Victoria’s Secret Optical Illusion

Never mind the title, it’s just something I did to connect the fun-fact of the day. It’s something our lady fans may find interesting, rest of you can easily skip the following few lines… Well, by now you all know I’m located in Europe, more specifically – Croatia. As it happens, my girlfriend has ordered some stuff from Victora’s Secret US online shop. What struck me, was the fact she placed her order two days ago, and the shipment has already arrived today?! She didn’t even pay for faster service! Her order should have arrived weeks from now. Anyone knows how is it possible for US shops to send their stuff so fast? This gives me something to think about. Maybe I should order my iPad the same way… Just to make it clear, I’m not doing commercial for anyone here, this is just something I find peculiar.

Anyhow, not to bore you with my personal fascinations, let’s see what Octavio Ocampo has prepared for us today. You may know him by his famous Flower-faced Paintings, only this time the illusion is more obvious. Personally, I like when artists make their illusions more subtle, but I’m not the majority here. Either way these two flicks are really worth gold!


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  1. They look great.

    But I agree, I prefer the more subtle illusions.

    Some of my favorites are the guy that paints himself into scenery.

  2. I’m with you.. I had a hard time finding the flowers in these since the faces were so overly pronounced.
    And who said the items your girlfriend ordered CAME from the US? You think you got the only sexy girlfriend in your town? They obviously have a warehouse around the corner from your house, and they have internet access too! (wink)

  3. i think real illusions are ones you have to flip the picture upside down or look for some hidden detail that reveals it to you. most of yours are still cool tho. i like the subtle ones too

  4. i think real illusions are ones you have to flip the picture upside down or look for some hidden detail that reveals it to you. most of yours are still cool tho. i like the subtle ones too.

  5. I don’t know that i would necessarily consider these as optical illusions. It that would explain the lack of subtlety anyway.
    Although arists often strive toward the illusion this is more of a statement about female femininity expressed through nature and flowers. Whatever the intention may be, the blending of the two turned out beautifully.

    Regarding the Victorias secret shipping, some companies make next day air or second day air standard for international for the sake of good customer service, if they do enough business internationally. I would guess that Vickies is one of them.

  6. Yo vurdlak, im from america, and these days, th U.S. make faster shipments to other countries. This provides good service and all that detail crap u can find on google. Anyways, good picture… really good….

  7. IMHO I think in this instance the idea is to first see it as portraits and then realize that the portraits are an illusion made by drawings of flowers. Looking at it this way it is a good job.

  8. I’m from México and I really like that the paints of a Mexican artist like Octavio are posted here and so many people can see them… this two are great although i prefer the ones where is more difficult to find the women faces… good work :)

  9. Wow, that is quick! I live in rural Australia and everything from america takes a few weeks to get to me. I couldn’t even see something from the same country get here so quick. You must have got lucky and order right when they sent the stuff out.

    Nice paintings, too. I agree, more subtle is better, though.

  10. awesome real cuuuuuuuute! i love it! i hope n da future i wil b able 2 make sumeting lyk dis! It makes since of wher dey r placed & it dosnt luk………cheesey.<3

  11. i dont tink dat da flours wer hard 2 find! i luvd it 2 wher i cud faint wit shoc at da amazn b-uty! im bubblin wit excitement ova ere! hahahahahaha btw im not crazy im just a 13 yr old who luvs
    b-utiful art and illusions! (artist/writer)

  12. I’ve seen some other stuff by this guy (I’ve been searching for surreal stuff lately and he tends to be included). I like his stuff, but there always seems to be “floating petals” in the paintings. Or in other words petals that don’t really seem like they would be connected to any of the flowers.

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