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By on March 25, 2010, with 24 Comments

Video: Projected 3D IllusionsBy now, most of you know that 3D chalk drawings and wall murals can create quite impressive optical illusions. Unfortunately, this only works if you observe them under precise and unique angle. Numerous times we have seen them conventional drawings look 3D from perfect perspective, but there is a new approach by Utrecht student Sander ter Braak, who brought this onto the next level.

Sander created a real-time animated object that tracks your location, and accordingly adjusts itself to look 3D from wherever you are standing. He called the installation “Augmented Anamorphosis“, which by the way is his graduation project at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In the video below, first we see some simulations, user views, and finally the anamorphosis in practice.

For now, it is just a simple blue cube … but imagine the possibilities: 3D holographic landscapes that update in real time, video software you can download and project at home on walls, floors and ceilings, backgrounds you display on the outside of a building, three-dimensional gaming, effects… Where people once thought that virtual-reality would happen overnight, we are learning that augmented reality and virtual worlds combined with experiments like this may finally start to blend realities and blur the line between digital and physical spaces.


24 Responses
  1. raymond says:

    lol, nice

  2. Jilly says:

    Totally Love it and I want this in my house…………..it’s so perfect

  3. force says:

    please obi-wan, you are my only hope.

  4. Lindy says:

    wow kudos for Sander! that dude just improved every future game! virtual reality is finally not just for the movies anymore!!

  5. Doug Philips says:

    that’s awesome

  6. awesomeness says:

    Great job to Sander! Let’s see what happens in 5 years…:) Great site Vurdlak!

  7. Samuel Norbury says:


  8. Leon says:

    what if there are more than 1 person in the room?

  9. durvesh says:


  10. Lewis says:

    Very nice – this is a similar effect to what people expect the upcoming ‘Nintendo 3DS’ will be like – using a camera or something to track your head as you play and give you a 3D play experience without glasses. Possibilities are endless with stuff like this.

  11. BK says:

    WOW! This is really cool trick.

  12. Russell Bridge says:

    haha, cool

  13. David Bethke says:

    You do realize that the blue cube doesn’t exist in the real world? It’s in a virtual computer world. Nothing new, really…

  14. Orack Bobama says:

    How long until the cube is turned into the top of some red head. Sell that with some vibrating do dad. We’ll be rich.

    I realize this is the user moving though.

    ka ching

  15. Nommers says:

    I would like to see a giant Panda projected in my house.

  16. WFH says:


    But how about more than one viewer in multi-standing point?

  17. Jeffrey says:

    Wow. See, now this will be truly great. It obviously still has some kinks to work out, but man… lotsa ramifications that this has.

  18. abbie lauren says:

    this is rubbish GET IT OFF!

  19. maloy says:

    just a projector on the top pointin down the floor.. nothin new =) nice trick

  20. ITS LENNY says:

    Awesome? Yes
    Creative? Yes
    Original? No

    Buts its cool none-the-less

  21. Luna says:

    i want to learn how to do that!

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