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By on March 7, 2010, with 32 Comments

Video: Another Reverse PerspectiveFew days ago I posted an introduction to Patrick Hughes’ Reverse Perspectives. In my opinion his creations add important value to modern art, and more important for us – enrich optical illusions field. As you have noted (and I share your view), previous video didn’t do justice to Patrick Hughes’ opus. It was shaky, and relatively avoided showing this magnificent effect in full strength. So, I have found another, better example to present Hughes’ work with.

I believe, and am certain you’ll agree with me, that this video presents Reverse Perspective in much better light. Now it’s much easier to experience Patrick’s exhibits. It also helps us to understand how his perspectives really work. Be sure to carefully listen what Patrick said about evolution of perspective at 1:10.  Oh, I know it might annoy you, but our video player is loaded after the whole page has been downloaded in your browser. I don’t know how to change this, but waiting few seconds probably won’t kill you ;)


32 Responses
  1. Marcus says:

    I love this kind of optical illusions. I cannot always understand HOW it’s done, and I really don’t want to know every time because then it’s as fun to look at them each time I see one.
    Really love them. Good illusion!

  2. Care Bear says:

    What a valuable life lesson, that one thing can be seen so differently depending upon the perspective.

  3. anonymous says:

    i still dont know how it works

  4. Ryan says:

    i luv these kinds of illusions. there so mysterious

  5. Thanks Vurdlak! This is a much better video of the optical illusion :D These are great!

  6. Peter Gorham says:

    So hard to get my head around it!

    Don’t worry about the player loading at the end – at least for those of us who like to read your comments before looking at the illusion. By the time I finish reading, it’s all ready to go.

  7. mike says:

    this is a much better video. love it.

  8. Sarah says:

    I wish that I could see these in person. Great illusion!

  9. Kevin says:


    just wow.

    That is absolutely mindblowing.

  10. Fladnag says:

    That is SCREWED UP!!

  11. whoami says:

    Awesome! I would really love to go and see this exhibition! :-)
    And the waiting didn’t kill me…just built up the anticipation :-)
    Really cool illusion!

  12. Jen Steffen says:

    It makes me want to touch it. I really like this kind of thing.

  13. :D says:

    I didnt wait a few seconds. I waited about a minute, which was kinda annoying since i had nothing else to do…

  14. Juan Bastardo says:

    Ang Ganda..

  15. Justice193 says:

    … why oh why must they spoil our fun of trying to figure them out ourselves? :P

  16. Tim says:

    That was so hard to see the trick, until they showed the pictures almost sideways. That is amazing! Even knowing what’s done, it’s hard to detect.

  17. JR says:

    awesome again, thanks

  18. I’m bursting with wonderment! I truly love this illusion art. The vidio and short talk made for a big improvement. Thanks again!

  19. no one says:

    i now how it works
    parts are 2d and 3d
    causing our mind to confuse.

  20. Chris Levy says:

    thats just simply very cool /*_*\

  21. da guy who was never here says:

    these thing’s r so kwl

    but i still don’t know how they work??!

  22. da guy who was never here says:

    do u know how they work??!

  23. Aw man! That’s so cool! I looked it up on Wikipedia, it says that (I guess they’re behind a wall or something? Well anyway) the stuff that apppears farther away in perspective is actually physically closer. Like that dragon cut out!

  24. Slyk says:

    Name of the music in the beginning???

  25. emil says:

    Haha, does this many people still not understand how it’s done? Sorry i’m laughing at you.

  26. freexander says:

    name of the song from the end ??

  27. Ivan says:

    I don’t know what the music at the beginning is, but then end music is called “Dream or Fantasy” and is actually a part of Apple’s GarageBand in the music library

  28. tea says:

    stop video and try. fake.

  29. Mr Wildstomp says:

    Absolutely incredible, and thoroughly detailed video. However, the way you word it makes it seem as though you invented inverted/reverse perspective — which you clearly didn’t, since it has been around for centuries in Japanese and Byzantine Art.

    I suspect the new thing you’ve done is the actual sculptural work, which I think looks great. I liked the ‘room’ which had Mondrian and Picasso in it. I also loved the clip of children walking around the gallery trying to see the works in all their glory!

  30. noaliasneeded says:

    When this type of work if used for persuading the viewer’s subconscious mind, when it is repeatedly administered for superseding a viewers discernment, this has some ability for controlling a viewers opinion on specified subjects.

    (psychological hypothesis in summary)
    Daniel, Coleman offices Ph.d

  31. nushibubbl says:

    WOW!!!!!! awesome.
    um, i know this is stupid but he swears at u at 01:42 (look at his hand)

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