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By on October 4, 2006, with 140 Comments

Tony Ward mailed me this interesting illusion. First time I saw it, I tought to myself: “Right, another count the horses illusion – nothing new”! But what struck me was next email Tony sent to me. There is actually something hidden in picture itself. Can you see it? I didn’t until Tony priovided outlined picture solution. Open the image full size and try locating the illusion (it isn’t the birds!)

This is what Tony Ward sent in his first email: “This one I’ll always love, not just because its a beautiful piece of art,but because I had thought for a long time that it was catagorised as an optical illusion simply due to the way the horses fade into the picture one side and fade out, changing into a flock of birds, the other side…. Then, one day I saw it, the hidden illusion, and it blew me away….”

There were few very simmilar illusions posted in the past here.

Ultimate Horses Illusion

Ultimate Horses Illusion


140 Responses
  1. NotTellingYou says:

    Oh, I see. Yeah, That’s really cool. It took me a moment, but i saw it. Nice post.
    Ps. If you can’t see what’s hidden, it’s in the middle of the picture.

  2. lazy me says:

    OOO I think i see it! My friend would love this pucture!

  3. Michelle says:

    I see an …

    *edited by Vurdlak: “don’t tell and spoil other’s fun :) *

  4. Lizzi says:

    Where is it? The horses look really cool, but I can’t find any illusion, although it looks like there ought to be something in the middle there. Help!

  5. yanna says:

    i dont see it

  6. mr.anonymous says:

    Dx i dun see’s it!

  7. payam says:

    can someone tell me wat the illusion is, plz

  8. swimmers are so much better says:

    ummmm…nice horses…but what is the middle supposed to be exactly…all i se is a dark brown blob….

  9. adam says:

    is it that the middle looks like a horse?

  10. me says:

    omg that’s so cool! and it fits in with the whole theme, like, i mean, horses running wild or whatever…..very………Geronimish.

  11. bowlero says:

    i can see a horse running upright like a person???

  12. somebody says:

    Its a face! so cool!

  13. bowlero says:

    i see a giraffe

  14. Newlanater says:

    Is it a horse in a flying saucer or what?

  15. weird says:

    All I see is a horse in the center painted onto multiple horses…:/

  16. First Timmer says:

    Awesome graphic!
    For those who cant see it…
    Can you see The King of the Jungle?

  17. Thomas says:

    I see it…

  18. blaank says:

    i dont get it!!!!! someone tell me quick!

  19. CarLOST says:


    OK, im not to good for this kind of things, but,…. the ilusion is the face of a man in de middle of the image?? … its the only thing i can see … is this right?

  20. kdawghomie says:

    Looks to me like a chick hatching out of an egg… if that helps anyone. Very good illusion.

    That horse’s head in the middle is the chicks head.

  21. yo says:

    i see a man holding reins, is that right?

  22. mrmojorisingi says:

    can you give a link to the outline?

  23. First Timmer says:

    A Tiger…
    Right in the middle…

  24. Chicken says:

    I see a man’s face attached to a horses body.

  25. deniseee says:

    jeez i cant see it! sumbody helpppppp !!

  26. Lea says:

    it’s not just any face, it’s a very specific culturally sterotpyed face.
    (I still think it’s neat)

  27. tiny says:

    I see it! I see it! Cool, cool, I see it!

  28. Cara says:

    It is eye-candy not only ’cause some can c the hidden … (Michelle said not to spoil other’s fun :-) ), but ‘cause it appears people can c what they wanna c and that iiiis an illusion…

  29. Chris Davies says:

    Took me a while but “it” appeared!!!! Good art – keep looking to the right of centre, facing right…no more help!

  30. Andrew says:

    There is a profile of a lion’s head in the middle, pretty cool. He is looking right by the way – if that helps

  31. Armours says:

    It’s definitely a man – looks like a Native American.

  32. schmack says:

    i saw an image of a man…this is cool!

  33. Blim says:

    Its a mans face wearing glasses!!! facing the right-side of the picture

  34. Leendert says:

    The only thing I see is something that looks like a lion, but i am not sure and dont think that is the right thing to see. Some help would be nice!

  35. Snookums says:

    Indian man’s face in the middle.

  36. BenJeremy says:

    ::sigh::: It’s a native American, which makes a lot of sense. (moreso than a tiger or lion).

    Cool pic.

  37. Anonym says:

    This is not funny anymore without knowing what do we have to see. Someone please spoil the illusion but tell us what it is!!! I don’t understand why is it sooo amazing!!! Or at least put a link to the outline, so we can decide wether to see it or not!


  38. lars says:

    Too small but I see it. Nice

  39. Name says:

    it’s the face of a native american, for anyone who’s asking. his face is made up of the reddish spots on the horses. try to unadjust your eyes to see it. he is in profile looking right, and his nose is a white space. i hope it helps.

  40. NotTellingYou says:

    Huh? A person’s face? A lion? Oh well i geuess i see it a little differently (correct spelling?). Anyway,I see a horse’s head, I think. It’s in the center. The ear and mane is accually the manes of many horses put together; the body and muzzle are the white patches. I know it’s confusing, but I hope it helps.

  41. TJ says:


  42. ClintJCL says:

    The way the comments are numbered is an illusion, hehe. “-3″ ?!

  43. SAM says:

    You can see horses, birds, native american, a eagle/phoenix (or whatever) but, come on: no lions or tigers!!!

  44. NerdOnline says:

    I guess, the illusion is with the birds that are coming out of Horses. Hope I hit the right spot. Good one for keeping as a portrait in Hall with title ‘UNBRIDLED’.

  45. See it (4 all u struggling) says:

    its a red indian who looks a bit like a lion. look at the tallest horse – thats his hair. then the white patch slightly below and to the right – thats the face. focus on the middle between the highest horse head and lowest foot. hope that helps

  46. ANSWERMAStER says:

    omg face of a man bahhhhh right in the middle facing right…

    mauahaha ruined it!

  47. Mystic says:

    It’s obviously an indians head in the middle. I would be curious to see an outline of the lion people are seeing. ;)

  48. Hiro says:

    I think it is Gustav Mahler’s face in the middle.
    I think native american would not wear a glasses….

  49. Lazy Me says:

    When I first saw this I thought it was a lion but I looked closer and realized that it was the face of a man, and definitly a Native American. I think it’s beautiful! His hair is flowing back(that’s why I thought it was a lion because it looked like a mane).

  50. Zoe says:

    Omg, I opened it up and saw it after just a few seconds, Im really proud of myself! It’s a great illusion and i think it is a great idea. It may seem abit wierd but i have trouble seeing the horses!!! Loving it, more like this please

  51. Francisco J says:

    I guess it is more difficult to find the illusion for analytic people. Don’t focus, try to overview the whole thing. If somebody gives up tell him where is the mouth, I think it is a certain clue.This is one of the best illusions I’ve found in this site.

  52. HottShot says:

    I see it – It’s a face of an American Indian – Pretty cool !!

  53. noonteen says:

    its a bird!

  54. alcstarheel says:

    Here’s where I see a lion…http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/7520/windwingqq7.jpg

    I guess it could be an American Indian, but it seems more like a nonhuman-shaped head to me.

  55. chick says:

    Usually I’m pretty good w/ this stuff but I couldn’t see it until I came back to the pic and read some explanations. Thanks everyone! Very cool idea.

  56. Tony says:

    As I said in the original quote, it was a while before I saw it……..a few of you have got it spot on…..but it aint a lion……

  57. that gut with a macbook says:

    sweet this i awsome!!!

  58. that gut with a macbook says:


  59. Zach says:

    Most of the time it takes me forever to see anything. not this time Indian face, side view looking right. its in the center. I can make out the face more than I can tell there are horses.

  60. bobby says:

    I saw the face of an indian right away. Don’t know where the lion and other things are coming from. Didn’t see anything else.

  61. Thomas says:

    I might sound like a complete idiot, but all i can see are spots..

  62. Hotshott says:

    Guys: It’s not a Lion… it is a face of an AMERICAN INDIAN!!!

  63. GUESS WHO says:

    just kinda refoucus your eyes a little in the middle of the image. it just kind of pops our at you

  64. cest moi says:

    never been more amazed by an illusion painting…at first i saw the entire picture to be some sort of bird with its wings spread and flying towards the screen…but looking in the middle my jaw dropped. =O

  65. Corry says:

    Yeah thats really cool i had to squint just to see it cool native american guy.

  66. Red. says:

    Ohh! I see it, took me a while before i started focusing on the details of the white bits, rather than the spots.

  67. Bluzrooster says:

    This is the art of Bev Doolittle, she is my fave illusion artist!

  68. Caz says:

    If I look really close, i can see the wolf from little red riding hood..

  69. Anonymous says:


  70. Anonymous says:

    please give me a hint…I don’t get it…please…and not just it’s in the middle of the pic

  71. Anonymous says:

    I see some horsies and then some giraffes with smudge…and then birdies =)

  72. Matt says:

    **********SPOILER WARNING************
    The face is looking to your right (his left) and the top of its head is the highest peak of the brown in the middle.

  73. ree says:

    oh its so pretty…

  74. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know who made this piece of artwork?

  75. Anonymous says:


  76. kathy says:


  77. Anonymous says:

    It is called Native American, not injun!

  78. Chelsie says:

    Yeh, I see it. It looks like there’s a face in the middle. He looks like an Indian Cheif or something…

  79. Anonymous says:

    wow! that is really amazing…my favorite illusion yet!

  80. =P says:

    wow! that’s neat! at first, when i was looking, i saw a dalmation head on the left made up of dots… maybe its just me. then i saw the real illusion in the middle. that is really cool. took me a while though

  81. Anonymous says:

    the secret image looks like the ‘dark mark’ in the harry potter books; a skull with a snake coming out of its mouth.

  82. Anonymous says:

    very easy to the image just look firmly and uou will see. nice image

  83. Anonymous says:

    it took me a while but I see it, the profile of a NATIVE AMERICAN, not “Injun”!

  84. Anonymous says:

    I see lion

  85. Dan says:

    For those who still cannot see it, here is an image of the native american head in a different color so you can spot it easily.


  86. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I see the man, but, facing left, isn’t there a dog?

  87. Anonymous says:

    wow that took a really long time but now i see it. flippin
    esoghagus in the middle

  88. woody46nc says:

    This is by famous artist Bev Doolittle. The print can be found at: http://www.artifactsgallery.com/art.asp?!=W&ID=12799

    For an enlarged view: http://www.bnr-art.com/doolitt/windwing.htm

  89. Anonymous says:

    looks lioke a horse

  90. Toshi says:

    holly cow totally love this one cuz i luv horses and luv this site.

  91. Anonymous says:

    i see.. a whole bunch of stuff O.O but im still not sure exactly what it is.. i see faces, and some guy with glasses sleeping … XD i have NO idea what it means… WHAT IS IT!! GRR!!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    Since I noticed the “???” I cannot actually see the horses anymore!
    I keep seeing “???”!

  93. Anonymous says:

    i see a wild boar

  94. someone says:

    they are al horses! I think….

  95. tO, says:

    ahahahah thats so mad
    first i saw the horses
    than i saw an egle (the hole shape and its head)
    then i saw the indian took me for ever though !

  96. me says:

    it is to f’in small to see. that is why i enlarged it

  97. Hot Stuff says:

    I saw it. It was a Native American dude head. It was staring at me. I was scared. It’s right in the center of the horses!

  98. ALex says:

    FINALLY! I FINALLY FOUND IT! I have been looking for forever! i mean it, I have had this bookmarked for months I look every week and still haven’t seen it! Then i finally do!

  99. UnIcOrN says:


  100. Meagan.C: says:

    Wait.. who is that?

  101. Emily says:

    is it a dinosaur??? Aha(: Cuz thats what i see……

  102. A Native American Man…Geronimo?

  103. annie says:

    It’s a native american man.

  104. Rachel says:

    its horses turning into a flock of birds, as stated in the fucking text above the picture! READ PEOPLE READ!

    • kooki101 says:

      dude thts pretty obvious tht they turn into birds so ofcourse thts not the hidden image, hense to word HIDDEN

    • Abob says:


    • Ronnie says:

      Haha Rachel you’re really dumb. You can’t read!

    • jack bowden says:

      don’t swear your obviously to young if you cant be bothered reading the text

    • Longview says:

      Oh my god! Rachel, you are SO EXTREMELY COOL AND HARDCORE; you said the word “fucking”. You are such a rebel. Extremely cool and unique. *inserts sarcasm*

      First of all:
      - Why don’t you read?
      - Isn’t it pretty obvious that they change into birds? The text said there was another HIDDEN illusion.
      - Don’t swear: It makes you seem even more stupid than you already are.

  105. Niki says:

    Ummm, maybe you should re-read it there my friend lols.

  106. sarah says:

    its a rock star :P

  107. Cormac says:

    Wow, I didn’t see it for so long, and I’m normally quite good at this stuff! But I must admit it’s a wonderful picture even without the native American…

  108. me says:

    it’s a face in the middle

  109. ohmygosh says:

    there a horses that change into birds, but as they change, there’s like someone in the middle…

  110. noone says:

    AHA! I see the horses, birds, face…. and SOMETHING ELSE!!! Do you see it? Scary!!

  111. Shriya says:


    I don’t want to lose sleep over this! LOL

    Cool illusion…thanks:)

  112. Grace says:

    *cough* you meant thought instead of tought.

  113. Grace says:

    *cough* you also meant similar instead of simmaler. Vurdlak, you need spellcheck.

  114. Non of your bizzo says:

    It’s none of the above because I work with a person who makes optical illusions and we looked on this website and founded tha it’s actually a bird riding on a horse. If you look in the middle (the brown part) and zoom in then you will see what it actually is! It’s not a bloody native American or a rockstar! XD

  115. victoria says:

    its a lions head !

  116. nico says:

    guys stop all arguing try squinting ur eyes …….. POOF Illussion reveals!

  117. horse2 says:

    i still cant see it but i love the artwork. THis really portrays the speed of a horse, as fast as if they are flying across the horizon

  118. DJ says:

    Bev Doolittle art. She has some amazing ones, and most are based on American Indians.

  119. Leslie says:

    The face !!

  120. Jacky says:

    It’s Crazy Horse.

  121. owen says:

    if you cant see it, then enlarge the picture and stare at the middle.the eyes,mouth,hair,are all there,so what is it? look again

  122. Cody says:

    Beautiful piece but i saw the illusion almost immediatly

  123. Damarlo36 says:

    It took me a few minutes, call me slow, lol. But it really snuck up on me. I was scanning my eyes back and forth then BAM! I cried out, “O s$@t!” Lol very cool image

  124. BunnyGirl says:

    Looks like scattered blood on the dang it floor!

    • BunnyGirl says:

      OMG!!! I change my mind!!!! I squinted and saw a bunch of native American Indians running!!!! Cool! And I should know-we 11 year olds know when something is cool or lame!

  125. mirage says:

    i see the head of a man

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