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By on April 15, 2006, with 29 Comments

What do these two buses have in common except their front wheel is perfectly lined up? Nothing! Well actually everything since this is basically only one bus with smaller, green one painted on the bigger one. This magic trick is similar to previous “Plummer Illusion”.

Two Buses Illusion


29 Responses
  1. dreamsprite says:

    wow this is good……not

  2. Kevin says:

    Why can’t people just accept this as creative and leave it alone? There is no need to make it seem stupid. It’s all in fun.

  3. Tony Carbajal says:

    Agree with Kevin. And I think is a wonderful idea to paint some old buses on the new ones to add some nostalgia and highlight the effort of the company to improve. Wow.

  4. Fiona says:

    this is great! It’s found in Hong Kong buses…

  5. Kirsten says:

    My brother was head over heels, he was like, “OH MY GOD, HOW DO THEY DO THAT??” Kids…

  6. tobe says:

    do you have anythin’ like a brain in ya kevin, tony …?? how can the wheels of the green bus be painted on the white bus??? pleeze think before you say sumthing!

  7. biclops says:

    The fact that the rear wheel i different adds to it

  8. Seba 719 says:

    Some big trucks and buses have to have 4 wheels on the rear. YOU should think before u say something tobe.

  9. Bealmira says:

    It was cute!

  10. sffc says:

    Until I read the description, I thought that they were different!

  11. koogco says:

    untill i read the last part of the desciption i thought that the illusion was that it seemed like the small bus was painted on..

  12. that guy says:

    tobe, im 12 and i even new that they had 6 wheels

  13. Hey says:

    ya i agree with that guy but i’m 10

  14. Anonymous says:

    Its cool.They should do that here in America. It would trip people out.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tobe, Shut up. you’re saying that the wheels of the buses are painted on? both buses share the wheels of the white bus.

  16. Anonymous says:

    sheesh, people…it’s called a vehicle wrap…they are done in america…it’s an old idea, the whole car in a different car graphic…been going on for years…this is digitally printed on vinyl and stuck like a big sticker to the bus….i’ve done over 300 of them….

  17. Sebastiaan says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    Tobe you should take your own advice. That is a real bus with the green bus painted on it and there are many others like it. It is an advertising technique used to draw attention. A bus that large requires more than just four tires. If you are gonna be so rude you know what you are talking about. Do yourself and us a favor and get an education.
    By the way it’s pretty cool in my book. I don’t think it’s really meant to fool anyone just make you look twice. Why do people get so serious over how great each illusion is? There are more important things in life.

  19. **~**AAAQueen**~** says:

    I’m ten,people. And I KNOW that it is:
    1 bus. 6 wheels. A bus painted on another bus.


  20. **~**AAAQueen**~** says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    kool! it looks like the white bus is behind and the green bus infront,but the green bus is just painted on…i think….

  22. jap says:

    Im 12 and ’tis pretty clear. At first I thought you were suposed to think it was painted on.

  23. !!me!! says:

    hello i am !!me!! and i think dats cute! i think tobe should mind his on busness!

  24. mikey says:

    wow.. some geniuses on here

  25. Hong Konger says:

    Supplementing information:

    This is a double decker bus, which is very common in Hong Kong,(to be more exact, an air conditioned one, but we seldom see non-air cond’ed ones nowadays)
    the smaller one is a photo of a Public Light bus, a.k.a Mini bus, is a single deck Van type vehicle with a capacity of 16. They actually exist in HK, green mini buses have fixed routes and red ones(same appearance but painting is switched from green to red) have a more free lance route type. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_light_bus)

    I know most here cannot read Chinese characters, and this is a commercial saying “Reduced from a large bus to a mini bus”(large fonts on middle right) and the small fonts on the left says “Effective slim-bodying” and a company logo(with no name) next to it.(poor advertising since most will not be able to know what company it is) On the light bus, the Chinese words says Public Light Bus 16 seats as well.

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