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By on April 2, 2010, with 19 Comments

Video: Final Proof for Wavy CirclesPSSST! I have prepared a big announcement for you in few days! Those of you who can’t wait to hear, quickly jump to our Twitter, and be sure to click the follow button. You can get a sneak-peak of our newest project posted there! I’ll post some additional screenshots of the project via our twitter account as well. It has something to do with Apirl, the 3rd. Was this hint enough?

Anyway, GreenProductions has created another awesome optical illusion video. I think it’s the same guy who presented us with Gray and White illusion from few days back. This time he gives us a final proof for them wavy spirals we posted in two parts. Be sure to check the Spiral tag, to see what I mean. I believe this vid’ should close the seemingly bent circles story once and for all.


19 Responses
  1. I don’t get it…
    Why is the paper green? This is so confusing!!
    Aha. Only kidding. I could see they were circles without the help of those circle cutouts, it just took some time :P

  2. Jimmy Slater says:

    Pretty cool!

  3. tinkerer says:

    wow that was cool, it’s a wonder how some things can be so deceptive.

  4. Ms.Observant says:

    i immediately saw circles. whats with all this spiral junk?

  5. nadia says:

    hi v happy easter to you and your family i havent sent u a msg in a very long time i just love your website it just shows how a smart and insightful person like yourself can be such a genius and creat such an impressive website i love viewing your website and i wish you all the very best v and i cant spell your name sorry i just call you v havew a great long wknd and god bless your an true artist and a great person im on myspace now deleted my fb account thank god ciao nadia your good and fiathful canadian friend amiga

  6. Just Me says:

    they are wavy circles, white cutouts are wider than the wavy circles therefore they hide the wavy circles.

  7. niko says:

    the dot pattern makes them look uneven.

    pretty cool.

  8. Care Bear says:

    Speaking of deception, I’ll bet a politician came up with that one.

  9. Stacey says:

    Lol i could so tell they were perfect circles but the way they were done was very creative.

  10. manesha says:

    that was really creative, and i liked it even though i could tell it was a deception from the beginning.

  11. manesha says:

    nice one, care bear!

  12. willi says:

    anyone know the music? would liove to have it!

  13. vcg says:

    wow..thnx for the proof! i know they are perfect circles, but the way they were made, they are seemingly and convincingly not perfect. :)

  14. Komal Pahuja says:

    This is just super kool and amazing or in simple words i can say that this is called a real illusion.

  15. anon says:

    I think that its the dark dots that make them wavy cuz it makes it look like its caving in

  16. Jon-Paul says:

    Did you throw away your key to Facebook or what? I have like 4 different feeds directly linking me to your site….and today after what seemed like months I saw you over there!

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