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  1. that is kinda freaky wonder how it works exactly. it didnt even take me 30 seconds. its started dissapearing at like 10 or 15 seconds. cool.

  2. If anyone was wondering how this works: If you’ve done some optical illusions where you look at something for 30 secs the n tare at a blank wall, or have looked at the sun/bright light then looked away, this works the same way. Staring at the image “burns” an afterimage (the same image w/ reversed colors, blue becomes orange, etc.) in your eye. When you are staring at the black dot, you are burning the reverse of the haze on your eye, but w/ colors reversed. Since it is grey-scale, the haze, both the reversed afterimage and the image itself, start canceling each other out. This makes it look like the haze is disappearing.

  3. It works by you blind spot in the back of your eyeball. If you stare at the middle B in B A R B A R A you will notice that the first B starts to fade away. That is you blind spot. It is a space in the back of your eye that the retina does not cover. It is also the place where you optic nerve meets your eyeball, where the nerve carries the picture up to the back of your brain, flips it over, and then you see it (obviously happening very, very, very, very fast).

  4. In order for you to see, your eyes have to move back and forth, because a part in your eye (I forget) sees in still images, which changed when the eye shifts. I got this from my physics teacher last year, I didn’t explain it exactly, but that’s the gist of it.

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  6. When I looked, there was no haze. I stared at it for about ten seconds until I realised the picture hadn’t loaded. ;_; Nice illusion though. If you you could do that with homework and make it disappear…

  7. yeah.. the haze disappears but also the dot turns into 2 little black dots that move away from each other.. you just have to focus real hard on the black dot.. it will transform!!

  8. This happens to me everyday. If I stare at something for more than 15 (not 30) seconds, everything around it will start to disappear. If I look at things at night, they disappear within 5 seconds!

  9. Indeed, it affects me as it does aaron. For example, if I stare at a star in the night sky for long enough, all the others around it will fade out.

  10. Have notices guys that when you take a peak at the “edge” of the residual circle, it seems a bit like a sunrise. No matter which side you look at. I mean, wether it is South, North, East or West.
    Also, after maybe 20 seconds, I noticed the “thing” becoming sort of hemispherical with the “periphery” neatly defined. That is, forming a very sharp boundary line.
    I did not smoke anything. I sware.
    Could be only old age :-) I am 62 years old.

  11. It got whiter & brighter. It looked like a solar eclipse, then it went almost completely white, but brighter than the white area around it.

  12. I stare at lamps and pictures and stars and things to make them disappear like this. I’ve talked to other people about it to see if they’ve ever done anything like that before, but they all thought I was insane. Its pretty awesome to see that its actually a know illusion!

  13. Hey Whitney, don’t stare at lamps cos you will burn out your retinas, although I expect you already know that right?


  15. i stared at this 4 2 mins and I see NO DIFFERENCE!!! THE DOT IS STILL THERE!!! It did NOT vanish.It didn’t even flinch.

    1. Yeah, and plus, you have to be sure your eyes don’t wiggle in the slightest, otherwise you might see the haze and your brain realizes that it’s still there and it’ll return.

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