VIDEO Pretty Celebrities Turn Ugly

While ago I have posted an interesting optical illusion video showing relatively unknown distorting effect in action. This recently discovered phenomena uses god-knows what kind of trickery to distort ordinary (even beautiful) faces into ugly caricatures.

It’s also worth mentioning that the discovery was made by accident, or – pure luck if you will. Perhaps someone was listing still photographs of people’s portraits, while his/her focus drifted away from their faces. If you’re interested to learn more about the effect, you should check our previous article on this topic.

But for now – just sit back, relax and play the clip. Just don’t forget to follow the instructions given at the very beginning (focus your eyes on the white cross in the center). So, what have you experienced? Could it be that this is how drug-addicts experience the world around them? Dunno..

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  1. doesn’t work for me, if I keep my eyes on the cross the faces don’t register so I don’t actually know what they’re supposed to look like but when I look away from the cross at the actual faces, they look normal.

  2. Someone please help me. I’m trying to submit an illusion and can’t because this is a shared computer. Can I send one in from my own email account?

  3. The interesting is, it doesn’t have to be 2 pictures side by side. It still works even with just one picture. Cover one side of the two pictures, but still concentrate on looking at the crosshair, and you still get the same effect!

    1. By not ‘seeing’ what most of us see, it indicates that you’re pereferral vision isn’t narrow enough. No big deal.

  4. very intersting……and im damn intersted in the optical illusions that are published/shown on igoogle….it is actually and really very very cool…..after every two days, something new is published and it is never boring….
    i really liked the optical illusion “who is holding whom”…it was a little bit difficult to check it out that actually who is holding whom……. heheheeee

  5. thats the best illusion ive seen in a while! very interesting phenomenon… i wonder why that works…fascinating. they look like cartoon characters!

  6. 2nd comment!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!
    its really cool if you watch the FACES first and then the CROSS second!!!!!!

  7. i thought this illusion was on here a while back, only the faces changed much faster. Either way, I think it would be more effective if they did.

  8. Looking at the video for the second time. which i haven’t gotten It first time, You can really see the crazy looking face’s from these celebrities. well that was a great video.

  9. I had to look over directly at the faces as I was convinced at first that it was a prank, it’s quite bizarre but brilliant.

  10. OMG! This is so freaky!! These things always scare me a little because some sites will trick you into staring at sometning then show this hideous face or something, but I always take the plunge anyway.. Plus it is so scary what the mind does in these things. Makes you wonder what are we REALLY seeing? Also, as Cecil McQueen mentioned what if that’s what we ALL look like to everyone else?! One more thing to think about!

  11. That was so cool…! I never thought that it works but it is so great to experience it… Well it just give me a little headache their as I have a very good perception.

  12. The faces haven’t been altered but you’re clearly not using the best possible picture of some of these people. I think Sean Penn is pretty much a jerk, but even I think you could have found a better picture of him

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