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By on September 10, 2010, with 18 Comments

Perhaps we rushed with the critique of Canada’s attempt to improve road safety using chalk drawing optical illusions. I’ve just received new photos which show the illusion in much better light! The idea still sounds good, but there are too many bad implications that could be attached to it. The biggest one I can think of, is that drivers may soon get accustomed to these trompe-l’oeils, and ignore them… Could the day come when a real child is in the road and gets knocked down due to the driver’s ignorance to the illusions? On the other hand, could the drivers brake so hard, to swerve dangerously to the side, possibly hitting down pedestrians nearby??? Still not convinced will these bring any positive results, but I have to admit – drawings look much more realistic now!

  • Phoenix

    Thanks for showing us these. They were in the news here a short while ago, and i was pleased to have known about them beforehand from the site.

    • id laff so hard if someone acctually stopped for the painted girl;!!

    • seb12

      what if there is a car accident because of that?

  • Although you can tell the first two are drawings, they don’t look like part of the pavement like the third. I really can see a lot of things that makes this a bad idea.

  • Denis Bisson

    Under this link there is a video of this to try to show what the people in a car see when getting to that point:

  • thats my license plate

    could atleast blur out my license plate thx :P

  • horse

    Im wif u there. there are definately good and bads to this.

  • Bill

    The bad thing about this is when a child really does come out in the road to get a ball and some one isn’t paying any attention and they just think that it is just the illusion till it’s too late that’s why I am against these.

  • No Just No

    It looks like something invented by the same people as gun-free zones.

    Then again, if so, we’ll know about it: when everyone will ignore this accidents, there will be cries for more of this.

  • happydoodle

    good way to tell ppl 2 b careful wen driving. seriously, u cld hit a kid by accident, and u wld hav thot tht u wldnt. this is a good way to tell ppl!

    • happydoodle

      i totally agree, even tho i am replying 2 my own comment. heehee.

  • happydoodle

    but u guys might wanna blur (or something) the license plate.

  • happydoodle


  • eee efff geee

    you just totally have that persons licence plate all over the internet BLUR IT
    ……anyway nice illusion

  • Annie

    OK i have two reasons i hate this:
    1. what if people ignore the illusion and they think that a real little girl JUST LIKE THAT ILLUSION is just the illusion THEIR MOM AND DAD WOULD CALL THE COPS ON THEM FOR KILLING THEIR LITTLE GIRL IF U RUN OVER HER!!
    2. you will hold up traffic if you stop and wait there for the little girl to leave, until u get out of ur car and realize its just a chalk drawing or somethiing.

  • Kathleen

    This is just WRONG in so many ways!

  • KirbyStarWarrior

    There are two things I REALLY don’t like about the illusion:
    A) People might stop for the illusion, then when a real girl runs to get a ball, they may think it’s the illusion, keep going, and then the girl is dead.
    B) WHY are you showing the entire world that license plate? Someone might try to find that car, and… do something HORRIBLE to the driver! Maybe you should blur out or cover up that license plate, or at least do SOMETHING to make it so people can’t see.

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