video on the page, but i searhc it external, and was not much impressive but i like it i give it an 8.

  6. Ophelia says:

    I love how the video leads you to believe that you know the pattern and what’s coming with the final zoom-in to the sunglasses…and then it blows your mind one last time.

  7. clay lister says:

    last one got me

  8. Scott says:

    Love the surprise ending.

  9. John Scriven says:

    This is stunning. Love the twist at the end.

  10. cookie says:

    the mind boggles

  11. suor de sapo says:

    ahahah! I was expecting something different for the sunglasses (a joke or glasses+ books anamorphosis) but not the whole desk! 5*

  12. Vincent says:

    Why wouldn’t the video work??? :(

  13. Cainmak says:

    I was thinking ‘it would be funny if we found out even the table is an anamorpho… WTF?’

  14. Owen Gao says:


  15. Ant says:

    It’s sure quiet on this web site! :(

  16. Peter says:

    I find it interesting how the images almost snap into perspective at the very last instant. There appears to be very little difference in placement between having the proper perspective and being very noticeably out of perspective. Really cool video. Love the ending!

  17. Robert says:

    I assume Brusspup did this one for the RayBan channel, considering how much this resembles his work, down to the music used. As usual, pretty good video.

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