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By on March 23, 2010, with 16 Comments

There was a nice tutorial published on VectorTuts+ yesterday, provided by Iaroslav Lazunov. Iaroslav used 43 visual steps to demonstrate how this vector-styled optical illusion came to existence. Those of you interested in CG and vector graphics can jump to the original tutorial, while rest of us (lazy consumerist bastards) will enjoy and concentrate on the finished product. There are few, well known optical illusions fused into one image. The crooked spiral, impossible columns and cafe wall. Everything you need to know about them illusions was already said, numerous times. However, if you check the seemingly bent floor tiles (reference to Cafe Wall), you’ll be amazed that the lines intersecting the tiles are perfectly straight and parallel. Seeing isn’t always believing…

Vector Style: 3 in 1 Optical Illusion


16 Responses
  1. Justice193 says:

    out of all the optical illusions, I always find myself taking a double take at the crooked spiral before I figure out there isn’t one, the fact that there is no spacing for grout between those tiles, and seeing them as a 3D representation, really lends to that illusion… makes me just want to go ahead and wallpaper an entire house with optical illusions :).

  2. Krysty says:


  3. Care Bear says:

    Trifecta. Triple Play. Hat Trick. Whatever you call it, it’s great. I have to go lie down now. My eyeballs are tired.

  4. Amazing and beautiful. My eyes are turning and my brain is spinning.Wish it was in color. (By the way I have been having trouble with a error message from “Firebox”, it interferes with my logging on).

  5. FrankandJoe3 says:

    The tiles were straight, the entrance had an extra collumn but I didn’t get the circle. At first I thought all the circles in it were connected….

  6. cindy says:

    3rd comment yea kewl :)

  7. Even though I’ve seen the ‘cafe wall’ numerous times, it still amazes me.
    Also, haven’t really seen that particular ‘crooked spiral’ before, but something similar. Still cool though.

  8. Also, site worked perfectly for me. I use Firefox… whatever, the newest edition… and my OS is Windows 7.

  9. Haha… so earlier I posted that the site works fine with the latest version of Firefox… and later tonight a new version came out [3.6.2] :P Site still works fine Vurdlak.

  10. Russell Bridge says:

    wow, way to pack ‘em in!

  11. Dr. Chos says:


  12. Meerkat says:

    That isn’t the Cafe Wall illusion, it is the Checkerboard illusion that you posted here – http://www.moillusions.com/2009/12/checker-board-illusion-video.html

  13. calvin says:

    well replyin to he text above all you have
    to do is go play crazy 8′s and Gold fish card game nad ur problem will be solved

    by the way i love the vector style 3 in 1 optical illusion

  14. alun says:

    stare at that spiral using ur right eye only to see its true image – hint

  15. Trent Al-Hajri says:


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