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By on May 23, 2010, with 15 Comments

Video: Anamorphic Art ShowcaseThere were bunch of new anamorphoses lately, and I thought to myself what could be better than closing the cycle with a nice video showing these works in action. Fortunately, I found one. As you may observe, the images start out scrambled and skewed, but as we often explained, when a cylinder mirror is placed in the right spot, the true artwork is revealed. The hidden motive magically appears in the reflection on the cylinder’s surface.

One of the most popular artists (building his career around this effect) is Istvan Orovitz. Check the #Orovitz tag, and you can see some of the works Istvan did in the past. Many of them we already showcased. I’m not particularly sure whether all of the examples in this video belong to Istvan, but the ones exhibited are worthy to see


15 Responses
  1. Vurdlak, welcome back!! I love these Anamorphosis vidio illusions. They are so simple yet so complex with their optical images. More please, thank you. Yes indeed, yes indeed.

  2. Care Bear says:

    I love these adventures into perception.

  3. AC says:

    Hmm, I didn’t notice at first it was a tube. That’s soo cool!

  4. eeniemeenie says:

    soo cool

  5. Heim says:

    I wish that the video went backwards, and that we could see more of the morphed drawing… As it is, most of what we see is the result on the cylinder… :(

  6. jerry says:

    Very unfortunate that the video cuts out the drawing so that you don’t get the real effect!!

  7. Jilly says:

    ……..whoa ;D

  8. Chris says:

    the third one must have exteremely hard to make

  9. Sally says:

    Wow that’s amazing, at first I wasn’t sure what I was watching lol, but it’s really cool thanks for sharing it, Sally :)

  10. Grog says:

    Clever – but what a shame the video focuses on the image reflected in the cylinder, and not the actual artwork on the page!

    Has the artist trained himself to draw while looking at the reflection? Or was it constructed on a ‘warped’ grid from an original (unwarped) image?

  11. keep the anamorfic illusions coming,thewre great!

  12. 0bet says:

    very amusing effect)

  13. Rxe08 says:

    @ Grog
    There’s actually a kind of simple way to warp any image you want, including text, into an anamorphic mirror illusion. So the artist doesn’t need to train himself to draw while looking at the reflection. We can do this with photographs also.
    I’m trying to find out a way to warp a video into that pattern. That way a mirror can be placed on an overturned monitor and the reflection will be animated.

  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beVqiK7CAws

    A short animation about a painting which moves swiftly through classicism to 20th Century Surrealism via an anamorphic cone.

  15. Someone says:

    It looks cool when they take the cylinders away

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