University Class Optical Illusion

Hy people, glad you liked my previous illusion video clip. I see you managed to write over 100 relevant comments in less than a day. I’m still under impression of that illusion clip. Not to bore you with my sentiment, here’s another illusion of the day for all of you. Well, its more of a puzzle, but it can be understood as an illusion as well, since at the first glance you believe both photos are identical.

It was created for the Smartkit website, and they hold legal rights for this piece. You can find more cool stuff on their main page. Your assignment is to spot all the little differences, and believe me – there are many! For example, see that girl in the middle wearing a blue pullover? She’s also wearing glasses in first photo, while she misses them in the second. How many differences can we spot together? Please limit your self to only one difference per post, so other visitors can have their part of engagement. Although this is spot the object type of illusion, its first of a kind on this site, I’ll try to post more if you like it, and in the mean time lets solve it!

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  1. The facial expressions on the girl in white and the girl in black are switched.

    Kind of a spoiler:
    You could just tilt your head sideways(or somehow display the images side-by-side) and relax your eyes until one eye is looking at one picture and the other is looking at the other one. (like stereoscopic vision stuff)then you can see all the differences right away since they don’t match up.

  2. There’s a girl disappeared. on the top picture, there’s a girl near the top right. on the bottom picture, she’s not there.

  3. here’s one:
    in the top row,
    one boy is wearing a red and white striped shirt in the first photo and blue and white striped shirt in the 2nd one.

    ps. i like these types of illusions!!

  4. the guy in the back with the striped shirt has blue stripes in one and red in another. i love mighty optical illusions, and the guy who runs it is funny!

  5. The girl in the 2nd row with the white sweater and the girl just above her had their faces switched entirely (not just their expressions).

    2 girls in the top row were photoshopped out.

  6. In the middle, right side of the top photo, there is a dark-haired girl wearing a purple sweater and glasses. When she transfers to the bottom photo, her sweater becomes green… ;-)

  7. Cool spoiler trick! I thought I found them all and then when I tried that tilt head / double vision thing, One more popped out at me! I never thought of doing that… thanks Yana, for teaching me something new.

  8. Here’s what I’ve found so far:
    1.The girl in the second row in the white sweater has her face switched with the girl directly behind her in the bottom photo
    2.The young man in the second row is right handed in the top photo, left handed in the bottom.
    3.The girl on the far right in the third row is wearing a purple sweater in the top photo, a green sweater in the bottom.
    4.In the same row to the far left, the girl in the top photo is wearing a blue sweater and in the bottom, it’s pink.
    5.In the sixth row, there are two people missing in the bottom photo
    6.At the very top of the top photo, the young man is wearing a red striped sweater while in the bottom, the stripes are blue.

    That’s all I’ve seen so far and that could very well be it.

  9. If anyone has a Mac w/Pages (i don’t know if you can do this in word/appleworks) you can crop two of the pictures, one of the top, one of the bottom, and put them into a pages document, one directly on top of the other, and slide the opacity bar in the inspector down to zero and up to 100% while you are clicked on the top photo. You can see the parts of the picture that are different change.

  10. The girl in the blue sweater’s (she’s next to the girl in the brown shirt) pens change hands from being on the right side in the top photo to being on the left in the bottom.

  11. Starting with the front row…

    1 – I found no differences

    2 – 2nd person is now a lefty and wearing no glasses, 3rd person has face switched with person above

    3 – blue sweater turns pink, face switched with person below, purple sweater turns green

    4 – I found no differences

    5 – 2 people removed from this row

    6 – red/white stripes become blue/white

    That’s all I could find.

  12. Yana is right!

    If you open the full picture (click on the picture), tilt your head sideways and cross your eyes (like you do with the sterioscopic images where if you do that it makes them 3D) all the differences really stand out!

    Thanks Yana

  13. Actually, if you do “the stereoscopic look”, you don’t see that the pullover color is different, but other differences can clearly be seen

  14. have you realised how no1 is reading other peoples comments! ur spotting the same things! love ur site by the way x x x

  15. The girl in the row behind the girl in the white sweater to the right was wearing a black shirt and then switched to green

  16. wow quite kl! its only gd becoz it wasnt too obvious (even thou i spotted it straight away! lol! :P).

  17. I have two I don’t see anyone else noticing…

    There’s a woman in the back, wearing a red sweater. In the top picture, she’s wearing a dark headband. In the bottom picture, the headband appears to be green.

    In the second row, and I’m surprisedI haven’t seen anyone spot this, the second girl from the left is writing with her right hand, and in the bottom picture she’s become left handed.

  18. WARNING: dont read mine if u want to spot the differences yourselves!!

    i think there r 7 things that r different:

    1. the women near the front (one had a black top on, the other (sitting in front of her) had white), changed expressions.
    2. the boy on the second to last row had (in one picture) red and white stripes, and in the other picture, had blue and white stripes.
    3. a girl in the 3rd to last row (in a white jumper) disappeared in the second photo!
    4. the girl on the far right, in the 3rd to front row, changed from having a purple jumper, to a green jumper.
    5. the girl on the far left in the 3rd to front row changed from having a blue jumper on to having a pink jumper on.
    6. the girl in the middle in the 2nd to front row changed from having glasses on, to not having them on.
    7. also (the same girl in difference: 6 (the one in the blue jumper)) changed from having her pen over to the left, to having it over to the right.

    have fun spotting others!

  19. guys….
    no one switched facial expressions…
    look again.
    they switched from one girl wearing glasses, to the other girl wearing the same pair.

    in fact, there is three or four changes with glasses.

  20. the girl wearing the red sweater is wearing a brown headband in the first picture and a blck one in the second picture.

  21. anonymous no. 38: they did switch glasses but they also switched facial expressions. u look agen.
    also ive found another difference:
    the girl in the middle on the second row bak switched the pen over to her right hand to her left.

  22. oh from my previous comment i meant ‘courtney’, not anonymous no. 38.
    also, btw, i didnt spot that someone had already pointed out my previous difference that i found! soz.

  23. Ilusion┬┐? Just a bad newbie tryout..the first pic is the original, the below, a bad photoshop. 10 minutes do do that with any picture, can only fool because the image is so small.

  24. no, anonymous 43, u can open it up (by clicking on it) and it becomes bigger! u can tell the things look clearer wen u open it up!
    but yh i agree with anonymous 43 – they r all hideos! lol :D

  25. its soooooooooooooooooooooo easy i like saw everything at first glance if you dont c anything at first glance you cant see anything

  26. Weird. I imediatly saw that there was something different between the two pictures but I could not put my finger on it at first.

  27. The girl near the left has on a blue shirt on top and a pink shirt on the bottom also on the second row the middle girl has switched writing hands.

  28. girl with sweater has a different facial expression and more people was add to the photo by the stair part

  29. LOOK CLOSER PEOPLE: there are more, you just have to really look for them, here’s one – There is a girl in the 6th row on the far right (she has black hair with a white pullover type shirt). Not only is she missing from the secoond pic so is the paper on the table to the left of her.

  30. Guy in the back has different colored shirt. There are 2 girls completely missing from the picture, one girl is wearing purple shirt in first which is now green in second. Blonde in same row is wearing blue shirt, is wearing pink in second. The 2 girls have switched faces and the one person with the blue sweater in second row is a righty in first pic and a lefty in second.

  31. the girl he mentioned in the middle in the dark blue shirt and the girl right in front of her in the white sweater, their faces have been switched. thats why shes not wearing glasses. and the other is. look closely, same facial expression on both girls but in different pictures

  32. wow nice photoshop skillz… you can tell the girl in white on the third to top row on the left isn’t there in the second pic… but the shadow from her paper hanging over the desk is still there

  33. found 8 also including Vurdlak’s discovery
    eg. a guy in the back has red striped shirt in one pic but blue striped shirt in the other

  34. 9 differences together.
    Best to find is if you save both pics and then look at them in full screen going forward/back/forward/back, etc..
    3 x sweaters changing color
    2 x person missing
    2 x person (ex)changing face
    1 x glasses missing plus 1 x left/right hand writing.
    I hope I didn’t reveal too much – because I didn’t tell where are these details. ;)

  35. “…please limit your self to only one difference per post, so other visitors can have their part of engagement.” ty for that all >.>

  36. this is not a optical illusion, its a photoshopped image, damn, just copy them both and switch the layers, you can easily see which parts of the image are fake

  37. The girl next to the stairs is missing in one pic.
    The girl in the blue is wearing pink in the second pic.
    The girl in the white sweater disappears in the second pic.
    The girl in the purple sweater is wearing green in the second.
    Second row- girl with the white sweaters face changes completely lol.
    Guy with the red stripped shirt turns into blue stripes.



    very cool I found some ones but the guys already wrote those differences.

  39. There is no way that this isn’t photoshopped. For those people whose clothes changed colors, there is no way that they could possibly change shirts, and have every detail of the clothing and facial expression be exactly the same with the exception of the color. Same goes for hair. Do as another poster suggested, and save both pics to the hard drive, and use windows preview to flip back and forth between them to compare. The differences and photoshopping is quite clear. Otherwise, it’s still a cool example of what our minds will filter out when you first look at both pics and not see the differences right away.

    1. Some guys? I think just one, so unless you are changing it yourself to feel you are able to see more than anyone else. I only see nine like some other people.

  40. They use the “glasses here and then not there” thing too much. I found alot of differences in like 5 minutes. Too easy.

  41. The girl in the white sweater and the girl in the black sweater are changed and there is a girl missing in the back corner.

  42. This sort of thing makes you realize how much we see but, not really see (the real picture) fakery ,substitution, and the like.

  43. The girl in the second row with the white sweater on exchanged faces with the girl directly behind her in the black shirt, which just proves that one of the photos is photoshopped.

  44. the 2 women one with the glasses and the other without has switched places with their blood relatives. Brilliant; that is why they look so much alike. The one with blonde hair has switched with the other girl with the black hair sister and wore her same sweater. And then Vice versa with the one with the black hair and no glasses.

  45. Lets start from the top…
    1) The guy is wearing a pink white t shirt and blue white in the 2nd
    2) Girl with high neck cream coloured Tshirt sitting in 3rd row from the top is missing in the 2nd one
    3) Same row…a girl with black hair is also missing
    4) 4th row, girl with pink dress …her hair color is different
    5) 6th row, 1st girl is wearing blue clothes, in the 2nd pic, she’s in pink.
    6) same row, girl in black is without her specs..and her expression is different too.. next to her is a girl dressed differently in both pics
    7) 7th row, 2nd guy in blue is right handed in 1st and left handed in 2nd
    8) Same row, girl in white is different, no specs, different expression
    9) The upper pic is darker than the 2nd pic

    1. Sid,
      The girl in the Second row and the girl in the Third row have had their faces swapped (photo shopped).

    2. Yes, Sid is a spoiler.
      He never follows rules.
      He thinks he’s smarter than you and me.
      He thinks he’s better than cool.
      But reading is just too hard for him
      ‘Cause he never cared for school.
      So insteaad of being angry we should
      just pity the fool!

  46. Sid you missed the most obvious one … you either cant read or comprehend what you are reading “””” Please limit your self to only one difference per post, “””” what that means is dont be a retard and try to show us look at me and can find every one of them, boy i am so smart

  47. i see 12, but i’m not sure did the chick up front in the white jumper move her head up (i know she’s not wearing her glasses anymore as well)

  48. -First, the two images are actually the same picture, the differences are accomplished with some photoshop manipulation.
    -Second, the number of differences depends on how you count them up, but I see a total of 9.
    -There is only difference that has not been pointed out for exactly what it is: the girl in the cream sweater on the second row and the girl behind her in the black shirt have simply had their faces swapped (no removal of glasses, etc there).

    1. For you to say that, I think EVERYONE knows that……. and plus your ruining everyone’s chance to do it on their own and PLUS mine is the last, and I bet people don’t scroll down everytime just to see my oponion on everything!!

  49. cool like this one but really glad I didn’t see the comments first; would of been nice to let each one add an answer and see if we could all come up with them but oh well.

  50. Answers below….and Obama Burger.

    1. Girl with glasses looking up loses glasses
    2. Girl without glasses looking up gets glasses
    3. Guy with glasses looking down loses glasses
    4. Girl is gone -in far back-
    5. Girl in blue sweater gets pink sweater
    6. Guy in red sweater gets blue sweater

    I think thats all, sorry if I ruined your chance to look for yourself…….
    Obama Burger!!!!!


  51. theres a lot of things wrong:

    1: girl in purple shirt change to green

    2: girl switches faces

    3:guy wearing red shirt change to blue!

    im sorry if ruined but thats all i could find!

  52. the first thing I noticed was the girl in the cream polar neck switching faces with the girl above her, but then I began to spot more. I like this one a lot, it’s smart. ^_^

  53. Huh. I wonder where this picture was taken, I went to high school with the girl with the white ish sweater who has her face swapped. Her name is elspeth. Neat!

  54. The girl with the pink jumper looks like Mel Bibson, The girl at the top with the green jumper looks Vietnamese in the second one not Chinese.

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